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I love games. that you play. with your hands.

Thu 24th Oct 2013

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H1B1Esquire commented on Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY Expansion Pack ...:

To any who care, if you tried the first GBC Pokémon TCG but asked yourself, "why couldn't they include more!", I recommend Rocket Strikes Back, the second entry in TCG (also on GBC) but don't be fooled by the DS version, it only shows you "how" to play the TCG; not the same kind of "play" in my book.



H1B1Esquire commented on Get Mythical Time Travel Pokémon Celebi When ...:

I'm not defending the choice of an alternate False Swipe as an "event only" move, but I will defend the fact of the typing and usage of Celebi in double/triple battles, especially if (I haven't tried this or even know if it works properly) you can Skill Swap the ability Sheer Force (removes additional effects to increase move damage) and faint said target.