Amiibo Group

With this week's release - in Europe - of the first batch of wave 3 amiibo, the topic of stock and getting hold of our favourite figures is back on the agenda. A common issue - with rare amiibo and limited edition hardware - has been eBay sellers buying up goods to sell on at a profit; whether directly in a response to that or just to try and make stock last longer, the Official Nintendo UK Store has now moved to limit consumers to one of each amiibo.

That'll certainly stop those with cash and an eBay account from grabbing excess numbers of figures from the store, though the stock situation on the site is still relatively poor. Just one day before this article the store opened pre-orders on wave 4 and re-stocked Marth, but both those pre-orders and the Fire Emblem hero are now out of stock. Some of this week's wave 3 figures are still available, however, though all of the remaining half of that wave's pre-orders are also sold out.

We've seen Best Buy apply this one per customer rule with the Majora's Mask 3D New Nintendo 3DS hardware in North America, too, resulting in some orders have additional units cancelled. If all retailers were to follow these policies on limited run items, comfortable in the knowledge that demand will bring sales nevertheless, we'd arguably see progress in freezing eBay sellers - who you could refer to as scalpers - out of the game.

Do you agree with this policy, and is it something you'd like to see more retailers adopt to ensure that the most desired Nintendo merchandise gets into the hands of more fans? Let us know.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.