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Timespinner Looks Like an Awesome Pixel-Based 2D Metroidvania, and It's Coming to 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Serious success on Kickstarter

There are various ingredients required to form a successful Kickstarter campaign, primarily having a good idea. Yet it also pays to show evidence that the game in question is not only real, but is full of potential. Timespinner from Lunar Ray Games hits that sweetspot. Its Kickstarter campaign started with PC / Mac / Linux goals, but with funding success well beyond its $50,000 goal it's now also coming to PS4, Vita and, most importantly for us, 3DS.

Having passed $115,000 with three days to go the 3DS version is confirmed, with the developer previously stating that the portable was added as a stretch goal due to some inspiration from the DS entries in the Castlevania series. That inspiration is clear in the screens and footage, with lovely pixel-art for what's promised to be a top-notch 2D Metroidvania experience.

At its heart, the game is a child of the great pixelated classics of the SNES and PS1 age. From the rich story worlds of Star Ocean, the expansive gothic castle exploration in Castlevania, and the tight gameplay of Megaman X, Timespinner seeks to weave all of these elements into one amazing game.

You can check out the footage below, and it certainly looks enticing. Let us know what you think.

Thanks to RupeeClock for the tip.

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Damo said:

Very close visual match to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - and that's not a bad thing in my book.



fchinaski said:

It does look interesting, but I don't get overexcited with pixel art/retro feel by itself any longer. From what is shown, it can still be a pretty generic "homage" to the platformers/metroidvanias of yore. The kind of thing that when, say, Gameloft does, people tend to call a rip off, but when it's "indie" many choose to put their pink glasses on from the start.

Having said that, I'm not crazy about the fact that I'm seeing a lot, ahem, inspiration from Castlevania: SotN: in the sense of replicating screens and enemy placing. I expect more from developers than direct "homages" like that.



Josaku said:

It's cool that this game is coming to 3DS, but I passed the link to this Kickstarter Campaign around to some of my friends owning a PS4 and nobody was excited about this, because it was pixalated. I don't know if this is a general feeling of PS4 owners but if it is, this game won't sell much on PS4 and I think this is a really cool looking game with a fine story as far as I can see.



Rensch said:

I also get a distinct Chrono Trigger vibe from this. Looks like a great game.



Spoony_Tech said:

Looks good of not a bit generic. Not a bad thing as the game play looks spot on. Will keep an eye out for it though as it shows a lot of promise.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Josaku Goes to show that most psxbox owner wouldn't know a good game if it hit them in the face. The current gaming industry sickens me with all the fps and the like. What ever happened to games just being games and not glorified interactive movies. I pity kids growing up without having played some of the classics!



Expa0 said:

Colour me intrigued, I've been starving for a Metroidvania since the excellent Order of Ecclesia on DS.



Dpullam said:

This game actually looks pretty interesting to me, and the fact that it's coming to the 3DS is a huge bonus. I just hope the reviews hold up!



GraveLordXD said:

Looks awesome! Day one for sure wish it was coming to Wii u
Don't know why but when I first saw the still it reminded me of faxanadu



Inkling said:

This looks really good! I hope that I can pick it up, alongside all the other games I need!



vonseux said:

We cant have enough of theese generic castlevanias right? If thats your case you can download Soul of Darkness right now on your 3DS for only $5 it scored 9/10 here on nintendolife.



Radbot42 said:

This game actually looks good. There have been so many retro games that have made me want to puke at their terrible 8 bit graphics lately, it's nice to see one that tries.



HK-47 said:

With games that look like spiritual successors to Castlevania (Timespinner) and Mega Man Zero (Gunvolt) getting a lot of hype, you'd think that Capcom would realize that there's a demand for these types of games. But, oh well.



Link506 said:

I alway love games that involve time changing, so I'll likely pick this one up.



Tops said:

I'll add this to my list but it's still a long way away and I'll need reviews. Despite that I'm intrigued.



Grimlock_King said:

Looks like castlevania sotn really inspired the game developers on this game. Some of the backgrounds look almost copy and pasted from sotn. If this turn out good I will get it.



ricklongo said:

I've been watching this one closely, but I kept my hopes in check due to how lofty the 3DS stretch goal was. What do you know, here we are. Super stoked and looking for a day-one buy (I'd contribute to the campaign itself, if I wasn't already swamped with games I want to get right now on the Wii U e-Shop).



SirQuincealot said:

@HK-47 yeah its too bad Capcom doesnt make castlevania, also This Game looks alot more like a sequel to magaman than it does castlevania, other than the setting There Is nothing castlevania about This one, if only they gave her a whip...



SirQuincealot said:

@vonseux while i agree with you that we can't have enough castlevania rip offs, i dont think This one should count, i mean you use a laser gun.



OneBagTravel said:

Looks amazing! Wii U please!

From their FAQ:
Wii U and 3DS: Maybe? Unfortunately, it is unclear whether will be able to port to the Wii U or 3DS. Timespinner is written in XNA/Monogame and there is no hard evidence that Monogame can port to these platforms. There are some articles online from October 2013 that say that this will be possible, yes, but according to the Monogame community, there is no confirmation of this happening. I would LOVE to be proven wrong on this, however!



sinalefa said:

I saw this in the Mighty No 9 update. Nice to hear it made it. Not sure if I will pledge, as I would rather play this on Wii U.



tigermask said:

I should have asked this question before I became a backer but will the 3DS version be out in Europe?



HappilyCandied said:

I definitely got a hint of Chrono Trigger (story concept) with a touch of Braid (control of time) while I watched the video. I'm psyched to see and learn more.



GraveLordXD said:

@vonseux this looks nothing like a generic castlevania apart from some of the art style it doesn't remind me of castlevania at all
I'm gonna have to check out soul of darkness though never herd of it thanks
Edit: OK so after checking out soul of darkness that's what you call a castlevania clone this however is not



Shambo said:

While it still has me excited, I thought for a split-second there I read Timesplitters... Ah well, guess it's...

...time to split.

"Awtch, that's not cool man." - Harry Tipper.
"I'll get the next one." - Amy Chen.



Minotaurgamer said:

ANOTHER Pixelated "metroidvania" game?! seriously?!

What the hell is wrong with this "indie" developers? they fall in the same boring, repetitive, annoying cliches over and over again. PIXEL ART! OBNOXIOUS DIFFICULTY! CREATIVITY! METROIDVANIA! Geez! knock it off already!

No wonder they are "indie" making the same niche stuff for a mere cents.



burninmylight said:

It helps that the developers kept their Kickstarter goal at a reasonable number. Some of these other projects are getting ridiculous with what they're asking for, being in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for games that really don't look much better than this, if at all.



Bassman_Q said:

Woah, this looks pretty awesome! And the character model almost reminds me of Korra!



Windy said:

I hope it has 3d layering. I'm on it and it looks like a lot of fun!



ecco6t9 said:

I plan to download this on both the 3DS and Vita, It seems that the Vita version may launch first.



GraveLordXD said:

@minotaurgamer there seems to be a demand for these types of games ever think maybe that's why??
Also if you don't like it don't buy it that simple no need to rage about it =)



GraveLordXD said:

Looks like a mixture of castlevania, megaman, Metroid, Ys3, and like someone else mentioned chrono trigger
All awesome so yeah I'll take this! And more like it



Tiefseemiez said:

I really miss the kickstarter updates. =/ Why haven't there been any recently? I know some people were complaining that posting them every week was too often, but I was always looking forward to them. Maybe every two weeks? Or did they just stop because there are not many interesting titles around at the moment? I'd be so glad to have them back. =]



dougphisig said:

I put my money to it, only the 3rd game I've kickstarted. It's too bad all 3 games I've been kickstarting don't start coming out until next year and the year following lol.

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