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Take a Look and be Jealous of This Beautiful Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL

Posted by Jake Shapiro

The stylish handheld was released in Japan yesterday.

Impatient for Monster Hunter 4 to hit Western shelves in its Ultimate guise? Japanese fans have not only been playing Monster Hunter 4 since September 2013, but yesterday they got this stunning 3DS XL (or LL, as it's known in the country) in a colour Nintendo calls "Rajang Gold." Take a look:

You can import one of these beauties from Play Asia, but keep in mind it doesn't actually come with a copy of Monster Hunter 4, while a Japanese system has other limitations with which to contend. We certainly hope a similar system will come to the West — with the game — in early 2015.


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lamco said:

All this monster hunter hype is actually killing me!

However, the design of the 3ds xl looks pretty basic to me... They could have done more with it.



Yosher said:

Yeah, doesn't really look all that special to me, looks like a pretty random design.



sinalefa said:

I am not into Monster Hunter, but this XL is a thing of beauty. My Xerneas Blue XL should be enough.



cfgk24 said:

(Tears out hair a lot)



ikki5 said:

I got my Limited edition Zelda 3DS XL and that is all I need for 3DS XL's



noctowl said:

@benjamines based on my personal experience i can't think of any of my family or friends who still plays on the original 3DS besides my wife, and thats because all she plays is animal crossing. everyone else has an XL with a couple of 2DS here and there. So I imagine most of the sales are going to XL, so they give the special editions to that.



benjamines said:

@noctowl Interesting. I actually prefer the smaller size, so I'd like to see more Special Editions of the standard 3DS. Not a big deal, though.



Gen0neD said:

My Zelda XL kicks this thing. Not jealous. Now, somebody please make a Metroid one. Modeled after either the Light or Dark Suit. Or both.



rjejr said:

Japan gets this.

US gets pink 2DS.

Seems fair

BTW - saw the Yoshi 3DS XL in Kmart today and I wanted it more than this. This is certainly more manly though.



MarkMcColtney said:

>interior not shown

you know what bought me immidiately when i saw the japan-exclusive blue and orange versions? the oddly coloured buttons



shigulicious said:

Here's my pathetic plea for Nintendo to bring this to the States. I love Monster Hunter. I love limited edition 3ds'. I would love to have that sexy beast of a system. Although its not mind blowing, I do like the simplicity of the design. PLEASE!!!



TheRealThanos said:

And to think that I only got a simple black 3DS XL with my copy of the previous Monster Hunter...



Mk_II said:

that's quite a simple yet attractive design. Too bad i'll never own one.



Megumi said:

Yeah I'm hoping Nintendo will do something for this series over here, Japan gets all the good stuff. (then again my 3DS has a custom skin, so...whutever, lol)



Webby-sama said:

That one is decent but I'm on the same side as the Zelda XLers.

I really want that PQ XL though.



DreamOn said:

@benjamines One thing to maybe consider is that the XL was never sold at a loss unlike the 3DS after the price cut. Though they may be selling 3DS at a profit now, the profit margins of the XL are likely even higher so they will want to sell even more of those.



darthllama said:

It doesn't look bad, but I like my Zelda and Animal Crossing ones better. The Pokémon ones (sans Pikachu) also look better. My favorite is the Shin Megami one, but alas Japanese only.

Now the box looks pretty awesome imo. Probably better than all the boxarts, but we don't play with the least most of us don't



Crimzonlogic said:

It's beautiful. I like the black and gold colors. I already have the Zelda 3DS, though, so I'm good.



TheRegginator said:

I would have loved the design had that tacky text not been on the top. It's misplaced and the font looks boring. It also appears upside down when the 3DS is opened, which is a big no-no for me.



baconcow said:

I prefer the original 3DS due to it not being huge and having a stretched image. I played Pokemon X with my niece and tried out her 3DS XL. Everything felt so stretched and pixelated, in comparison. Jaggies galore in places unnoticeable on my regular 3DS.



Shambo said:

Holy... Release this system over here in Europe, either with PHYSICAL game or no game at all (separate purchase) (in case of a download code, I know some folks who'd buy it from me, just NOT pre-installed at the VERY least), and I'll get my sixth 3ds, counting the two I sold (aqua blue, blue XL), my currently used Pikachu XL, and both Zelda systems.

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