Super Mario Galaxy 2- 7

Times keep on changing, and Nintendo is reminding gamers still rocking the Wii and DS that they should really consider an upgrade. There's the sledgehammer approach of disconnecting the Wi-Fi online multiplayer service on the systems, which is as loud a prompt as possible, but there are more subtle ways the message is being made. For those in North America that compulsively collect coins for Club Nintendo, for example, a small change will deprive them of some extra currency.

From 7th April onwards ten coins will no longer be awarded for post-play surveys on Wii and DS games, though the standard initial registration service will remain. Even Wii U and 3DS owners are getting a gentle prod in the back to stop procrastinating with the club, meanwhile, as after the same date there'll be a 30-day limit to complete post-play surveys after they're issued. Below is the official word from the Club Nintendo website, which says the exact same thing as we just have...

Starting on April 7, 2014, any newly registered Nintendo DS or Wii games (both retail and digital copies) will continue to receive product registration surveys, but no longer be eligible for 10-coin post-play surveys. In addition, starting on April 7, the deadline to complete newly earned post-play surveys for all games will be 30 days after they are issued.

So there you have it. If you're in North America and want to make the most of your coin earnings, you'll need to get a move on; any Wii and DS games still sitting around unregistered should be added without further delay. Oh Nintendo, you can be tough taskmasters.

Thanks to babyguess for the tip.