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Super Mario Hopping Into McDonald's Happy Meals in the UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And hopefully elsewhere

When considering some challenges facing Nintendo in the current market, it's common for fans to bemoan what they consider to be undercooked or uninspiring advertising and marketing. To take the undercooked description one step further, there is some positive news for those in the UK that feel the Nintendo brand needs more exposure - Super Mario is coming to Happy Meals.

The moustachioed mascot will be taking over in the next range of Happy Meals in the UK, likely in March, with a batch of themed toys sure to be included. While Happy Meal branding may not strike everyone as valuable marketing, the role of these McDonald's meals in getting the attention of young diners shouldn't be underestimated. We suspect you won't find it hard to locate a parent that's been a victim of Happy Meal-related pressure; it'll also be fun for those of you that do enjoy these meals to grab some Nintendo toys.

In terms of gaining some mass-market attention in the UK, especially among young gamers, this seems like a smart move from Nintendo UK. Hopefully similar promotions will be seen elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

Thanks to TJGamer for the tip.


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Pod said:

>Coming soon to your child's Happy Meal
>your child's




PrincessEevee9 said:

What is with the no love for America but Europe? @.@

Not gonna lie but no matter how cheesy they are I'll be getting some if not all.



King47 said:

They should have done this before 3D World came out. Unless they somehow make it Kart themed.
Oh well, we'll see how this will go.



MJKOP said:

Oh yes, McDonald's, Mario, and guaranteed StreetPass hits?! I'm in



TJGamer said:

Thanks Thomas for Mentioning me, Already got Super Mario 3D World for the Family got for £16 too. Can't wait to play this half term.



Jazzer94 said:

I haven't brought a happy meal in around 10 years that may change depending on how these toys look plus I'm not to keen on Macdonald's or any fast food place in general.



LostHeaven said:

I'm curious to know what the figurines will be. Not a fan of fast food, but I reckon I'm going to start eating some Happy Meals just to collect the Toys. That's how they get you!



Gioku said:

...why can't we have this in the US? I would buy happy meals for this!

...I remember last time we had Nintendo stuff at Mcdonald's I was in 5th grade, hahaha.



sinalefa said:

Yeah, hopefully elsewhere.

Around a year ago, they had some Pokémon related Happy Meals, and I was not ashamed of buying the Happy Meal (they are called Happy Little Box around here) and eating it at home.



antipop621 said:

Lots of sweet Mario swag coming out. Luigi Nendoroid, Mario Figuarts and now these. The current weakness of the Canadian dollar is gonna kill me buying these online.



DreamOn said:

Oh the jealousy!!!

I remember so fondly the Maro Bros 3 happy meal toys I had years ago when I was a tyke. Just a bit ago I was searching for them on eBay wishing I had them back especially the racoon suit mario pop-up toy!

Maybe NOA will have something worked out with McDo NA in the future especially after the new licensing plans



MJKOP said:

My daughter said, will there be Rosalina toys?! She's fallen in love with her in SM3DW



TJGamer said:

A hope they are based on 3DWorld and Mario Kart 8. This will be the perfect opportunity



sleepinglion said:

Wow, I haven't seen Mario at a McD's for a long, long time. I still have my SMB3 Happy Meal toys from back in the day. The most recent ones I spotted here in the US were at Burger King when the Wii U came out. While Mario is always welcome I'd love to see a McD's tie-in with Smash Bros. when it debuts. Then we'd finally see some Metroid, Zelda, Kid Icarus, etc. Happy Meal prizes.



Peach64 said:

I think the Super Mario Bros 3 happy meals was the first time I ever heard of Mario or Nintendo. I'll probably go and get one for nostalgia.



therick112 said:

@King47 Plenty of people out there who don't own 3D World yet, it's only been out for 2 months. Just because it is old hat to us dedicated Nintendo gamers who downloaded Day 1 doesn't mean it is the same to everyone else.



smikey said:

You can actually buy happy meal toys with out getting the happy meal 99p or £1 i think.
we had to do this last year because my young son (3 this Friday) is obsessed with smurfs but would never eat a happy meal (that I've no desire to give him anyway)
My partner went in every week to see what they had in stock and bought the whole collection in about 3 weeks (from 3 different McDonald's)

since my son is already suitably obsessed with Nintendo (just like his 34 year old in 2 weeks dad) i think we might be sending the future wife back in again come march.

If it's the German ones posted in a picture above he'll be disapointed to get no Yoshi though



jmr908 said:

So U.K. gets mario happy meal toys, and what do we get? cups based off the Lego Movie. CUPS



Bisylizzie said:

@smikey666 There's been a few promotions over parts of Europe for Mario toys, I stuck the link above... There appears to be ten toys in the set, but what UK brings over is currently up in the air. Could be all ten, might not.



King47 said:

But they have to build some hype, make it more relevant. With entertainment products usually lose their momentum quickly.
I bought the game a few days ago, so I guess you do have a point.



artofmana said:

For those bemoaning the food, two things: the beef quality tends to be better in your country and you don't have to buy the meal for the toy. I have often just asked for the toy when I have wanted it and they will sell it to you separately.



NintendoFan990 said:

I haven't had a happy meal in ages! I'll try and get them, as I usually have a McDonald's or curry on Saturdays.



goonow said:

Noooo i live in north america. ----jumps off empire state building----



SullKid said:

Was already in Finland in December, really caught my attention. Little did I know it wasn't worldwide or something like that Really weird.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

slap on a Wii U picture, and that'll be some advertising for the kids to get a Wii U at least.

Maybe Pokemon Happy Meals next, like the ol' days of Burger King toys back in the day?



CroRock said:

they were in croatia also few months ago.. unfortunately I just managed to get Luigi and princess Peach. They had all gone in like day or two



2Sang said:

Little things like this can save nintendo from a grim future. Keep licensing your products and start lending the metroid, zelda, and starfox brands out as well.



MaciejKuczynski said:

Heh. It's funny, cause they were available in Poland last year. And we don't even have Nintendo here (not yet, at least).



Pj1 said:

@goonow Don't do that! maybe your European friends could send you them?

They look great as toys from McDonalds, I think they will do the Lego Movie toys first I think. I'd to collect them too.



Dyltheman said:

will be the first time in years for me to touch a happy meal in years, assuming this also applies to Ireland, which is always the case if I remember correctly



Mario90125 said:

Too bad it's not in the US. Atleast i have the much better Super Mario Bros. 3 toys from the 90's.



Dave24 said:

It was like 4 months ago in that country in Europe in which Nintendo is not know and doesn't exist and there are no games, only polar bears walking on the streets etc. I have them all, except rumored DK.

The mushroom and Mario with coin suprised me the most - I though it would be just piece of plastic, instead mushroom makes the classic sound and the coin in made from magnet or something



Warbeard said:

They had this in both Germany and now in Denmark - I only got the Mario one with the block before they took it down in Germany though!



Senario said:

Better than Xbox one promotions in the fast food chain. It was stupid how people would order 10 portions of medium fries to try and win an Xbox one. By the time you do win you should have just bought it. Also, and we Americans wonder why people think that we are all fat. >>. Seriously, stay classy guys.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thanks for the link @Bisylizzie.
Yoshi and Toad would've been the only ones i'm interested in. Of course we didn't get those here.
Nothing that official figurines sold everywhere else couldn't solve though.



Sneaker13 said:

They came to the Netherlands late last year, got them all except Donkey Kong which wasn't available because om some construction problem or something. But they are great looking toys.



sillygostly said:

I've collected the Happy Meal Pokémon toys for my little brother during the last promotion and I'll probably do the same for these Mario toys. The toys are sold separately for $2 each in Australia.



HappyMaskedGuy said:

Can't say I'm happy at all with advertising of this nature. Happy Meals are plain unethical, Nintendo are taking a step backwards doing this.
Maybe in the mid nineties, before people started to question how and what was being sold to them.



nesvc said:

Hopefully these come to the US. I will be eating happy meals every day.



Luffymcduck said:

We had some McDonald's Mario toys in Finland in december. Why didn't they have those Mario toys when I was a kid?

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