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Nintendo Versions Of Mutant Mudds Have Sold Better Than Those On Other Systems

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sales of Wii U and 3DS editions beat Steam, PS Vita and PS3

Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham has divulged an interesting piece of sales data via his Twitter account — the Wii U and 3DS editions of Mutant Mudds are selling better than those on other systems.

Watsham first revealed that the Wii U eShop version of the game has sold more than the Steam, PS Vita and PS3 versions combined. He then clarified that in terms of sales, the 3DS eShop edition is "king".

Granted, the Wii U version of the game has been available for a longer period than the Sony ones, but the Steam release came first.

It's encouraging to hear that the game has done so well on Nintendo's systems, and perhaps proves that sometimes, going for the platform which has the largest user base doesn't always translate into financial success.


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micronean said:

It's because Nintendo has the retro, and platformer, fanbase. Sony and Microsoft have the PC converts, FPS, and Madden/FIFA fanbase.

Whoever makes a good platformer game would be stupid not to have it on a Nintendo system.



cornishlee said:

@micronean It's a good point which always leaves me divided between systems - as a fan of platformers and third person action and adventure games (brawlers not shooters) no one system quite delivers the games I want. I can say that my favourite retail games on the Wii U have been third party releases so far (go figure) - Darksiders 2, which I've now played through countless times (I really do love that game) and Rayman Legends, which I only downloaded this week, almost a full year after being excited and ready to buy it at launch.

Publishers really should learn to look at the quality as well as the size of a userbase if they don't already.



Will-75 said:

Great title I still play it on 3DS and purchased the Wii U version not long ago .



Liquid_ice said:

Cool. Hopefully Deluxe -content will be released soon as an update for 3DS-version of the Mutant Mudds. Renegade Kid confirmed that the update is coming out in the first half of the year, but I would like to have more information about the release.



brokenfang said:

interesting. although i'm way behind on my platform backlog, i'll throw this guy some luv and grab this after todays direct.

good for you Renegade Kid!



Einherjar said:

The right game for the right fanbase on the right platform. Its a simple as that.
Nintendo platforms are the perfect home for classic genres like platformers while these are almost completely forgotten on other systems at least if you just care for the "obvious releases".



xxAcesHighxx said:

Come on Jools Watsham, it's been more than a year now - WHEN IS MM-D COMING TO THE EU STORE???????



shigulicious said:

I was wondering how well bit trip runner 2 has performed on the WiiU compared to the other systems.



bmprsvz777 said:

Nintendo versions of Mutant Mudds have sold better than those on other systems, and that is why there is no Mutant Mudds Deluxe on european Wii U e-shop, makes sense to me.



sinalefa said:

Another indie slap in the face to the big third party devs. I think I will increase those Nintendo sales by getting this. Wii U or 3DS, though?



ricklongo said:

It's what I always says: it all depends on the userbase's general taste. These types of platformers, especially retro ones, are bound to do better on Nintendo platforms.



odd69 said:

I had the option to buy this on ps3 but i actually chose Nintendo as my console to play it on. Nintendo did release first which is still a plus for those of us who didn't want to wait.



moomoo said:

For what it's worth, I saw way more advertising for this game on 3DS and Wii U. I didn't even know it was on PSN until I checked the store randomly one day. There also isn't as much competition on either eshop, considering its price point. There's tons of indie games on PSN and Steam that are around the same price point and are also much better (and in the same genre to boot).

Then there's what everyone else said about the appeal retro platformers will have on Nintendo audiences, which I'd have a hard time arguing with too.



banacheck said:

It's because indie games like Don't Starve, Outlast, Resogun, Hotline Miami, Pixejunk SideScroller, Shank, Soldner-X, Double Dragon Neon etc rips them apart.



Action51 said:


From what I understand, the 3DS version is supposedly better on that platform simply because a big draw of the game is using the 3D effect to showcase depth between the foreground, middle, and back platforming areas.

It really does look great on my 3DS, as much as I always like to encourage people to buy stuff on the Wii U while it still lives in "Nintendoom" low sales mode.



unrandomsam said:

@ZueriHB No they are a lot better so is Spelunky or Rogue Legacy. 6/10 for the Wii U was deserved and it is basically the same game on the 3DS so it deserves the same. It is just not a very good game.



unrandomsam said:

@micronean So why is Spelunky and Rogue Legacy not on Nintendo when they are miles better than this ? (VVVVVV is miles better than this as well).



shezbot said:

For the record, Steam version was released after the Wii U version. The PC version was available prior to the Wii U version, as well as well as a code to play on Desura, but Steam was not available until later. Steam isn't a synonym for PC



MikeLove said:

It's because all those other platforms have tons of better games to play, and Nintendo consoles go long stretches with nothing. No surprise a $5-9 dollar game sold more copies on a system that has 5 month game droughts.



cusman said:

Lesson of the day, go on the system which most likely has your audience and / or are very starved for games (not much competition).



Dreamcaster-X said:

This doesn't surprise me in the least but it's great news for the Wii U to keep the Indie game support coming. People laugh when I say that indie games are going to become a bigger & bigger slice of the pie but it's true. The market can't sustain 20 $100 million dollar AAA titles being released every year & the numbers don't lie.



shingi_70 said:

To be fair Jools barley marketed the other versions of the game. I didn't even know the game was on steam and the PS3/Vita versions got buried over a onslaught of more high profile indie games.

Also what's with this Nintendo= Platfimers when the Xbox and Ps3 have tons of high selling inside platforms like Super Meat Boy and Castle Crashers.

Still good sales at the end of the day are good sales.



Giygas_95 said:

Fantastic game, and I'm glad it has sold so well on Nintendo systems. I can't wait for the update to the 3DS version.



Kyloctopus said:

Quelle surprise.
Mutant Mudds was one of the first games released on the 3DS and Wii U eShop.
I bought it on IOS though. It was much cheaper.



Hortencio said:

Well, there you have it! The U is cured; then again, this Nintendo lifer never lost faith...



Cyrso said:

Not really surprising since Renegade Kid is a developer that focuses a lot on the Nintendo fanbase/Nintendo systems. The Steam/PSN/PSVita versions were very quietly released and didn't raise a lot of attention.

Coupled with the fact that on Wii U eShop there's extremely little competition and big droughts compared to Steam and PSN and that it was released a couple of months earlier on Wii U than Steam/PSN and it's really not surprising to see that the Wii U version would easily sell the best.



LoveSugoi said:

No surprise here, seems like the type of game that would most appeal to Nintendo fans. Still good news for those like myself that have been impressed with the indie eshop offerings and want to see them continue to support Nintendo systems.



IceClimbers said:

@shingi_70 I don't think people are saying that platformers can't sell well on Xbox/PlayStation. They can. What people are saying is that platformers are what Nintendo is known for. Nintendo invented the genre. Nintendo's fanbase will eat up any 2D platformer like this.

Cloudberry Kingdom and VVVVVV (that game is the definition of frustration) probably sold better on Nintendo systems as well.



IceClimbers said:

@Dreamcaster-X It's true. 3rd parties are running the industry into the ground. Indies are on the rise, and Nintendo needs to make sure they support them as much as possible.

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