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Guide: How To Become The Ultimate Monster Breeder In Pokémon X & Y

Posted by Joe Merrick

Serebii's Joe Merrick offers some essential advice for new trainers

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be running a series of articles giving expert advice on Pokémon, focusing on the latest entry in this esteemed series: Pokémon X & Y. To start off, we're going to look at the mystic art of breeding Pokémon, because even before you decide on your team, you need to know the ins and outs of this vital feature to the games.

Breeding is when you put a male Pokémon with a female Pokémon into the breeding centre in Route 7 of Kalos. If the Pokémon are compatible, then there is the chance of having an Egg of the pre-evolved form of the Pokémon.

Breeding Basics

Not all Pokémon are capable of breeding with each other. Each Pokémon is categorised in one or two specific groups known as Egg Groups and can breed with any Pokémon within the group. Unfortunately, you cannot see these groups in-game so you need to consult one of the many lists available online.

When a male and female Pokémon in the same Egg Group is in the Day Care Centre, then the fun begins. For every 256 steps you take, there is a chance that an Egg will appear. If it does, the breeder on Route 7 will face outwards so you will know there is one. What determines it, though? It's actually a random number generator based upon several factors:

Same species with different ID numbers
Chance of getting an egg; 70% "The two seem to get along very well!"

Same species with same ID numbers
Chance of getting an egg; 50% "The two seem to get along"

Different species with different ID numbers
Chance of getting an egg; 50% "The two seem to get along"

Different species with same ID numbers
Chance of getting an egg; 20% "The two don't seem to like each other"

Different Egg Groups
Chance of getting an egg; 0% "The two prefer to play with other Pokémon more than with each other."

The chances of this can be further augmented once you receive the Oval Charm item by completing the Kalos Pokédex. This increases the chances by 50%.

The Pokémon that is in the egg is dependent upon the mother and will always be the lowest evolved form of that Pokémon, so if the mother is a Charmeleon, you will get a Charmander. You can also breed both male and female Pokémon with Ditto, which will result in the lowest evolved form of the non-Ditto Pokémon. Finally, several genderless Pokémon can breed with Ditto such as Magnemite, Beldum, Voltorb and even the legendary Manaphy.

There is another clause here. There are some Pokémon that can only be obtained when breeding if the mother is holding a specific item. These Baby Pokémon were introduced after their evolved form. The items are as follows:

  • Azurill - Sea Incense on Marill/Azumarill
  • Wynaut - Lax Incense on Wobbuffet
  • Budew - Rose Incense on Roselia/Roserade
  • Chingling - Pure Incense on Chimecho
  • Bonsly - Rock Incense on Sudowoodo
  • Mime Jr. - Odd Incense on Mr. Mime
  • Happiny - Luck Incense on Chansey/Blissey
  • Munchlax - Full Incense on Snorlax
  • Mantyke - Wave Incense on Mantine

In addition to the baby Pokémon being dependant upon the mother, the PokéBall that the hatched Pokémon is passed on. If the mother is in a Quick Ball, then the baby will be as well. This works for all PokéBalls except for Cherish Balls from events and the Master Ball. It even works with the special Apricorn PokéBalls for Pokémon transferred from HeartGold & SoulSilver.

Like spawning the egg, hatching the egg requires various steps to be taken and that varies depending upon the species of Pokémon within the egg. This can be halved if you have a Pokémon with the Flame Body or Magma Armor abilities in your party, and by using the Hatching Power O-Power. A good place to do this would be Lumiose City's Central Plaza, where you can find a spot and just hold left and you'll be able to hatch the Pokémon in no time.


One of the core aspects of breeding is the ability to give the Pokémon moves early on. Nearly every Pokémon that can breed has a specific list of moves that it can only learn through breeding. These are known around the Internet as Egg Moves and can be very complicated to achieve.

If both of the parents know a move which is in the Pokémon's level up list — such as say Ember on Charmander — then the egg will hatch with that move. Egg Moves, however, are a completely different story. Initially, they are transferred from the father. If the father has a move which is in the baby Pokémon's Egg Move list, then the baby will hatch with the Egg Move. It's as simple as that.

Previously, this meant that the baby Pokémon couldn't necessarily have a specific combination of Egg Moves, but X & Y has changed that. Now, the mother can also pass down Egg Moves that it has. This allows for even more stronger combinations, removing any previous limits. Egg Moves known by the mother take priority over Egg Moves known by the father.

The thing with the Egg Moves is that you will sometimes have to chain breed to get a specific move on one Pokémon. For example, if you want to get Wide Guard onto a Honedge, you need to do the following:

Tirtouga (Level Up) -> Mudkip (Egg Move) -> Turtwig (Egg Move) -> Paras (Egg Move) -> Dwebble (Egg Move) -> Honedge (Egg Move)

Like the Egg Groups, there are no in-game indicators about these moves and the chains required, but you will be able to find lists detailing the parents on Serebii.


Introduced in Ruby & Sapphire, Abilities have become a core aspect of Pokémon and originally had no specific way to manipulate them in breeding.

Each Pokémon has two Ability slots, with many having a third Hidden Ability. Due to this, the ability you can manipulate is based upon the ability slot rather than the actual abilities of the Pokémon.

As of Black & White, it has been the case that when you breed a Pokémon, the baby Pokémon has an 80% chance of having the ability in the same slot as the mother if the mother doesn't have its Hidden Ability. Thankfully, if you get the wrong ability here, you can change it using the new Ability Capsule item.

To cite an example, let's say you're breeding a female Milotic. It has two standard abilities: Marvel Scale in Slot 1 and Competitive in Slot 2. If the mother has got Competitive, then there's an 80% chance that the Feebas offspring will have its Slot 2 ability, which is also Competitive. However, if the mother has Marvel Scale, then the Feebas has an 80% chance of having its Slot 1 ability of Swift Swim.

With Hidden Abilities, however, things are a bit different. If the mother has got its Hidden Ability — or it's a male with a Hidden Ability breeding with a Ditto — then there is a 60% chance of the Hidden Ability slot being passed with 20% for the other two ability slots. Unlike the others, you cannot change this with the Ability Capsule item.

Like the other ability slots, the Hidden Ability itself may differ between the base Pokémon and its evolved form so when you hatch it, you may not have the ability you want, but it will change upon evolution. For example, Dragonite's Hidden Ability is Multiscale, but Dratini's Hidden Ability is Marvel Scale.

Shiny Pokémon

Another feature included in breeding is the ability to obtain Shiny Pokémon easier. In Pokémon X & Y, the rate of getting a shiny is a 1 in 4096 chance, which makes them pretty rare, but there is a way to improve those odds which is commonly known as the Masuda Method, named after the Pokémon game's director, Junichi Masuda.

If you have a Pokémon from a different language game, such as Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish or Italian, and put it into the Day Care Centre with a Pokémon of the same language as your game, this will improve the chances even further. The exact number is still being calculated by us, but it's in the region of 1 in 1,024.

Having the Shiny Charm item may make this even more likely. We're still in the process of cataloguing and testing, but there is definitely an improvement in the chances.

Nature & Stats

Now, this is where it gets a bit complicated. There are several different factors to include.

First are natures. There are 24 different natures, almost all of which boost one stat by 10% and reduce another by 10%, which can make them very advantageous in battle. Typically, they are chosen randomly, but if you attach the Everstone item to a Pokémon you're breeding, it will guarantee that the baby Pokémon will have that specific nature.

Next are Individual Values, commonly known as IVs. For those who don't know, each Pokémon you capture has got a specific Individual Value in each of their stats. These range from 0 up to 31 and could technically be seen as genetic diversity. What you want with these values is to have the higher value as each value is equivalent to 1 stat point at Level 100.

When you breed two Pokémon, without any external influence, three of the IVs are randomly chosen to be passed down to the baby. In the table below, it shows an example of how it works:

Despite this, there is also a chance that it will pick a stat for both the parents, such as picking Defence for both. As such, it will only utilise the second chosen one.

There are ways around this, however. As of Pokémon X & Y, this can be improved by making either parent hold the Destiny Knot item. When this item is held, 5 of the IVs will be passed down to the child. This makes breeding for stats a lot easier if you have a Pokémon with maximum IVs.

In addition to that, there are several items that guarantee that a specific IV on the Pokémon to which the items are attached. These items are as follows:

  • Power Weight: Hit Points
  • Power Bracer: Attack
  • Power Belt: Defense
  • Power Lens: Special Attack
  • Power Band: Special Defense
  • Power Anklet: Speed

Due to this, there is a high trade of Pokémon with maximum IVs in various stats, especially Ditto. You can check if your Pokémon has maximum IVs by speaking to the IV Judge in Kiloude City's Pokémon Center. Once you have Pokémon with maximum IVs, you can start spreading them and getting the best Pokémon you can. It's much easier than it used to be!

It can be this simple — though it could require many Eggs. Most people get the desired IVs within an hour. As most Pokémon stay either Physical or Special focused, as you only need one of the stats — you can just leave the other one and not aim for perfect Pokémon.

Following these tips when you have decided your team, you're very likely to be ready to become a competitive trainer.

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mikeymaster2001 said:

Yeah I was thinking after I got all the pokes in my dex I'd breed myself a team to take on the Battle Maison......This looks a bit too complex for me. I'm just looking forward to whatever events they'll come up with over the next period of time till the next pokemon game.



GuSolarFlare said:

breeding is hell for people who don't have 6IV Ditto(like me) it takes over one whole box just to get over 3perfect IVs if you don't have a Friend safari with the Pokémon you want(or a Pokémon in the group of the one you want)



Bulbousaur said:

Or you can just use a online battle simulator like Pokemon Showdown and skip all of this



LordJumpMad said:

I been doing that for a week, and it finally paid off.
Perfect Iv's and everything, and it's even in a Moonball~
And best of all, I can named it anything I want, so nicknamed it UMadLz?



KTT said:

@GuSilverFlame 6 maxed iv Ditto surely helps (or any 6iv pokemon (egg groups yeah!)) but you can still go well with 4 or even 3 ivs. Wonder Trading is excellent way to get 5iv pokemon for further breeding. As long as you have 5iv males from most egg groups, you can still breed a perfect pokemon in no time.

@mikeymaster2001 I thought that at first but with the mechanics introduced in XY, breeding is easier than ever. You can breed your perfect iv pokemon eg. on a bus/tram. Now I have few perfect 6iv pokemon, a team composed with 5iv pokemon and currently leveling up 5iv (0 speed is perfect here) ferrothorn.



Raylax said:

[Obligatory Pokémon Serious Business macro]

Nice article, Serebii. Gonna be getting back into this when Bank comes out :3



Piaya said:

That's a really complete guide, good job. I thought I knew everything, but I didn't know about the oval charm.
@GuSilverFlame You can get some dittos through GTS, just search for Lvl 30 dittos since that's the level everything is found at the friend safari. I've got 15 different IV dittos that way, just try to find a good deal for dittos, or you can put friend safari exclusive pokemon and ask for lvl 30 dittos, I used growlithe.



GuSolarFlare said:

@Piaya the problem of the GTS are the Pokémon people ask for also those guys that even type "6IV" thinking someone will fall for that(the only person I know that fell for that is my cousin but all he lost was the weaker of his 2 Frosslasses and got a 2IV ditto)



Bliquid said:

Got meself a good headache reading through all this.
And i'm afraid this is too time/mind consuming for an old lad like meself.
I guess competitve Pokèmon isn't my yard.



RoboDuck said:

I get better advice from the official strategy guide and 13 year old punks on Youtube than the crap Serebii gives us. Joe Merrick is an arrogant jerk whose website deserves to vanish.



Yorumi said:

@GuSilverFlame your best bet is to just use a forum to get someone's friend code and trade that way. Find someone willing to trade one for something you can get more of so even if you do get scammed it's no real loss. You actually don't need 6IV dittos though, it helps but you can pretty quickly breed 5IV pokemon with only a 2 or 3 IV ditto. With a forum you'll find people willing to give away 3 IV dittos, or just get someone's friend safari that has dittos.

I used to breed up high IV pokemon in gen 3 and 4 without the use of a 6IV ditto. Even in those games were it was a lot harder it usually only took about 2 hours per pokemon to get really good IVs.



Rensch said:

I didn't know you could use those chains of Pokémon to get certain egg moves otherwise unavailable. That's pretty cool.



DarkNinja9 said:

mean while in other sites ppl already cloned 6iv dittos and hatched many 6ivs...clones shinies too.. xD but i bred my own pkm it isnt too hard catch yourself half a box of dittos all different natures and all different ivs it helps but yeah unless you have someone with a 6iv ditto thats the way to go



sinalefa said:

Cool guide. But usually I only bother myself with getting any Ditto and the Pokémon I want to have a baby of and that's it. I could not care less about Pokémon Battles.



unrandomsam said:

@Xaltheron Maybe then they will just change the wording to immature people. (I dunno why people care what other people think in these sort of situations).



ningeek185 said:

Though this article is very good, Pokemon X and Y just isn't enough to get me involved. Look, I've beaten the game and all, but besides online features there isn't much to do after the main story. I'd much rather spend my time hatching eggs in White 2 than looking like a dweeb running around trying to hatch a baby Pokemon. And how in the @#$#@ world are you supposed to train the new Pokemon? No clue, because Pokemon X/Y isn't very clear on how to train like you could in Black 2/White 2. X/Y could've been better if Game Freak made it more accessible to hardcore Pokemon trainers. I'd lean towards Black/White 2 any day of the week over Pokemon X/Y!



TimeGuy said:

@ningeek185 In regards to training a new Pokemon, what exactly are you talking about? Also, your distinction between hatching in X/Y and White 2 makes absolutely no sense. Could you explain that too?



Funny_Moblin said:

I'm sorry this is off topic, but I'm wondering: Is the Zelda 3DS XL limited edition? will I still see it in stock many months from now? And my other question is if Capcom has plans to bring an MH4 3DS XL bunde to the west.



WindWakerLink said:

@ningeek185 " can go catch the legendaries...For training after you beat the league, there is the Pokemon Village area. However, the best place, I think, is the Battle Chateau place where you can constantly battle trainers if you pay the script that keeps trainers coming to you. [cost $100,000 and they will keep coming. Talk to the lady on right when you enter to pay for that script.] You can even battle the gym leaders there! I used that place to fund-raise my clothes shopping addiction. Hahaha. XD But in the process of fundraising I got my most of PKMN to over level 90 before getting to the Pokemon League. That wasn't the plan, but it just happened that way.



Funny_Moblin said:

@WindWakerLink byt i don't have money right now...darn. Eh, I guess i'll just stick to my original 3DS. Might be a little crappy at time but i guess it's easier to carry around....right? Who need a bigger and heavier 3DS :/



Prof_Clayton said:

  • The shiny charm does not actually help increase the shiny rate of hatched eggs, only wild pokemon met in battle.
  • The odds of hatching a shiny pokemon using Masuda method is confirmed to be 1/800 something (863 I believe, don't quote me). This has been confirmed by hackers (the same ones who discovered the 1/4096 number).
  • As a heads up, resetting will not change the IVs or Shinyness of an egg unless it is a few in advance. Basically, the game calculates the IVs and Shiny ID of the next egg as soon as you pick up the current one. So resetting for a shiny every egg is pointless because it will never work.
  • Using a Talonflame with Flame Body ability is the best, because it can fly to Kiloude and hatches eggs faster, and only takes up one party slot.
  • Eggs have a chance of appearing every 255 steps, around the length of a max repel. After recieving an egg, moving left all the way up the multiple stairs, then back to the daycare will always give more than 255 steps, and then it is safe to head right (if there was no egg), which is safer since it is closer to 255 and sometimes you can take less (ie, taking 255th step as the breeder is on screen, and he won't turn around). So always start left.


GalacticMario28 said:

I didn't realize IVs were passed down without any external influence; that explains a lot. I've been breeding like crazy for Battle Maison, but I just haven't had the time to try and get perfect or near-perfect IVs on any Pokémon. I do have a Leafeon with "outstanding potential overall," so maybe I can make use of it in the future. I should also get the power items from the Battle Maison; those sound like they could be pretty helpful.



Serebii said:

@Prof_Clayton Not quite

1. We know the Shiny Charm does have an effect. There has been extensive testing on the subject and it appears to be in the region of 1 in 500 or so. We're not sure why the English text for the item lists wild Pokémon only. The Japanese and other languages have it the same as in Black 2 & White 2
2. Since we can't extract from the game, we don't have that particular value. The way the "hackers" got the original change in shiny rate was due to intercepting of trade data, not through hacking the game itself.




@GuSilverFlame Ok, I don't have a 6 IV ditto at all, and getting 4-5 IV pokemon isn't incredibly hard. It might take longer than usual, but you can bridge the gap by using preexisting 5 IV males that you may have bred (if eligible). It makes things easier.

Example: I wanted a Sylveon bred for battle, so I used a 3 IV Ditto and bred it with a 5 IV Vaporeon I already had in my team. Ended up with a female, 5 IV, Modest Sylveon. Not bad, I'd say.



AlbertoC said:

This is the most complete and comprehensive guide on breeding that I have ever read. Thanks, Joe @Serebii.

I didn't knew about the shiny charm item or the breeding use of destiny knot, since i skipped gen V completely.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Nice list. Usually, I just use 2 of the same pokemon or a ditto to breed. This stuff is too complicated.



SphericalCrusher said:

So crazy you post this because last week I started back playing Pokemon X pretty hard, doing IV breeding again. Got several of my friends back into it as well. Good stuff! Also fishing shinies among other things.



Kmno said:

For training you have multiple options:

-EV training: You either do it the long way (super training) or you can do it with swarms, each swarm present in the game have pokemons that give you a lot of EV in one stat, speed, attack, sp. defense, etc. You can search which swarm gives you what and to summon swarms you can use any pokemon with sweet scent to fight one everytime you use the move.
If you like you can use any of you high level pokemon to battle the swarm and have active the Exp. Share so your desired pokemon gets exp. points and the EVs.

-For leveling you can either try Battle Chateu or my favorite (of course if you want perfect EVs do this AFTER you EV train), restaurant Le Wow in Lumiose City. It has pokes leveled 63-64, and if you toss O-Power Exp. Point lvl 3 you can easily go from 1 to 45 or even 50 in just one dinner. I usually use a M-Lucario (higher level than those pokes you are fighting) with Swords Dance and Metal Claw to sweep everything in rotation battle, it may be a little bit slow but you can get two pokemon per dinner to a high level.
Also may I recommend you do each battle in the number of turns asked so that at the end of each dinner they give you between 21 to 25 Balm Mushrooms so that you recoup your money when you sell them and make like 50,000 pokebucks more.



Brother_Jolteon said:

Shininess doesn't seem to be that rare when i constantly find shiny Aipoms in the friend safari. just yesterday i caught my 6th shiny Aipom...



LordJumpMad said:

A lot of breeding my friend, a lot of breeding.
Also, a 6IV Japanese Ditto helps, and knowing someone who has pokebank, so they can get me a Gastly in a Moonball, so I can breed it to make more.



unrandomsam said:

The Ultimate would be some sort of hack (Only way to achieve perfect results). In game equivalent to Dolly the Sheep.



DarkKirby said:

IVs, they add nothing beneficial to the game and are a massive barrier of entry to competitive play. Luck based grinding? Thanks Game Freak.



ningeek185 said:

@0-172 Well, In Pokemon White 2/Black 2 you could just go to the nursery in your Join Avenue and hatch your eggs for a cheap price. It happens in moments, and it's very awarding. However, in Pokemon X/Y, you have to run around for a while to finally hatch a Lv. 1 Pokemon. As for training, you could only train by battling the Elite Four over and over and over…and so forth. In Pokemon White/Black 2, you could do that AND battle White Treehollow/Black Tower. It's pretty obvious that Pokemon Black/White 2 were great games for hardcore Pokemon fans.



BulbasaurusRex said:

FYI, there are a couple more exceptions to the rule about always receiving the lowest form of the mother or non-Ditto parent: the Nidorans along with Volbeat and Illumise are considered the different gendered forms of the same species, so you will get either form when breeding a Nidoran♀ or Illumise (or Nidoran♂/Volbeat with Ditto), although strangely the Nidorans have some genetic defect that causes them to become sterile once they evolve. (I personally think the same should also be true of Tauros and Miltank, but I don't make the games. Come on, Game Freak, at least give us a common pre-evolution based on a cow calf to connect them!)



Megapokepaul said:

LOL i have a shiny 6 ivs ditto in pokemon Y and i can breed every poke with 5 ivs minimum !!!! soooooooo easy....



Xjarnold said:

A shiny gengar with perfect IVs and perfect EVs (spec. attack and SPD) with a mega stone!?!?!?!?!?!?! EmperorJumpMad you truly are a breeding master.



Prof_Clayton said:

@Serebii Thanks for the info!
Now I have to get a shiny charm to help with my Masuda'ing.
Also I knew they weren't really "hackers" (I still don't think 3DS has been fully hacked yet) but I used it as a broad term for, getting information out of the game you're not supposed to see, I guess
Also, I'm just curious, does the shiny charm temporarily give you multiple shiny IDs, or does it limit the Shiny IDs of wild pokemon and eggs to a smaller number to increase the rate?
@AlbertoC The Destiny Knot was in Gen V, but was only given the breeding ability in Gen VI.



Raylax said:


Also, I'm just curious, does the shiny charm temporarily give you multiple shiny IDs, or does it limit the Shiny IDs of wild pokemon and eggs to a smaller number to increase the rate?

I believe that when it generate the PID of your Pokémon, having the shiny charm will make the game generate a new PID a few extra times if it isn't shiny. For eg:
Generate PID -> Not shiny (will stop here if no shiny modifiers)
Regenerate PID -> Not shiny (has Shiny Charm, so attempts again)
Regenerate PID -> Shiny (bing! Shiny! Stop regenerating ID)

Basically, the shiny chance modifiers increase the number of times the game will regenerate the PID. (n.b. I don't know how many times each modifier will attempt to regen)



Prof_Clayton said:

@Raylax Ah, that's what I was wondering. It would be useful if they stacked, so that hatching shinies with Shiny ID could be easier, you'd get a match way more frequently.



rdenton85 said:

I love the egg move system. Getting Dragon Dance on Tyranitar was no easy feat but so rewarding. And the simple ones like Thunder Punch on Magmar make the game so much better.

But letting the mother pass moves down will help loads.

Amongst my friends, I was the Brock of the trio due to my love of breeding and raising pokemon



WindWakerLink said:

@Funny_Moblin "Haha. I said the same thing until I saw the X & Y 3DS XL. Now with the bigger screen I can play Tales of Abyss more clearer and smash bros whenever it comes out. Sure, it's heavier but you will like the bigger screen and the limited edition factor to it."



Luffymcduck said:

Not much into breeding perfect Pokémon like some of my friends but these are good tips if I get more interested again later.

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