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Thu 10th Apr 2014

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InMooseWeTrust commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Confirmed for April:

I hate DSiWare. Mostly because the stuff isn't 3D (I like the 3D effect on most games) and overly pixelated (doesn't upscale well on 3DS XL). And I hate how Nintendo expects me to spend my points on DSiWare while Wii U gets the much cooler games. I'd like to see more 3DS exclusives as rewards. Like how about 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventures?



InMooseWeTrust commented on Nintendo Releases An Awesome Mario Kart Infogr...:

@goonow The 3DS is only just getting started. The 2013 lineup was unbelievably good and it can only get better. Remember, the PS2 lasted 13 years. And the 3DS's recent games aren't even testing the limits of the console. Before SSB4, what other game fully utilized 60fps 3D on the 3DS? And the cartridges hold a maximum of 8GB but the games out now still use less than 2. And the 3D effect has only been getting better with new games.