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3DS XL Coloured Charging Cradles Arrive on Club Nintendo in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Club Nintendo's servers prepare to enter meltdown

Last year Nintendo of America released a series of snazzy coloured 3DS XL charging cradles, and they sold out rapidly. We hope that Nintendo of Europe has reinforced its Club Nintendo servers, as it's just announced the same cradles for its region.

Below is the tweet and snazzy image to announce their arrival.

The European Club Nintendo website is creaking but functional at the time of writing, but if you're really keen be sure to hit up the official catalogue page right away. The cradles are in five colours — red, yellow, green, white and blue — and cost 4500 stars each.

Will any of you in Europe be jumping at the chance to pick one of these up?

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Warruz said:

I really wanted to get one when the US had them, but they are literally every color I did not want.



Starwolf_UK said:

4500 stars is a lot for such a novelty (I'm not a fan of cradles, they just make you waste energy trying to keep something on full charge while you leave it afk in standby for eons) especially when the US price was 500 coins.

In America it is like 50 coins for a Wii game plus more for a post play survey. In Europe it will be 250 stars. In other words they buy 10 games, we buy 18. Then again it did sell out pretty quick in America so I guess it was popular and that makes things expensive.



Tsurii said:

I just hope that people won't buy multiple cradles this's just friggin' annoying, that there are ALWAYS some smartdonkeys, that think they have to get 10, while someone else would be happy to just get one in the same colour as his handheld and has to "suffer" because he just couldn't access the server because of connnection issues/work/school :/
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Humphries90 said:

Scrap that, finally got on. My green one has been ordered.

Even though I probably won't see it for a very very long time since I don't know when I'll be going back home to the UK.



jesao said:

Tempting, but then I noticed the 'Princess Peach Relaxation Set' ...SOLD!



AyeHaley said:

NOOOOOO!! I wanted a yellow one but I recently ordered that Luigi Diorama...omg why!?!??! seriously upset



ueI said:

It sounds like a complete waste of coins to spend them on something that comes with the 3DS.



Tsurii said:

@ueI Please show me the PAL 3DS XL, that comes with a charging station - or even just a charger cable (I bet that's not the right term, is it?)



Buduski said:

I wanted one, when they where on the NOA site but they sold out crazy fast, any color would of been fine but if I could choose I'd go with the red one. Still waiting to see if Nintendo plans on releasing them again on club Nintendo NA.



unrandomsam said:

I need 500 coins. Dunno whether it worth the risk because it takes a while if you get a retail download to get the stars and it will probably be sold out by then.



Yosher said:

I still don't see the appeal of these things. I don't even use the cradle personally.



ueI said:

@Baum897 I can't, because I don't have a PAL 3DS XL. If it really doesn't come with a cradle then I can see why people would order one.



ultraraichu said:

Lets hope our European bros are not as greedy as their American counterparts.

Wanted to get one for my XY 3DS XL but sold out when I finally got to the link. I wouldn't have mind if it wasn't for the people bragging how they got 5 or more and/or selling it for over $50 online.



Kyoto said:

I used the cradle a lot for my original 3DS a few years back, but my XL has never had one and I'm not really that interested in buying it. These ones however, especially the white one, are very nice. Too bad I'm 1000 stars short



rjejr said:

I wouldnt mind a colorful cradle for my Wii U Gamepad along w/ a color coordinated clock app. The 3DS has a $1.99 clock app, how many people use that? And my Gamepad is in a cradle facing me.

Oh, to conserve electricity - and the battery - I have my 2 cradles side by side ad only put the Gamepad in the charger when the light turns red. If I had a clock app I would probably just leave it plugged in and running all the time.



BakaKnight said:

I did it!!! I I ordered a white one!!! ^O^

I know I sound too happy about it, but it was a "odyssey" to get it @.@;;;
I had 0 stars when I read this news, spent all the ones I had a month ago when I got informed my stars will be resetted anyway at the end of January; so I had to take all the points' cards I had still around and I crazily registered them one after the other (my hands are silver now for how many codes I scratched XD).

As that wasn't enough the Club Nintendo glitched on me and stopped to accept registration's cards forcing me to register a lot of downloaded games for get the last 750 stars @o@;;;

Never been so glad I always forget to register things, it was a crazy run (and a travel in my gaming-past, some games I registered were even 3-4 years old if not more XP), but finally my 3DS XL will have its own cradle for rest



readyletsgo said:

Aw, I'm short 250 stars! Hopefully some cheap company makes knock off versions here so I can get a green or yellow one.

Why did I order 3 Luigi gold coins last year!



ReigningSemtex said:

Ah damn I spent all my stars on the luigi diorama. For people having trouble with the site try using Chrome I always use that for the Nintendo UK site and never have problems.



SomeoneDifferent said:

It would be nice to have one option in black, since my Legend of Zelda 3DS XL would look horrible resting on any of these...but hey, Nintendo is the only company that rewards their gamers for buying their products. No complaints here!



RedYoshi999 said:

Meanwhile in Australia, I'm still waiting for the Luigi's Mansion diorama to appear, having missed out on the Year of Luigi coin selling out in mere hours. Wouldn't mind a yellow cradle to (sorta) match my Zelda 3DS XL.



Gigan said:

Wanted one of these when they were available in America but missed out.
That was a good thing though, would not have been able to get the Luigi statue if I got one of these.



datamonkey said:

I'm a bit short on stars which is a shame but I think they are a bit over-priced tbh.

All it is is a bit of plastic with a few metal connectors! Would have rather got one in the box with the console like my original 3DS!



G0dlike said:

Spent 3400 points on Pikmin Keyrings a few days ago! Only got 2000 points left



adeceku said:

Also, in the US Club Nintendo removed the Luigi Diorama and the Luigi 3DS pouch.



Morph said:

Just got a white one, between this and the luigi diorama i finally had something decent to spend my stars on



WiiLovePeace said:

I wish this came to the Aussie Club Nintendo, oh well. I'll just keep manually plugging my charger cord into my 3DS XL with dreams of one day being able to put it in a piece of plastic on my desk & having it "magically charge"...



TheRealThanos said:

And I thought I missed out last time... phew!
It was a chore to get onto the site, server overload for sure, but I finally got in and ordered me a blue one. My 3DS XL is black so blue is the least offensive color to go with it. Ah, the perks of being an American living in Europe.
@ReigningSemtex switching browsers will not help in case of a server overload. If the server is down, no browser invented by man will help you get on the site...



ReigningSemtex said:

@TheRealThanos haha yeah I'm aware of this but I was more referring to the site generally giving me trouble adding stars etc with Firefox (my usual browser) I had a better experience using Chrome and thought I'd share lol



Cinaclov said:

Argh, literally just cashed in my stars yesterday for Wii virtual console points. I had just over the amount required as well >.<;



Jazzer94 said:

4500 stars is far to much for a colored lump of plastic, I'll save my stars.



AcesHigh said:

So, something that has been irritating me for a while... how are people notified of when new items hit the Club? It just seems like these things sell out immediately as soon as they hit the club store. People can't be watching the club store every day... ?? Is there some kind of notification that I'm missing?



Anguspuss said:

Great work thanks for the info. When I saw these on the us starts shop I was like damn I want one.

Got my green one ordered yeahh.



unrandomsam said:

Has anybody else got the Stars from Super Mario Bros 3 missing from Club Nintendo ? (I relinked it after creating a Nintendo ID at least a week before.)

I am not bothered about the stars I am bothered about my account being messed up and not getting Super Mario Bros Deluxe.



Anguspuss said:

if anyone short of stars i have the following club points that i dont need
animal crossing wii
wii sports resort
nintendo land
& TLOZ windwaker hd



LinkIRule said:

Jw, I got the WWHD Wii U and have linked my club Nintendo account to my eshop , how do I get points for WW?



Chris77 said:

Nice! Its bugged me that my 3DSXL never had the cradle and was thinking of getting one. Just ordered a nice blue one!



santaglause said:

does anyone have a code for the mario land promotion, i can trade for a animal crossing new leaf code?



Kolzig said:

Would be nice to get, if it would be possible to all European countries to register for Club Nintendo, but this will most likely never happen since only "the big countries" can have Club Nintendo according to Nintendo's actions.



plainj said:

I'm in SA, would have assumed that it would be available as we are part of NoE, but doesn't seem available when I log into Club Nintendo... pity



Morph said:

Do those who dont live in a qualifying country still get the points cards in the game boxes? Couldnt you just pick an address from another european country to register to and have a friend send you them over?



M0rdresh said:

Thanks for the heads-up, ordered myself a white one.
Perfect companion for my 3DS XL Luigi Special edition



readyletsgo said:

Cant believe these havent sold out yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went on and had a look at my star balance yeterday, just shy of like 300 stars, tough luck I guess.

Then this morning I remembered you get star coins from games you buy on the eshop, went in and loads of games to survey going back to 2011! 3 hours later i earned 2500 star coins!!!!

I now have the Yellow Cradle to go with my red XL posting its way to me in the next 4 weeks, cant believe it!

Nice one, me!



unrandomsam said:

What is the easiest way to get 300 stars ? (Annoying I never got the Stars for Super Mario Bros 3 otherwise I would only need one Retail game).

(Do all Retail Downloads get 250 regardless of what they are ?).



readyletsgo said:

All retail games get 250 stars.

All eshop games and free downloads (EuroSport, Letter Box, maybe YouTube) get 50 stars each.

Super Acorn got me 50 star coins too, I paid €1.19 for it.



unrandomsam said:

@readyletsgo Would that Gabriels Ghostly thing count as 250 ? (As a download). Not worth more than £10 to me and it will more than likely be sold out before I can get a retail game.

(Could get that and another Sega Classic and have enough even though I probably wouldn't use it as I use either the circlepad pro or a grip with a stand always).



readyletsgo said:

@unrandomsam Ya know what, I'm not really sure about that. Is Gabriels Ghostly on disc/cart or only on the eshop? Maybe someone else on here would know about it? anyone?

I got REMercenaries for €9.99 in the sale on the eshop last week, I got 250 stars for that cause it was released on cart too I guess.



Starwolf_UK said:

@unrandomsam No its not the same. We buy 10 games get 2500 stars. Americans buy 10 games get 500 coins. They could buy their charger when it was on there with that (plus be 5/6 of the way to platinum but thats another story...) while we still need another 2000 stars.

@Kaine_Morrison But if it is in sleep mode the battery eventually drains a bit and needs charging again, meanwhile all this is doing is what exactly? Getting a streetpass hit once in a blue moon. Add in billions of consumer devices all cradled all being charged or on standby to do nothing and that is huge amount of electricity being wasted. In short, Turn the things off before you cradle them.



mozie said:

@Trikeboy gold would have been nice with the zelda xl alright, went for green instead think it'll look pretty sweet and it is year of luigi and all

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