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United Kingdom

Mon 29th Sep 2008

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jesao commented on Steel Diver Sinks Without Trace at UK Retail:

I bought Steel Diver on Friday, and its excellent fun. I like how the 3D makes it looks like a miniature fish tank. It ranks alongside Air Traffic Chaos as an under-appreciated left-field gem.



jesao commented on The Legend of Zelda is 25 Years Old Today:

The question is: is Four Swords worth it without the requisite 4 x GBA's / link cables / (willing) friends?

First one I got was Zelda II. I had never heard of it before, but the cartridge was gold. Gold! Admittedly I wasn't the most informed videogame purchaser, back in the days before t'interweb & Nintendolife, etc. (though Super Play was awesome)



jesao commented on Proof that Inazuma Eleven Really Is Out in the UK:

According to Eurogamer:

"A spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer that a UK release is planned too, but not until after a cartoon series based on the franchise launches" (

Maybe the gamesbasement stock went out early by mistake. I've seen on other forums that people who ordered at the weekend still haven't had theirs dispatched yet.



jesao commented on Review: Flight Control (DSiWare):

@drdark: I got it from play-asia, but it looks like they're sold out now It never got an EU release, but you should still be able to get it from America - seem to have it quite cheap, if you can get it shipped over here. Its a great game!



jesao commented on Wii Sales Starting to Crash?:

Maybe the market is just saturated? They can't go on selling buhgillions of Wiis indefinitely.

Given that it takes years to develop most of their core franchise games, I'd say its unlikely recent sales figures will have that much of an impact on their release schedule. Lets just hope they were already planning to release some new stuff anyway

The most likely knee-jerk reaction to me would be some new console colours or something.



jesao commented on EU VC Update: Mario Golf and Wonder Boy in Mon...:

I'd trade the next 100 releases for Unirally. Or Top Gear Rally.

Rally games - awesome.

Sorry. Its a decent week this week. I guess I should praise Nintendo when they do well, rather than complain when they fail to meet expectations.



jesao commented on Art Style: Orbient:

D'oh! So all that money I spent importing the Bit Generations games, and if I'd waited I could have just downloaded them on WiiWare.

Oh well. The boxes were nice. Plus "Bit Generations" sounds way cooler than "Art Style".

I might just have to buy DigiDrive again if / when it comes out though, considering it is the Best Puzzle Game Ever [..and no, I don't work for whoever it is that made the game..]