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Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 18th December Broadcasts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hyrule Warriors, NES Remix, Kirby, Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 and much more

With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, Nintendo took the opportunity to bring us all new Nintendo Direct broadcasts to show us what's to come, throw in a surprise or two and build some buzz around both the Wii U and the 3DS. Broadcasts in Europe and North America — for there were region-specific variations — caught us off guard with little extras, while Satoru Iwata served up a major new reveal or two of his own.

In terms of the sheer volume of announcements — both significant and small alike — this was one of the busiest Nintendo Direct broadcasts in a while, certainly in terms of exciting reveals. Some release dates were given for long-known games, while beyond vague 2014 retail teasers we also learned of new download-only titles available now and in the near future. These were certainly presentations to give some festive cheer, and the list of promising games that didn't appear suggests that a January treat (like its 2013 equivalent) may indeed be on the cards.

An honorable mention for a story we're yet to cover — but will do so soon — is that Chibi Robo Photo Finder is coming to North America on 9th January and will also have a demo; hit up that game page link to see our footage of the Japanese version

With so many articles already relegated to page two of the website, below are the links to all of the relevant news stories for your convenience, while you can check out the respective broadcasts at the end.

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Were you excited about the Zelda Tecmo Koie spin-off, have you already given NES Remix a whirl? Let us know about your thoughts on these things and more in the comments below.

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Gioku said:

That was an awesome Nintendo Direct!
It was definitely the highlight of my week!



SavoirFaire said:

Was a great direct. It seems MK8 isn't getting enough hype considering how "close" spring 2014 is.

I do notice we are getting a lot of Rosalina lately. Is 2014 the year of Rosalina, or does Nintendo want another female presence that isn't as much a "victim" as Peach?

Perhaps a new IP that is Rosalina focused? That would be interesting!



Gioku said:

@SavoirFaire A Rosalina game would be interesting! I'm a big fan of Rosalina so I'd be really happy to see her star in her own game rather than always being an extra character~



ShadJV said:

@SavoirFaire Well, Rosalina IS one of the deepest characters we've gotten in the Mario series (such a heartrending backstory!), and I think Nintendo simply sees that there are a lot of fans of her. I wouldn't complain if we see more of her in the main Mario games!



SkywardCrowbar said:

A very, very good Direct. Not even so much for the quality of the announcements, but just the riskiness and freshness of the announcements. Nintendo and Wii U stuff was all over Twitter yesterday. People ate it up. I saw a fair amount of tweets from people talking about how this Direct made them want to buy a Wii U.



LunaticPandora said:

Is it possible to split the summaries into EU/NA sections in future? Because they got different things this time, like NA gets Chibi-Robo, and EU gets PLvsAA release date.



rjejr said:

It was a really good ND.

1. Pacing - that Fit U Meter a while back was agonizing to watch, and that Treehouse guy just drones, and no "delays" announcement in the middle - it was just go go go
2. No bad news - see delays above
3. No treehosue guy
4. Sports Club golf right after the show
5. demos are coming
6. Link Warriors aka Links Crossbow Training 2, was a complete surprise, nice start
7. SSB trailer was brilliant

The only real downside was no actual MK8 release date and no Bayonetta 2 to mix things up a little bit. But you can't have everything right? I'ld be hard pressed to expect a better ND than that. I re-watched it w/ my kids and it was still good the 2nd time, that's saying something.



Goginho said:

I'm pretty excited about the Zelda Tecmo Koie spin-off. No, I haven't given the NES Remix a whirl.
Overall great Direct. They gave a lot of snappy info, and yet, just enough to not make it seem too little or too much, so no info overload, where they wouldn't have much to talk about on the next Direct. This is a good approach by Nintendo, there is still a lot left to show the fans, and I'm sure they're working on things like GC games for VC which we haven't had a mention from in a while now.



Xjarnold said:

Loved most of the direct and the CGI cutscene for smash brothers (at first I thought Kirby was going to be in mk8 or something) the only thing I didn't like was how "a GameCube favorite which a lot of fans have asked for..." Was chibi-robot or whatever. I really thought f-zero was coming to 3ds, instead I saw a robot climb out of a toilet paper roll. BTW not trying to hate on that game, just wishing f zero was on 3ds



mamp said:

I still can't get past Hyrule Warriors, I guess it's just because Dynasty Warriors is either a series you like or you hate and I hate it.



sinalefa said:

Overall a pretty packed Direct. NES Remix was a huge surprise. No other company pulls a game out of its sleeve and tells you "available now". And a great game at that.

Also loved Rosalina in Smash. Hated the Karting babies. Haven't played a Dinasty Warriors game, but I will keep my eyes on Hyrule Warriors. Liked having both Reggie and Iwata and also the fake Reggie.



Dark-Luigi said:

It was cool,
Kirby Tripple deluxe
The amazing Rosalina and her luma, playable in Smash!
Yoshi New Island
Were all fantastic things!



ericthecheese said:

"No other company pulls a game out of its sleeve and tells you "available now".

So true! That's why, even despite some mistakes Nintendo has made, they still remind you that they are capable of wonderful surprises.



G3ry said:

At first I thought the Rosalina/Luma trailer was really kirby in Mario Kart 8....
That trailer was confusing, why present it in a Mario Kart stage, and why put kirby on it, and then present her as a character right there?????



Drewroxsox said:

I really enjoyed the direct. For me, it created a little buzz about the Wii U. My only disappointment however, wasn't flipnote studio 3d news. Besides that, I think this was the best ND of the year.



CureDolly said:

Really exciting Nintendo Direct. I love Rosalina too. I hated that they took her story elements out of Galaxy 2 (I adored them in Galaxy 1). A Rosalina game would be wonderful - I want to learn more about her.



rmeyer said:

I still hope Nintendo makes it to e3 this year. It was boring without them there



PorridgeParlour said:

Hyrule Warriors looks awesome, can't wait to download NES Remix, and very excited for Yoshi's New Island and Mario Kart.

I hope we get a new direct next month that talks about Yarn Yoshi... Epic Yarn is one of my favorites.



RetroRider said:

If though I don't own a Wii u, tropical freeze was so flipping amazing!

Other than that, I want smash bros.....right now.

A release date for it anyways :y



Gerbwmu said:

Thought it was a good direct with a few surprises....I hope we start getting more available right after the direct games. Here is to hoping January direct can start the new year off as well as this one ended 2013



2Sang said:

Hard to be a pessimist after yesterday.
Just when nintendo looks out, they come right back in



FabioSMASH said:

Kirby is looking better than ever. Really wish I could say the same for Yoshi. Something about it just isn't sitting right.



jasonbra said:

I really love these ND's. Wouldnt be too surprised if sony or MS started doing their own. Its a great way to communicate to your fans.
Hoping Januarys ND will announce 2014 is the year of Samus.



DilMan33 said:

Sony or Microsoft wouldn't do one. It would just highlight how poor their first party line up is!



element187 said:

@rmeyer where have you been? Nintendo had a huge presence at E3...

I hope they do a direct in lieu of a conference from now on. Those conferences are strictly to stroke the ego of the games media in return for favorable coverage. The games media wants to have the first tweet, first demo play, first story about a reveal. How dare Nintendo go over their heads and speak directly to the customer and offer to let the fans play their games immediately following E3. The games media is the liaison between publisher and customers. Doesn't Nintendo know how this works? The nerve.



TruenoGT said:

@element187 Couldn't agree more. E3 conferences are just as you say, plus they have the awkward publisher CEO appearances that just come off bad. With a Direct, they're talking to us, with a conference speech they're more talking to share-holders, publishers and the gaming media.



blendystick said:

Really fun Nintendo Direct! Still a bit surprised that Zelda Warriors is actually a thing, but it could be fun! The Japanese ND also mentioned the new Theatrhythm FF game...can't wait to download the demo this weekend!




I think Nintendo would have gotten more mileage out of Reggie's VGX appearance if he would have debuted Hyrule Warriors to that audience instead of DK Tropical Freeze. This is the kind of action game that will bring attention from those outside of the Nintendo faithful.



Marioman64 said:

@G3ry that's nothing compared to what I thought. I heard the music and saw kirby and I was like "OMFG KIRBY AIR RIDE 2!!!" and then i was like "wait... mario and donkey kong are there... kirby in Mario Kart 8?" and then I was like "oh rosalina in smash, wait< ROSLINA IN SMASH?! woah"



Senate_Guard said:

Very good Direct, this was!

Looking forward to scheduling an appointment with Dr. Luigi! I was honestly surprised, but in the end excited for Rosalina in SSB4!



allav866 said:

New Mario Kart 8 trailer reveals Rosalina, baby characters, new courses and unique vehicles
Rosalina was playable in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7, so her appearance in Mario Kart 8 is no surprise. The real highlight of that trailer was the triumphant return of our hero, Waluigi!



WaveGhoul said:


Awesome 'Kirby' Mario Kart Rainbow Road cutscene leading up to Rosalina's Surprise character reveal in SSB.U.
NES Remix.
Gorgeous looking ky Land stage in Mario Kart 8 trailer.



Nomad said:

This Direct was better than I expected it to be. Hyrule Warriors was definitely a surprise. This game has the potential to be seriously cool. Massive battles fought in Hyrule with characters and enemies from the Zelda series, count me in.



Gamer83 said:

Hyrule Warriors- meh, big Legend of Zelda fan but don't care for Dynasty Warriors. I got my Zelda fix with ALBW, now awaiting the first true Wii U Zelda game.

NES Remix- Pretty cool

Mario Kart 8- Awesome

DKC Tropical Freeze- Can't wait

Kirby Triple Deluxe- Yes

Yoshi's New Isand- Hell yes

Much better Nintendo Direct than I expected. A couple more games that will definitely be added to my 3DS collection and I think 2014 is the year I finally get the Wii U. It took a while, Nintendo was very proactive in getting the 3DS turned around back in 2011 but kind of dragged its feet with the U. However, SM3DW was a great way to close out the 2013 and looks to be a great momentum builder heading into next year.



DangaiohDark said:

A very good direct indeed. Enough gaming for everyone there. Looking forward to all them games and DLC. Nintendo just keeps getting better and better.



luckybreak said:

the art style for the new yoshi island game is still off in my opinion.

I've played the demo before and the watercolor texture looks incredibly mechanical and not natural like it should. they should make it look more like the ssbb yoshi island stage, that was spot on.

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