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Cliff Bleszinski Seems Pretty Pleased With Nintendo's Willingness To Put Fun First

Posted by Damien McFerran

More positive words from the former Epic man

Not so long ago we reported that Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski had some very kind words to say about Super Mario 3D World, but the former Epic Games staffer has more positive things to say about Nintendo.

He has taken to Twitter to praise the Japanese company's business approach at a time when other studios and publishers seem obsessed with finding ways to monetize their titles or discover new methods of analysing commercial performance:

Of course, he's not totally correct there — Nintendo is dipping its toe into the murky waters of free-to-play with Steel Diver: Sub Wars, but the point remains. The Kyoto veteran has always been focused on providing fun first, and that stance has ensured decades of success — and we're positive it will give many more, too.


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LoveSugoi said:

"Fun first, b******"

This is now going into my collection of daily "quote-ables".



Sandro89 said:

whatever, i still think it's a jerk. Why do we even care about what he has to say, its not like he made any good games?!



GearsOfWarU said:

Cliffy B is the Man ... He Created one of my all time Favorite Game Franchises Gears Of War ... And He and His Fiancée are avid Gamers ... Cliff grew up on the same Nintendo Entertainment System I Did ... & Is an American Game Creatore who has respect & plays the Wii U !!!!! As I've stated on this sight before ... I was an Avid Xbox-360 gamer for 11 years 2001-2012 ... Did not play any Nintendo ... But after a a Decade of Hard Core Shooters .... I got Bored with Halo & COD ... And decided to Go Back to were The Fun and Magic of Game is ... The House that Mario / Miyamoto Built and Nov 18th 2012 was a Day 1 Wii U Gamer and haven't looked Back ... I'm totally enjoying games Like Super Mario 3D World , The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World & Pikmin 3 ... Fun , Colorful Games that bring me Back to My Childhood ... As only Nintendo can !!!!!



Artwark said:

for companies that lived for generations, its takes them soo long to adapt into today's world. Maybe that's why Nintendo wanted to make games for paid service because they felt that paid content always works. Now with free games like Steel Diver and few others, Nintendo is learning to adapt into today's standards. Mind you, its not perfect but its still not bad.



AyeHaley said:

@PrincessSugoi Haha yeah, It feels great just saying that! I hope Nintendo keeps working this way to ensure everything is plug and play. (Mostly)



Einherjar said:

I have the fealing that this man changes his opinion likes others change their underwear. But at least hes totally right on this one

@Artwark Adapting to todays "standarts" is basicly the worst thing any company could do. Todays standarts consist of fraud, corruption, fooling the consumer, rip off tactics etc.
Even if Nintendo taps into systems like free2play, i doubt that they will start to milk their customers the way every other company would.
For every DLC they make, the give away free stuff as well (Pikmin 3 for instance had a nice, well designed holiday themed stage for free at the apropriate time)
Their content might not be the cheapest on the market, granted, but i rather have quality products that cost a bit more instead of 30 cent shovelware like on mobile phone stores.



Rockman said:

I own every system currently available and still play on wii-U most of te time.. cliff is right, games that are fun attract people more than violence games.. those pass..



alistairstrogg said:

@GearsOfWarU ,I love your comment. it totally echoes my thoughts about gaming . I have had my fill of shooters and find it all so negative. I play videogames to escape from the world around us not to re-live all that is violence and gore. pleased that nintendo still make fun games. when you look at the generic shooting by numbers that are all over game shops it looks a bleak future and I feel my singlepLayer days are numbered.



TreesenHauser said:

In the last year, I played some great games like BioShock Infinite and GTA V on my PS3, and even though Bioshock is basically the bet game I played all year, nothing else could top the fun I had playing games like Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, NES Remix, Earthbound and Super Mario 3D World. It just wasn't possible.

It's the Nintendo difference.



AlexSora89 said:

"Fun first, bitc***."

Amazing how after trolling the Nintendo fanbase, the guy correctly summed up Nintendo's philosophy with three words (and yes, due to emphasis the third one is mandatory).



sinalefa said:

Haha, this comment section brings up an interesting point, as people are censoring what can clearly be seen in the tweet itself.

I knew it as gameplay first, but tbh fun first is better and even sounds better.



TheRealThanos said:

I don't get all the negativity here.
Cliff Bleszinski is an all around great guy, he's very friendly and an avid Nintendo fan.
Just because someone makes shooters or any other game genre that you don't like, doesn't mean he's an a*hole.
And he made and/or was involved with quite a lot of good and fun games:
The Jazz Jackrabbit series is just one of the many that some of you should try before you judge again.



Deathgaze said:

Fun is imported but not what i consider the most important element. I'd take immersion over fun any day.



Shambo said:

@GearsOfWarU Nice comment indeed, and my thoughts exactly. I never quit Nintendo gaming, but I got Playstation 2 & 3 and after a while, I get bored with them. They have great games, and I'm a diehard survival horror fan, but gaming should be entertaining in both exciting and fun ways. And that's where Nintendo delivers. Tense Metroid atmosphere, fun Mario platforming, epic Zelda adventures, local multiplayer possibilities,... And even fun 'horror' in spooky mansions with my favourite Green Bro! And when you simply want to brawl with friends, Nintendo and all their great characters -even some very respected guests- got you covered there as well!



Agent721 said:


That's the magic of the Big N....bringing you back to your childhood. I'm 37, work in private equity in the states, and I love the Wii U as it simply provides the most fun gaming out there.



Doma said:

“Nostalgia first, biatchez!”

That's why we all love Nintendo.



Shworange said:

About 2/3rds of the way through the December 9th podcast episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Brian Redban asked Cliff what he liked better, Xbox one or PS4. He fired back, "Actually, I'm really into Nintendo right now. The new Mario is awesome and the new Zelda is amazing". It was a short little quote, but it's nice to see high profile names enjoying what we all know here is great.



Shworange said:

Well said. I can't get into FPS' right now. I need fun gaming experiences. Not that a great FPS won't come along, but another COD clone just won't due. My kids and I have also been playing a lot of NES Remix. It's awesome to watch them get excited for the old games. As a result, they're playing the NES Zelda and super Mario bros and just eating it up. Four player SMB3DW is on all the time, and my five year old loves excitebike. Crazy times. I much prefer that over a pleading child trying in vain to get me to allow him to play GTAV. (Maybe I get today's award for acronym usage?).



JaxonH said:

Ya know, I've been gaming Nintendo for many years, and I'm very familiar with the top brass' philosophies, and free-to-play just doesn't seem to mesh well. I honestly don't believe Nintendo would have ever gone that route with Steel Diver and "future titles" if not for outside pressure from investors.

Nintendo still plays by old school rules- like value for your money and finished, well polished games without the need for endless patches and fixes. But they are a business, and I suspect investors will continue to press them to modernize many of their avenues of revenue to follow suit with the rest of the industry. With that in mind, I think Nintendo will try to keep it to a bare minimum- and do JUST enough to shut the investors up while not completely changing their business model.

And I can't remember what was said, but Cliffy B made some outlandish statements earlier in the year, which is why I started brushing his opinions aside. In any case, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Or maybe I just misjudged him, and maybe he's a rational dude that just gets carried away sometimes. Who knows.



ReigningSemtex said:

Awesome to hear positive news from devs about Nintendo. I enjoy gears and unreal tournament so nice one for those gems Cliff.



Luna-Harmony said:

I am a big fan of cliff's games gears of war series is one of the best ever.
Hopefully Cliff will make some wiiU games then we would all be in for a treat.
If it was not for Cliff's team making gears of war on xbox .. xbox would have flopped gears saved xbox.



Volmun said:

@TheRealThanos OH i use to love Jazz jack rabbit! played and completed 1 (and the christmas one) and 2 "Fun First" Defantly summs up BULLETSTORME that game had me LOLing almost all the way though it.



B3ND3R said:

I've always had respect for Cliffy B. I'm so glad to see him showing respect for Nintendo he's such a great guy (and AWESOME western developer!)



element187 said:

@Sandro89 sounds like you haven't played very many of his games.... Jazz Jackrabbit was one of the more interesting platformers made... Previously all platformers were side view 2d scrollers, but cliffy b changed up the formula to have side 2d view and a 3D view from behind Jazz... So yes he was the first to do 3D platforming before Mario 64 was even in development.

Jazz Jackrabbit would have been wildly successful if he could have found a publisher to put it on a console. Then again, the SNES and genesis would have choked trying to run it.... Not bad for a 15 year old kid. I feel bad for all those console only gamers that missed out on such an amazing PC exclusive.



luckybreak said:

a link between worlds could so easily shift to a free to play mobile game. But its not and its 1000% better that way.

Think about it: in game currency (rupees for real $), buy the items with real money, pay to unlock each dungeon, etc. SO GLAD nintendo doesn't do crap like that or do 20 dollar dlc



JimLad said:

Jesus christ, more tweets from a guy that doesn't even make games for Nintendo systems, how is this news?
Will you report my tweets if I say something nice?



element187 said:

@luckybreak I would give up on Nintendo completely if they went that route. Been playing there games for 30 years, but the model of buying the full game at once is the only business model I will ever participate in when it comes to most products.



element187 said:

@MAN1AC who is to say he isn't or isn't planning to? ... Sure, he left Epic to take a break, but he won't be able to stay away from developing games for long. Probably will never be with Epic anymore, but that's ok with me....I hope he comes back as an indie developer.



HappyHappyist said:

nintendo has never been about story. they've always put gameplay first, gameplay above everything. i think a lot of other games try to tell a story as best as possible, but nintendo gives little to no craps about story.



sleepinglion said:

I agree, fun is where it's at and I go to Nintendo systems more than I my others. Yesterday the only title I touched was Dr. Luigi. And it was a blast.



Mr_Nose said:

Also worth noting, this man obviously combs his hair with a whirligig.

What an eccentric!



TheRealThanos said:

@element187 Not to mention that the game was brought out on PC's way before Windows 98 and already had the (certainly for that time) advanced features you mentioned, but also 5 layers of parallax scrolling; something that isn't impressive to gamers anymore today but placed in it's time, it is quite an epic achievement, especially considering it was an MS-DOS game and also, like you already said taking into account that it was basically made by a teenager.
@JaxonH I'd go with the maybe you mentioned. The man doesn't have an evil bone in his body and because he's such a great fan of Nintendo (and in particular the Zelda series) he just wants Nintendo to be successful, so in that he might indeed get carried away sometimes.

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