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The Nintendo 2DS Was The UK's Best-Selling Console Last Week

Posted by Rory Cocker

Sub-£100 price point and Pokémon seem to have done the trick

Nintendo 2DS was "comfortably the UK's best selling console" last week, according to MCV.

The latest addition to the 3DS family launched alongside the immensely popular Pokémon X & Y, and was slashed to a sub-£100 pricepoint by major UK retailers such as Tesco and Amazon. From October 23rd, gamers could pick up a Nintendo 2DS with two games from Argos for as little as £99.

This boost in sales equated to a 64% week-on-week increase, meaning that the 2DS was the best-selling console in the UK, even before factoring in the sales of Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Did you pick one up? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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TheRavingTimes said:

Nintendo has found a large wealth of profit from everyone of the 3DS models, perhaps it may soon be time to consider a successor to the 3DS.



Artwark said:

Good Job Nintendo! Now if you can get the same thing for the Wii U......



Kirk said:

Not surprised.

How did the Wii U do...?

I kid!!!

Because it's really not funny!!!



heathenmagic said:

I knew it would do well! There is a market for everything, wouldn't suit me but can see why they released it.



AdanVC said:

And at first the entire internet was laughing of the 2DS... but the truth is that is a cool little valuable handheld and look the first results of this, wich is great!



Worthy said:

Wii U does badly - all over the news.

2DS does well - barely any news coverage.



MJKOP said:

I got my daughter one, my sister got her two boys one each for Christmas, my bro got his daughter one and his son a 3DS XL, all for Christmas, all actively encouraged by me. Nintendo, you owe me! Just kidding, I'm delighted to help spread the Nintendo magic



JuanitoShet said:

@TheRavingTimes Why would Nintendo bring out a successor to the 3DS, when the 3DS family is doing so well right now? The 3DS hasn't even been around for three years! Sorry to tell ya bud, but the 3DS is here to stay for years longer. :B



rjejr said:

I'm one of those people who thought the 2DS wouldn't sell very well. 1 of my major reasons was the $129 (US) price point which I felt was too close to the $169 3DS to be enticing. Its with that in mind that I present this quote from the linked article:

"The machine was on sale for around £110, but last week major retailers including Argos, Amazon and Tesco cut the machine to under £100"

If we were initially told this would launch in the US at $99 I would have agreed it would have sold well, despite everything else I dislike about it. Seems both buyers and sellers in the UK agreed with me.



marnelljm said:

@Worthy funny too considering the 2DS name was "confusing" and the 2DS was "ugly". So what does that say about the Wii U? Perhaps people actually are aware of it and just aren't buying it because it is priced too high and there aren't must-have games for it? Shocking, I know.



Mk_II said:

I don't want to tell you I told you so but I told you so. Price point for the 2DS plus an AAA game (ie Pokemon X/Y) is trending towards 150 euro here and at that level it's a perfect fit for many stockings this Christmas.



russellohh said:

@AdanVC I think I base most of my investment strategies on what the internet hates, fully realizing they'll love it 3 months later. Whenever I listen to an expert, or public opinion, I remember that A) It took Pokemon 3 years to be released because no one thought a 30 hour game about adorable creatures slapping each other would sell B) Half a dozen studio execs turned down Fight Club, because no way would that movie sell C) It took Survivor 10 years to come to America, because Reality TV had no future and D) Heath Ledger would clearly be the worst Joker possible.

Oh, and of course, Nintendo is going to stop making hardware now and be software only, because my SNES still works perfectly, original controller, while I have been through 7 Xboxes and over 2 dozen controllers.




Banker-Style said:

Was going to get it from Argos,but they sold out
But I'm getting one for Christmas,looking forward to playing that that door stop on Christmas day.



Uberchu said:

Might have to get a 2DS then... I have a 3DS XL Pikachu model, and gave the original 3DS I had to my bro...



Morph said:

Never in doubt imo, i think 2ds will be biggest selling console this christmas in uk



Bray42 said:

You know what would make Nintendo systems sell even better? Better advertisements! I don't know about Europe, but I didn't see a single ad from Nintendo for this system.



JaxonH said:

And Nintendo does it again! I love it when Nintendo is successful- the people who incessantly attack Nintendo only do it when their hardware isn't selling well. For example, everyone said the 3DS was garbage, UNTIL it started selling well. Now all of a sudden everyone says it's a great system. Same happened with 2DS and with the Wii U. There's a WHOLE LOT of people talking crap about both, even many people on this fan site, but I guarantee if/when the Wii U starts selling respectable numbers, they'll shut up and start saying how much they love the console, and how amazing it is. Already seeing the turnaround with regard to the 2DS haters.



Zodiak13 said:

I love the 2DS because it feels like an old school handheld when I play it. Also it is my always plugged in to the wall cartridge only handheld now. I play a lot of ds/3ds games just chillin in my chair in the office. Way more than my 360/ps3/WiiU. Guess I think of it as just a gaming system, not just a portable one.




Always knew the 2DS was going to sell and never even thought it was ugly a matter of fact, the only 2 things I don't like about it is the small screens [ prefer XL ] and mono speaker.



Marco_Rossi said:

I love mine. Totally agree with Zodiak13 about it feeling like an old school handheld.....totally takes me back to my gameboy days. Its so comfortable to hold too. Also, is it just me, or do DS games look better on it than they do on either the 3ds or XL?



sinalefa said:

When I went to buy my Pokémon XL, I first saw a 2DS. Definitely not an ugly console, and even then that is a matter of taste. The price was much lower, and it really tempted me, but still the XL was a limited edition so I got that.

It will be interesting to see where it sells the most, that is why I found odd that Japan is not getting it.



archlord said:

I bought one last week. I absolutely love the feel of the device. I got some screen protection film cut to fit each screen, so no worries about it always being exposed. Thoroughly enjoying Soul Hackers and SMT4.



DualWielding said:

now I'm scared hope it doesn't continue to sell well or we can kiss the clamshell design goodbye for future handhelds



rjejr said:

@ljb88 - under 100 is less than 110 - pounds, euros or dollars. (someday I need to find the pound and euro key I my keyboard.)

I'm sure shoppers in other countries have the same eccentricities as American shoppers and 99 seems way better than 101. And I doubt Europeans base their buying decisions on what something would cost in US $. The 2DS had a good week b/c retailers lower the price from above 100 to under 100. Which this article does state, I was merely trying to emphaize the fact that in any country in any currency this would sell well if priced under 100 of everything, but originally it was priced much higher.

If your point is that 100 pounds = $129 so the US still has the best price you can ignore everything above.



Gonzo1 said:

I was going to pick a 2DS up for my son for Xmas, but then saw on Wednesday that had a one day deal on a Black 3DS for £94.99 so got that instead.

According to XE Currency at the moment £100 = $159.25



Bray42 said:

@WinterWarm Well, that makes since, I guess. I just wish they worked more on advertising the LOW COST of the system instead of how it's good for children under 7 with lazy parents. It isn't that hard to turn off the 3D!



KayOL78 said:

@sinalefa I think the 3ds in japan needs no shot in the arm so to speak. The sales there are astronomical. It makes sense for nintendo to leave 2ds for a while in japan, where it will again beginning cleaning up.



globalisateur said:

2DS handhelds are very good systems... from Nintendo bank accounts point of view.
But not for the fact that from now on (as seen on Pokemon and Zelda) every games will ignore 3D. Good bye future Super Mario 3d land enhanced 3D mode games.
Adios. Adieu. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen.



Slayer said:

Nice job, Nintendo.
Still buying a 3DS XL.
Yep, they haven't sold me.
And they obviously have it more expensive, seeing as one pound is equal to $2.50 in the US.



WinterWarm said:

@Bray42 True. Still, it's pretty impressive Nintendo turned around the situation like this. They turned a weak spot in 3DS marketing into a new, best-selling console!


Oh hush, Nintendo's released several public and official statements saying they plan to keep utilising 3D. And really, Nintendo is supporting 3D with this move. Now developers can use 3D without being worried about the possibly eye-damaging 3D that might happen to younger players, especially if the game is geared toward young children. So really, Nintendo gave developers more reason to use 3D, because the 2DS automatically disables 3D. So really, when you look at it logically and not unreasonably dramatically like you were doing, Nintendo took a step to insure more 3D-inabled games. Not the other way around.



feelthesarcasm said:

@Bray42 Where do you live? I see a 2DS commercial featuring AC:NL. Mario & Luigi DT and Pokemon at least every day.

And maybe to you it's lazy parents but to me it's for parents that don't do gaming or handheld gaming. My sister knows nothing about how to operate a 3DS (even though she has a PS3) or how to do parental controls and keeping the slider down isn't sufficient enough since it can easily slide up. It's not a huge step but if it's totally eliminated who cares? They're not losing out on anything.



feelthesarcasm said:

@rjejr You're still thinking about it as if the only reason people would pass the 3DS is because this is cheaper. Some parents weren't considering the 3DS at all because of the clamshell and 3d so a 2DS only being $40 cheaper wasn't really anything that concerned them. Not to mention, $40 may not sound like a lot but it's the price of one brand new game (ie: Pokemon) so system + game vs. just system for 169 was enough.



rjejr said:

@feelthesarcasm - "Some parents"

Yes, some parents were probably happy to buy their kids something w/o the eye destroying 3D effect. Some. As in not alot. And it is a hefty sturdy looking object to buy a kid over a tiny 3DS so that is a plus for some parents as well. I still feel there are more parents, teens, and adults looking to buy a 3DS over a 2DS, and the main reason for the 2DS sales spike was the price drop to under 100 whatevers wherever it was sold. Heck people buy pet rocks and chia pets, of course somebody is going to buy a gadget that plays Nintendo games. Some people in Japan even buy Xbox 360s every week. Every week in Japan more and more Xbox360s get sold in Japan. The2D Swill sell also. I still think its an abomination though .



Bray42 said:

@feelthesarcasm Uninformed is a better word for my point. I just think parents should really look in to a system before they just give it to their kids.

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