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Former Pikmin Director Currently Working On "Original Title" for Nintendo

Posted by Conor McMahon

Veteran designer seems to be back in action

Nintendo may be looking to shake things up with an entirely new intellectual property in the near future, and former Pikmin director Masamichi Abe is tipped to be involved with the project's development.

The revelation comes from current Tekken lead Katushiro Harada, who tweeted in response to a fan asking if the designer had retired.

Abe is best known for his role as director of gameplay design for Pikmin 1 & 2, but since leaving Japan he has most recently been active in developing Metroid Prime:Hunters and Mario vs Donkey Kong:Minis March Again! in Redmond, Washington. If the tweet is to be believed then it means he's back with the team in Kyoto and working on something completely different.

Unfortunately, Harada didn't explain the situation any further, and without an official statement from Nintendo we're left to speculate for the time being. A new IP would finally answer one of the company's main criticisms though, and boost an already promising library of upcoming exclusives.

What would you like to see from an entirely new Nintendo title? Leave your thoughts below to let us know.


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BenAV said:

Pretty exciting news.
Hopefully something pretty substantial comes of this.



OorWullie said:

Hoping for an original epic but expecting an Eshop title.Dillons RW and Pushmo were original IP's too.

Did they not say they may have something to reveal at that game event coming up in a couple of weeks?



element187 said:

@cookiex actually I hope this is a seperate IP from what Shiggy is working on. It would be something if Ninty dropped TWO new franchises on us in Summer and Fall 2014.... Show those at E3 2014 to open up, then drop Zelda Wii U trailer to close with. Megatons that would blow away anything Sony or Microsoft could ever show.



AdanVC said:

Next E3 is going to be awesome for Nintendo, A new IP announced, a new Zelda U announced, and who knows what other big misterious projects are working on right now (I'm I the only one who is excited for that Yoshi Yarn game? Even tough, it's been almost a year since it's announcement and we haven't hear any news for that game yet, what if Nintendo stopped working on it? omg no ). I feel that Smash Bros. is going to be once again at E3 2014 and that is going to be their Holiday 2014 big game just like Super Mario 3D World is right now.



Nintend0ro said:

I hope it's big and mature based (who am I kiddin' right?) not some 2D side-scroller



Senario said:

People always ask for new Ips but they never support them =/. I hope it does well.



WingedSnagret said:

Hmm, if this is a separate project from Miyamoto's then that means 2, count 'em, 2, new IPs!

This is some exciting news indeed.



andreoni79 said:

With Pikmin he reinvented RTS. Maybe this time he will reinvent some other genre Nintendo lacks, like FPS or open world arpg.



Beta said:

@catharsis Don't see what's wrong with it being accessible? Why is everyone wanting M17+ games? I mean, why should we care about the rating? More violence, cussing and sexual themes don't really add up to the game, imo. That, of course, is only my opinion. Or your comment was sarcasm and went off my radar XD
EDIT: Actually, when I gave it some thought, a JRPG would be nice and that can't be rated E. XD I apologise for rushing out without thinking.

As for people saying new IPs, W101 says hello! You know, the game nobody bothered with?



Ryno said:

Well I wish them luck, nothing is selling well on the Wii U outside of Mario.



andreoni79 said:

@Senario xenoblade has been a brilliant exception: we can't hope for something similar from Nintendo?
metroid prime... people have to buy a GC if they want to play a simil-FPS?



andreoni79 said:

@Senario "Wii U is too young for a new prime game."
This is why they should try to create a brand new FPS. It will fill in the gap, and with a wise use of the gamepad, it could scoop the competition!



WesterHive said:

I might be missing something but I don't read this as "new IP" I read it as him just working on a new game for Nintendo. I dunno the "original" moniker just seems vague. My two cents, I hope/think it's some sort of Advance Wars for Wii U, or maybe the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem project.



creepingdeth21 said:

thats really good to know! I've been hoping nintendo would release info on a new IP next year, and this gives me some assurance that they will. hopefully, its something attractive to those fools who don't buy Nintendo products because it's too kiddie for them hahaha.



Senario said:

@andreoni79 Why bother with a risky new ip when Metroid is there? Although to be fair they don't need either right now. Metroid doesn't sell well enough and neither does fps on nintendo systems.



WiiLovePeace said:

I really don't get the clamouring for a new IP from Nintendo, each game they make in a given series is both amazing, & substantially different from their previous game. To me, if you minus the characters from Super Mario 3D World & slap new one's in there it really doesn't make it instantly become a new IP. But on the flipside of that, the gameplay in Super Mario 3D World is so different to previous iterations of Super Mario games that it might as well be a new Ip each & every time, gameplay wise imo. But they smartly choose to keep all these genuinely fun & varied games within the same housing of 'Super Mario' so they sell better. Nintendo knows what they're doing

Edit: eh, what I said mankes more sense in my head than it does written down. I should go to bed haha



WebHead said:

I hope its a new ip. I plan on getting tw101 to help show support for new ips.



ricklongo said:

I'd like an open-world RPG franchise. Not necessarily "mature" (hate that term; as if zombies and spellcasting wizards were "mature" subjects).

I don't think that's extremely likely, but not impossible. And as much as I'm a huge platforming fan, Nintendo's portfolio in that genre is more than fine already.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Kodeen New intellectual properties don't have to be in different genres, what makes you say that? Look at Goldeneye 007 & Perfect Dark. Same developer, same genre, different IPs. Heck you could say that Mario Kart & the Super Mario games are technically considered the same "intellectual property" since they both got Mario in the title, but it's all semantics really.



NintyMan said:

Maybe he's helping Miyamoto with this new, original game. It's been two years since we first read about it.



V8_Ninja said:

I definitely would be interested to see what Masamichi Abe would do under a different IP.



GamerJunkie said:

The problem is Nintendo makes mostly kid games when they make new IPs on console.

Where are the RPGs? NES and SNES had awesome RPGs. Where are the mario sports games, I loved tennis and golf and those mario sports games. I'm not talking about the wii sports cheap games either.

Where is a cool card game that you can play online maybe? Collect cards and battle it out.

They have so many games on handhelds, then never bring those genres to the console, they lost their focus on consoles and aim only at the handheld market.



ShadowFox254 said:

@GamerJunkie: Arc Rise Fantasia, The Last Story, Xenoblade (best JRPG game in a long time), Pandora's Tower (to a certain extent), Phantom Brave: We Meet Again, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, Rune Factory: Frontier, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World... Should I keep going? Also, Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade, and The Last Story were Nintendo's new IPs.



unrandomsam said:

@ShadowFox254 They are not the same thing the new type of JRPG's they are more like a poor quality movie whereas the old ones were like a great book. (Last JRPG I really liked was Skies of Arcadia. Think that style is inbetween old and new). I hate long drawn out cutscenes. (Dragon Quest VII I am interested in but more than likely it will be mobile only in the West if it is released at all.)



WaveGhoul said:

I always see articles mentioning that somebody at Nintendo is currently working on an original title. Funny thing is, it never sees the light of day. Instead these daring original ideas get tossed in favor of more unnecassary New Super Mario Stale Bros sequels! Mario equals stable income, something like StarTropics 3 would be a Lose Lose situation regardless of how awesome it scores.



ShadowFox254 said:

@GamerJunkie: Have patience for DQX, X, SMT X FE, and a ton of other JRPGs that have yet to be announce. "Rome wasn't built in a day."

@unrandomsam: The quality of JRPG's have gone down since the PS1 era. So don't expect they can pull a 'Chrono Trigger or FFVI' kind of praise whenever they want to.



GamerJunkie said:


I am patient, but 0 RPGs in 1 year already is just bad. I think this next year will be nice though, I am happy with Super mario 3d for right now.

Dragon quest X online came out a long time ago in 2012 on wii and 2013 Wii U but only in japan. I wanted that game, but by the time it comes out here.... probably wont be worth it since tons of other online mmos are coming.



Senario said:

@GamerJunkie Games take a while to make. Rpgs more than some so one year isn't patience. Also, X in 2014. And for 3DS there is Mario and luigi dream team.



mostro328 said:

2014 DKCTF, at e3 well see FE x SMT, yarn yoshi, x, Smash bros, mario kart, zelda u, bayonetta 2, its obvious this is not all they are working on, E3 will be huge gor nintendo



ShadowFox254 said:

@GamerJunkie: I'm waiting for Dragon Quest X as well. I think Nintendo has a chance of bringing it over and DQ7, since they've localize the past Dragon Quest games so far. I just hope it doesn't have a monthly subscription fee (Japan). I heard the game had a good reception in Japan.



GamerJunkie said:

@ShadowFox254 I have FFXIV right now for PC and its pretty nice. It will be on PS4 soon with even more enhanced graphics for both which is crazy because it looks so nice already.

EQ Next is also coming soon and is free on pc and PS4.

Nintendo needs to add MMOS to their machine and more free content to keep up with the others. Lets see what happens with DQX



donkeykong64 said:

Purchase rareware so we can have all those IP games agian! Banjo and Conker need to make a proper return.



ShadowFox254 said:

@GamerJunkie: Yeah, I can see the Wii U GamePad would do good for MMOs on consoles.

Haven't played EQ since the first one on my sister's PC. Time to return?

How's the gameplay on FFXIV? Haven't played a FF game since X.



IceClimbers said:

If Nintendo is revealing something at the VGXs (VGAs), an event hosted by Spike, then perhaps this IP or Miyamoto's IP could be it. Or perhaps both of those are being saved for E3, and we will see Zelda U or some game from Retro that they've been working on alongside DKC.



IceClimbers said:

E3 2014 will be huge for Nintendo. Smash Bros, X, SMT x FE, Zelda U, Yarn Yoshi, and possibly two new IPs. Then there's whatever they reveal for 3DS. That's a killer lineup.



BlackStar9000 said:

I can see games like League of legend's making tons of money for Nintendo as the gamepad would make them a breeze to play. RTS games and most old-school styed jrpgs would greatly benefit from this. Too bad it will never happen, Nintendo doesn't reach out to these kind of developers and I honestly believe its because they don't want that level of competition on their systems, so they reach out to smaller indie communities instead.



idork99 said:

I just want good, fun games from Nintendo. A new IP is nice but Nintendo doesn't work that way. They experiment with many things. If its fun, they go to work around that concept.

People pay too much attention to the characters rather than the content. Since Mario has made appearances in many games, many brush it off as just another Mario game unaware that those games bring something different to the table everytime.

So, a new IP is nice. But a fun game, regardless of characters, is nicer



Mr_Video said:

Anyways, pertaining to the article here, any new IPs from Nintendo are totally welcome. It'll definitely be nice to see something entirely new from them, considering the last new IP (to my memory anyways) was Pikmin.



Chi said:

Animal Crossing last new IP?
I am so psyched , let your expectations soar-
Nintendo will surpass them.
No games coming after Mario?
Back to your hole troll.



bloodycelt said:

Not all games work well within a "E for Everyone". One of Nintendo's biggest vulnerabilities is they lack cinematic games that deal with mature topics. (Zelda which does have some storytelling often gets into the T rating for example). And I don't mean Call of Duty necessarily. There's a scene that I recall (censored in america) from Xenosaga that made more sense once I saw the Japanese one: in the aftermath of an attack you see a little girl awkwardly moving her hands near her mom's corpse... in the uncensored, she's trying to put her mom's blood back in. So sometimes violence and blood, and sex... enhance a story, when done in a mature fashion. I would actually prefer games that deal with violence to be disturbing, uncomfortable in a Grave of the Fireflies or Children of Men sort of way, and that would almost certainly earn a Mature rating.



Senario said:

@BlackStar9000 League is a Terrible idea. Not only does the game pad not offer enough or adequate controls for any sort of Moba or rts but league can be played adequately on most current computers. Nintendo doesn't reach out to develop of rts games and Moba games because it just wouldn't work.

Also, Nintendo has dealt with deep and mature topics. Check the fire emblem series, xenoblade, and the legend of zelda. Particularly majora's mask, No game has since beaten that game's overall dark theme and dark story. Just saying, even if I deem a good game as more of a fun experience rather than the dark and gritty everybody loves so much.



Juma009 said:

Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Starfox, Punchout,Pokemon, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Animal Crossings, Paper Mario, Luigis Mansion, Sin and Punishment, Nintendogs, Brain age, Advanced wars, Wario Ware, Game and Watch, Pikmin, Golden Sun, F Zero,
So many of these franchises are due for a new game yet people want more??? funny thing ishalf of those people crying for new IPs wont buy it,



LztheQuack said:

I don't understand why everyone assumes that a new IP is automatically a good thing. Here are two problems with this reasoning: first you're not giving established franchises enough credit and second new IPs CAN be bad games too. The new Zelda on 3DS and Mario on Wii U are incredible. They both break away from expectations and established traditions.



AugustusOxy said:


Yes, but even if a Mario game is really good, it doesn't change the fact that we are getting sick of the scenery. I wouldn't mind playing a platformer that is just as good as Mario but with different characters/settings.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of starting new. Personally, I get tired of wearing the same shirt after a while and go out looking for a new one.

Nintendo is a master of giving us stuff we didn't know we wanted. I'd say no one in the world knew they wanted Zelda, Pikmin, or even Smash Bros until they got it. All these things started out as fresh ideas in their day.



AugustusOxy said:

He needs to come back. Pikmin is probably the most disappointed with a sequel I've been since I can remember.

Disappointment not stemming from how bad Pikmin 3 was, but how bad it is in comparison to its predecessors.



Senario said:

@AugustusOxy Donkey Kong says hi. And actually there is a bad thing about starting anew. New franchises often don't sell well due to lack of name recognition. And if they do sell well they would have had to have a massive and very costly ad campaign to promote it. People forget that Nintendo is just a gaming company and doesn't have other things to absorb over extravagant ad campaigns like Sony and Ms do. Money can disappear very very quick with advertisements depending on where you place them.



AJ_Lethal said:

Yes, but even if a Mario game is really good, it doesn't change the fact that we are getting sick of the scenery. I wouldn't mind playing a platformer that is just as good as Mario but with different characters/settings.

Who are those "we" You and other 10 people?



doubled241 said:

give us turok or dk64 or super mario 64 remakes that would sell consoles... a person can always dream right haha



andreoni79 said:

In 2014 third parties will ignore Wii U more than now, forcing NIntendo to support more than ever the console. But just give a look at the "Games-Coming soon" list for Rpg, Adventure and Fps. Only the Monolith game.
Too much 3ds, maybe?



JaxonH said:

Probably involved in Miamoto's project I would imagine. Think about it, if you were Miamoto and you were spearheading a new game, who would you put on your staff? Veterans you know you can trust with new IP. This man has earned his stripes. Who better?



unrandomsam said:

@Senario Traditionally new franchises haven't sold well immediately but with the eshop nothing will go unavailable so it shouldn't matter do a small print run and wait and then instead of paying scalpers crazy money for games then you can pay Nintendo. Less copies in the used market so more direct revenue for Nintendo (Instead of the game shop making 5 times as much Nintendo etc from each game). Starting a new thing with a system used to be the done thing Nintendo doesn't bother with that any more even.



unrandomsam said:

@Juma009 I will buy Donkey Kong / Warioware / Sin and Punishment probably Kirby. (Once there is a game worse than the best in a series then it ruins it for me if I really liked the last one like with Kirby's Adventure I will probably get it didn't like Epic Yarn though.)



unrandomsam said:

@DarkwingLz New IP's are good because they are more interesting and don't have to follow any conventions that went before. Problem is with something new you have to learn to play it which reviewers as a whole don't seem to like doing so it won't get rated as highly regardless of how good it is. Most people hate new things as well.



unrandomsam said:

@AugustusOxy I agree about being bored of the scenery.

The Newer riivolution mod for NSMBW did more for me than anything Nintendo has done with 2D Mario since Super Mario World. (It is almost as if they didn't really playtest it properly for the normal release.)

Much easier to enjoy something for what it is when you have no preconceptions about it.

(Even 3D World the way it looks is less impressive at least from videos than 1080p/60fps Sonic Generations. That might be the bad taste in my mouth from how much I disliked 3D Land clouding my judgement but if something is a new game then I will look at it without any preconceptions which is generally much better unless it definitely better in every way.)

The Zelda guy who strives for a perfect game should read "Dreamcast Worlds" the way to do it is to basically lie to management so they are forced let it be as good as it possibly can be. (Probably at significant personal cost to yourself).



unrandomsam said:

Soma Bringer

Nintendo does have interesting stuff it just rarely brings them outside Japan.

I hope a Link Between Worlds gives me as much as I got of Links Awakening the first time. (Few Months of playing it - I highly doubt it will though).

The Oracle of Ages story is great because it is different. (Even the Adventure of Link it is good because it is so different to the rest).



doctor_doak said:

I hear people say, "I hope it's a 'mature' IP like the Last of Us, like cause y'know adults play video games too hmm.. etc.." I personally don't understand how bludgeoning people to death with a brick (and w/h other blunt instruments) in some cliched, post-apocalyptic, linear, hyper scripted setting = 'mature'..

Anyway, i'd personally like to see a new IP that's as creative, weird and unique as Pikmin.

Odds are, it'll probably be the spiritual successor to Nintendogs tho ..



BlackStar9000 said:

@Senario I still think that rts games could work very well with the right control scheme, capacitive touch definitely feels better when applied properly

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