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Nintendo UK: Awareness Is The Real Issue With The Wii U, Not Price

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Many mums don’t know what this is"

Nintendo UK's marketing head Shelly Pearce has been speaking to MCV about the challenges facing the Wii U this Christmas, and admits that the company still has work to do when it comes to educating buyers about the difference between the original Wii and its successor:

There was a big misconception at launch about what Wii U is and one of the big messages is to explain to mum that this is a new console and a new controller. In terms of the marketing work we’ve done against dads, there is now a pretty good understanding there. But many mums don’t know what this is. They’re buying what they’re advised to and going into shops, so we are relying a lot on retail to explain that this is a new piece of hardware.

Pearce also picked up on the fact that the Wii remains a big part of the gaming habits of millions of families — something we've stated ourselves recently:

What we are seeing with our monthly tracking is that Wii remains the No.1 console for brand awareness and we have done several studies, and there are so many families actively playing on Wii. Perhaps sometimes as an industry we don’t see it, because we are so focused on core fans who are obviously not the ones that are still playing. I sit in this target audience as a mum that has kids of this age, and amongst my peer group I have people that are just buying their first console and people who are still playing their original Wii sometimes.

That has been one of our biggest barriers, but it is also a great opportunity because it means they are still with Wii. And it’s through the insight from the Tesco deal that we know families are still playing and have not bought anything else yet. So it’s a great opportunity if we can get the job right in educating people.

Another topic was pricing, which Pearce believes isn't the reason why the system is failing to sell as expected:

There was a lot of talk last peak season about whether price was the barrier. We don’t think it is. I think the problem was education and giving them desirable things. This peak, Wii U will be at a slightly lower price than last year and comparatively it will look a little cheaper because of all the other consoles coming out that are more expensive. But value is the important message. Backwards compatibility, the fact that you don’t have to buy more controllers – that for a mum is a very important thing.

Wii U is very different to these other consoles. Our heartland is with family and kids, but we must not forget core Nintendo fans are a fundamental part of it. Yes, there’s a cross-over with the core fan and those that buy the other consoles, but generally those are quite different audiences. I imagine our marketing activity will look and feel very different.

Finally, there was the subject of the 3DS — which is by far and away Nintendo's best-selling product right now:

3DS has been the biggest selling console over the summer. We’ve seen some real momentum, which is great. It is going to be by far the biggest selling hardware this peak, really driven by those key franchises we have coming.

While we know there are massive fans out there, there are a load of young boys, my son included, who do not know Pokémon, because they weren’t around when it was massive. So we’ve done an education piece explaining Pokémon to newbies. In terms of pre-orders we are tracking higher than we were with Black and White. But I imagine it will also be a constant build over time.

At launch we saw the majority of people that bought Animal Crossing were core Nintendo fans and now we are moving to the next phase: tween girls who we know bought previous iterations. We are also looking at re-promoting some of our other titles at this audience.

Of course, the 3DS is being joined at retail by another new console this Christmas: the Nintendo 2DS. Pearce has high hopes for the machine:

Retail is very excited about 2DS. We need to raise that awareness amongst mums and kids. October half-term is when we ramp it up. When talking to a mainstream audience, you don’t want to shout about something that they can’t buy. 2DS has that magic price point, which for families and kids, makes a big difference. 2DS will be out and about wherever we have family and Pokémon activity going on.


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Nirvana said:

The first year of the wii u and 3ds came out I didn't even know they existed but now I own a 3ds and Gona buy a wii u by the end of this year.



Peach64 said:

I agree completely. The price is fine. It loos expensive compared to the Wii launch price of £180 and the Cube's £129, but people will pay £250 as long as it has good games. It's also very true that a lot of people still think its a Wii add on. I see posters on here say those people must be idiots as the box loos different to the Wii, but most people don't get that far. They just hear the name Wii U and assume its an add-on, then see the gamepad and it just seems to confirm that. It was the same with the 3DS. We'd had a loads of DS models with words or letters tacked on, DS Lite, DSi etc, that people heard 3DS and assumed it was another DS that had 3D. They're not going into stores and picking up the wrong console. That's not what people mean by brand confusion. They hear the name, assume its an add on and then lose interest right there.

I still think the main reason for its struggles is a lack of good games though. I know a lot of gamers that always buy Nintendo consoles for the exclusives, but so far they've not even gone for the heavily discounted premium + Zombi u packs for £200, because there was no just have games. Stuff like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 are great games they plan to pick up when they buy a Wii U, but they're not buying a console for games like that. Nintendo is focusing on the casuals, but they don't care about upgrading, and in doing that they ignore the core gamers and then end up in this situation where all they have are the hardcore Nintendo fans that would buy whatever they made anyway.



DualWielding said:

"In terms of the marketing work we’ve done against dads, there is now a pretty good understanding there. But many mums don’t know what this is."

Anyone else finds this incredibly sexist?



Jono97 said:

I reckon they should make it clear that it's the successor to the Wii. I've seen my mum watch the Wii U ad numerous times. I bet she doesn't even know that it's by nintendo.



matirishhh said:

Price is fine. I agree too. My only problem (hardcore gamer) is the lack of great games...I may get WIIU with Super Mario 3d World this Christmas. As for the rest of games I own wii, 3ds, ps3 and vita...I'm looking for some great BIG N exclusives...which I can't find on WII U now...too bad because I want this console badly



Yoshis_VGM said:

I completely agree with it. With the recent price drop, the price is fine. The marketing, on the other hand, needs lots of improvement. I've had numerous people ask me what console I game on, and when I respond with "Wii U," 90% of them follow-up with, "What is the Wii U? I've never heard if it."

I have never seen a Wii U commercial on TV. Ever. I see ads for it all over the Internet (which is good but it's typically a link to the Wii U on Amazon) but I have not once seen a Wii U commercial on TV. In contrast, I see 3DS ads on TV all the time. I hope Nintendo gets their marketing act together for the holiday season. Now that Donkey Kong has been delayed, Nintendo has to rely on Mario to be their saving grace this year. Lots of bundles and exceptional marketing can help bring the Wii U out of its misery.

I love the Wii U, and I still have faith in it. I don't enjoy engaging in the console war or debating whether the Wii U is next gen or not. I see no point in this. But I will agree that there has been a serious, serious lack of marketing over the year and Nintendo needs to get their act together. With the PS4 and XB1 launching next month, the rest of 2013 and 2014 will be crucial for Nintendo to pull the Wii U to its feet. Please don't blow it Nintendo. You have a great console here, now show it!



andreoni79 said:

@ferthepoet I was checking the english-italian dictionary for some strange meanings of "dads" that I ignored, but no: he was really meaning that!



datamonkey said:

Nintendo need to realise it's not just mums that don't know what Wii U is but the population at large...



Damo said:

@ferthepoet Not really. Dads are more tech-focused on the whole, and are more likely to know about the latest games consoles as they are featured in men's magazines more often. Even if a dad is a casual player, there's a good chance he already knows what a Wii U is because he will have seen it covered in the publications he reads / sites he visits / TV shows he watches.



FritzFrapp said:

Don't be daft.

Shelly, if you're reading.... It's never been the hardware price that's a concern, but the continued high price of software, retail and download. And lack of unified accounts. How many years before Nintendo sort this out?



Tysamu said:

Lol how long has everyone been saying this? No one cept Ninten knows why they've not been advertising like they should've been. The only thing I can think of was when they got the 3DS off of the ground and it had some games, so maybe that's the reason?



Genesaur said:

Haven't we been over this? Yes, Wii U is still a confusing thing to people who don't keep up with this stuff. They've been in dire need of the kind of word-of-mouth (see: good games) that got the 3DS moving, last year. We've discussed this rather extensively. Nintendo needs to market the crap out of Wii U, and despite that Parent Trap article's perspective, cutting off Wii support is likely to help.



CommenSense said:

They just need to say "Want the Wii 2, then buy Wii U." Simple confusion over and all I ask is free games for life.



DualWielding said:


A new price cut may be coming within a week, that's what happened the last time a Nintendo representative came out to say pricing was not the problem



madness said:

Was speaking with a dad at school about my Wii u.. 1st thing he said, is it just a game pad upgrade for the Wii.. After i put him right he now thinking of buying one..



SpookyMeths said:

Well, that's what they get for calling it the Wii U. Figured they would have learned from the brand confusion of the 3DS, but nope.

Agreed though that pricing isn't the problem, and the bundles have been great. Nintendo would be wise to keep them coming, and keep options varied.



AJWolfTill said:

@ikki5 many mums must not follow gaming sites as much as us. It's like one of those things that doesn't register until a particular moment then you start seeing it everywhere.



Stryker89 said:

Awareness is exactly the problem, along with a lack of software, the latter of which is finally being addressed.
I work in a game store, and a man came in looking to purchase a Wii U for his son's birthday. He had no idea what the console was, and his exact words were "I'm fine with Sony and Microsoft's products, they're easy, but Nintendo confuses the hell out of me".
For a company constantly striving to capture the attention of both hardcore and casual gamers, they're definitely going about it the wrong way.



DilMan33 said:

There is major cross-over between the 'core' and 'family' audience, especially now that Nintendo have made the HD transition.
A lot of the upcoming Wii U releases this year would be considered for the 'core' gamer. The irony is that many core gamers want the system for under £150!!! This is ridiculous and shows that core gamers can be so stupid!

And what’s the difference between the 3DS and the Vita? Apart from the Vita having crap games; does having FPS make your system more 'core'??? Seems like it.



PikminWorld said:

The only thing I'm surprised that Nintendo hasn't done is advertise the Wii U again with the wind waker HD bundle and price cut on TV. Though, it's disappointing that this year and the launch of the Wii U has been really rough with criticism from fans and others on the Internet and poor marketing and planning.



zool said:

I am sure Ms Pearce would like to think that lack of education is why the Wii u is not selling, but that sounds rather as though it is the fault of the consumer and not Nintendo for the poor sales.

The Wii u is a Wii with HD graphics and a Gamepad and expensive and poor selection of games.

Nintendo have not sold consumers the benefits of the Gamepad and that is because there are as many faults as there are benefits.

The range the pad has from the Wii u is to short, not all games can be played just on the pad. Wii games can't be played on it and other games are bettered played on a controller that has to be purchased separately. Diverting your eyes while playing a game like Sonic Racing does not work.

The Wii was sold as a console as an easy way to play games, if you can work a TV remote you can play the Wii. The Gamepad is an ordinary controller with a screen.



Ralizah said:

The Wii U hardware is fine. The price is fine. The problem begins and ends with the software support. When they get some quality games out for the machine, it'll turn more units.



Jeremyx7 said:

Or you know it could just be the economy that's making just about every product imaginable take a hit these days.......



Mahe said:

Drop the Gamepad, drop the confusion. Awareness will instantly increase when people don't have to deal with the Gamepad.



ToxieDogg said:

@zool incorrect. The last firmware update allows you to play original Wii games on the GamePad (which also has a built in sensor bar), but you still need to use original Wii remotes/nunchucks/classic controllers to play them with.

However, I do agree with you that the GamePad screen is unnecessary for the vast majority of games though, and I'll also say it's unlikely to be used in any meaningful way for for the entire duration of the Wii U's lifespan, asides from in a very select few titles like Zombi U, Nintendo Land and Game & Wario.



zeldagaymer93 said:

@Mahe I actually enjoy the GamePad. It's nowhere near as innovative as the Wiimote but I really like the map and item selection on a separate screen. It speeds things up so you aren't constantly pausing the game and it leaves more space to see the important stuff on the TV.



MadAdam81 said:

If Nintendo improve public awareness and get more quintessential Nintendo games out (Wii Sports U needs a big campaign), then a lot of Wii fans will go for it.
The gamepad hasn't caused any confusion, just the lack of advertising about it. It doesn't matter if games don't have super special gamepad features, as long as you have off tv play then people will be happy, as well as being able to buy some games that make good use of the touchscreen.
One of my favourite things about the gamepad is multiplayer - one player uses the gamepad, the other uses the TV screen.
If it was so confusing, MS & Sony wouldn't be rushing out their copy cat second screens for their new consoles.



Mahe said:

@zeldagaymer93 But why does it have to be in every console package? The Gamepad could be included in some bundles, while leaving it out from others. It could also be sold as an optional accessory to those who want to replace their worn-out or broken Gamepad or the people who have bought the (so far hypothetical) console package which doesn't include a Gamepad, if they decide that they want it after all later on.



rjejr said:

Well at least somebody at Nintendo finally gets it, even if they got it a year too late. You don't put out something brand new without advertising the heck out of it.




Games help awareness. We've been getting a steady amount of games since August, but need more!



ultraraichu said:

Well lets see how the awareness goes when November comes. If you going to advertise your system to certain groups, you got to make sure you got the games they will most likely play. Wii Fit U (with the Wii Fit meter) and Wii Sports Club will be the perfect bait for them. Once you get the parents, the rest will come.

With that said, I wish they would advertise the WiiU price drop with a small showcase of past release games by now.



JuanitoShet said:

@ferthepoet No, it's not "incredibly sexist"! Why would they try to insult women like that, when tjey themselved say that the Wii U is for families? They ststed they've researched the topic at hand, and the studies revealed that moms justaren't familiar with their console. You just read too much into it. ( ・_・)



zool said:

@ToxieDogg Hi, I do know that original Wii games can play on the GamePad using original Wii remotes, but is that not just another fault or a half hearted attempt by Nintendo to fix something that should have been addressed before the Wii U release.

To me the Wii games can be played on the Gamepad screen, but not with the gamepad.



NintendoLink said:

I dont think awareness and markering is the biggest issue. I see moms and dads selling their Wii u now because its not Being used. The biggest problem is the lack of games! I want A Wii u, but where is the big games ? Zelda ww hd and another smb 2D isnt enough.. Sure, Mario 2d3d, DK , Mario kart, SSB will give A boost, but they wont come before spring and it aint enough.... We need more, we need big new ips, and big sequals etc... Nintendo had so much good games on snes and n64, Wii u Almost got Nothing. You cant satisfy normal/hardcore gamers with cod, splinter cell etc... We need sequal to Mario 64, luigis mansion, zelda... we need something great like dk64, banjo kazooie, turok etc.. We need more online Coop games and connectivity.

I still have faith in Nintendo after what they have done with n3ds, but the clock is ticking Nintendo.... Come on.



withoutdk said:

then do something about it... show the people that it is there and that it is a good machine.. energy efficient gaming ang all!



Dogpigfish said:

How they market themselves makes no difference to me. The product is good and my family absolutely loves the system. The future games look promising and I've got many great games like 101, pikmin, ac3, and Zelda to care about other platforms. I do absolutely love the Sony commercials, but content motivates my purchase. I see Nintendo as providing good services to early adopters. Their problems don't really impact us gamers.



Marshi said:

@ferthepoet Its not sexist if its a fact. Thats like saying because a news reporter mentioned a bombing responsible by indian terrorists it means that news reporter is racist!



DarkEdi said:

They need to fix the prices in all latinoamérica because the stores didn´t do the discount and the sales will continue very low if Nintendo don´t keep an eye in the countries.



hYdeks said:

I disagree with Nintendo on this one, people are aware of this system, they're just aware PS4 and Xbox One is coming out too and Wii U, so far, hasn't had many games worth mentioning, and PS4 is a great deal considering how much more powerful of a system it is.

I think once Super Mario 3D Land comes out next month, we'll see alot of Wii U sales, even more so than with Wind Waker.



unrandomsam said:

@ferthepoet Nintendo is extremely sexist (Especially the Japanese part). I have never seen a female representative for Nintendo of Japan in my life.



GraveLordXD said:

@Mahe that's stupid sorry man but I've had family members and friends come over and ask what is that pointing at my Wii u tablet under my TV when I explain to them what it is and show them what it can do the main response I get is get the f#$% outta here they then want to play it and are also loving the off screen play hell its one of the main attractions of the system and what sets it apart from every thing else on the market besides the 1st party software, take away the game pad you might as well dig a grave for the Wii u in the back yard say a prayer and wait for something else to come along
Getting rid of the game pad is a horrible idea



GraveLordXD said:

Hardly anyone knows what a Wii u even is outside people like us that are serious gamers
Getting shunned by 3rd parties and not having many 1st party games out right now sure isn't helping



Kirk said:


Yeah this time I don't think so, considering we just got a small price cut in August already and you know how reluctant Nintendo is to cut the Wii U's price.



Mahe said:

@LDXD If my family and friends have displayed different attitudes, will that change your experience?

We have to look at the big picture. The Gamepad was made the focus of Wii U, and sales have been abysmal. If we took out the Gamepad, even if only from some Wii U console packages, how could the situation become worse? What if my experience is what most people would relate to, and what if a Wii U without a Gamepad would sell much better? (Because it really can't sell much worse.)

Having a Wii U without the Gamepad on the market would be the perfect test, and it could also at the same time increase Wii U sales. There's nothing to lose by dropping the Gamepad, but a lot to win.



DarkKirby said:

It's not the price.

And every gamer knows what the Wii U is.

If Nintendo is trying to recapture the casual market, they've moved on to smartphones and tablets and they aren't coming back.

The problem with the Wii U is it's lack of console selling games and lack of graphical power compared to the PS4 or Xbone, which leads to the inability to have the same big name 3rd party games that those 2 consoles always have.



Mahe said:

@DarkKirby Yeah, Wii U doesn't have Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Batman: Arkham Origins... oh wait.



DarkKirby said:


I'm talking about the PS4 and Xbone. And the Wii U is already lacking in support from 3rd parties for the games for PS3 and 360, because of lack of sales of the Wii U itself.



GraveLordXD said:

@Mahe "if my family and friends have displayed different attitudes will that change your experience"
No because if they didn't like the game pad you could just simply hand them a pro controller problem solved just like people who complain about 32 gigs not being enough I'd simply point to my 1tb external and say problem solved
Your not forced to use the game pad to play the games anyway plus it has many uses outside of playing games so I don't see a problem I haven't had one person come over and be dissapointed with it, I've had least 3 people actually buy a Wii u just because of the game pads features



Dogpigfish said:

@DarkKirby You realize you are spitting out bullet points from Microsoft and Sony that really don't mean anything. Play the games and have your own opinion. Try separating yourself from the hub bub.



GraveLordXD said:

Mark my words the thing isn't selling because it has no 1st party games that's why most people buy Nintendo consoles to begin
with so far they have pikman 3 and I don't count wwhd for obvious reasons besides that there isn't much else
3rd party games aren't going to sell this console don't know why people keep thinking that anyway who's gonna buy a Wii u because of battlefield or whatever
Its Mario, Zelda u, mario kart 8, smash, metroid and 2nd party that will get the Wii u on a roll so until then there isn't much to talk about



ThumperUK said:

I was shocked when reading this, I had to make sure this wasn't April 1st. What decade is this 'mother' from, the 50's? All talk about 'mum' education and 'dad' knowing about the console is complete and utter tripe.
The only reason the WiiU is in such a sorry state in the UK and elsewhere is an extremely incompetent marketing team (along with a lack of advertising budget), and a complete lack of understanding that the year is now 2013. Yeah Mum and Dad will buy a WiiU for their kid, but only generally if it is on the kids' wishlist. Never mind those of us with an income and not relying on 'mum' to be educated (or need to be patronised).

Any other company but Nintendo, heads would have rolled to have had a machine out for 12 months and still the marketing head is talking about what she 'thinks' she needs to do. About time someone inserted a rocket into the marketing team and spur them into actually doing something. The great console deserves better than this.



GraveLordXD said:

If you are mainly into 3rd party software your mind is already pretty much sold on either xbone <-- (God forbid) or the ps4 now if you like the option of playing some good ol Nintendo games every now and then but still rather the other stuff would you get a Wii u if the Wii u didn't even have its famous software on their own system?
Now if you play nothing but Nintendo games you either already own a Wii u or like most people still waiting for the software to build up or a particular game to come out



Ren said:

yeah everyone under 12 that isn't a 'core gamer' is all about the old wii. Parents have no idea what WiiU is even in the US so why should they pay so much more for it when the wii is cheap, satisfies kids and has a massive library? Theres a glimmer of hope for comeback but the botched launch and poor marketing make it a really tough uphill battle. It kind of depends now on if/ how bad the other console launches are. If one of them takes off then WiiU is kind of doomed.



Ren said:

side note. Is there any way to know how much longer the regular Wii shop channel will be active? Giving my Wii library to mu lil nephew, it'd be nice if they could still download lots of classics for a while.



Sceptic said:

The system is not selling because there are not enough reasons to buy it. I have one and right now I frankly wouldn't recommend it to anybody without a stern warning and disclaimer of responsibility. Games are few, overpriced and mostly disappointing, and that is all it does.

If there were more reasons to buy it, it would market itself. As it is, the only reason to get one is as a kind of 'Nintendo Trophy'. So even if "mums" knew about it, they would far too easily see through the marketing veil (see what I did there?).



ModernMARVEL said:

@ferthepoet I certainly don't. My dad makes the money and kniws about new consoles coming out, but my mom pays the bills, organizes the money, and also wouldn't have a clue what a Wii was if it wasn't for me and my dad.



JayMiller1988 said:

I believe the current price is great. $299.99 is the price-point I wanted the Deluxe Wii U at.

I think the other big problem is games. Third parties are hesitant to work with Nintendo for big games, which I don't understand at all. And major Nintendo IPs I care about are just now starting to be talked about (Zelda U and Metroid U - takemymoney.jpg)



SomeBitTripFan said:

Well, at least part of Nintendo understands what one of the major problems is. Instead of trying to ride off the coattails of their predecessors, Nintendo should have named them something completely different. Advertising wouldn't hurt either.



ToxieDogg said:

@zool Ah, I see your point now.

Yes, it is ridiculous that the Gamepad can't double up as some kind of Classic Controller for Wii games that use it, but I can only imagine they've done that to stop people from playing their old Wii VC downloads on the the Gamepad screen easily and force them to spend more money on the Wii U VC 'upgraded' versions instead. Very narrow minded and greedy if you ask me, and it's decisions like that which will cost them in the long term.



DarkKirby said:


Bullet points? I'm talking about hardware specs. As it is now, the Wii U will end up where the Wii was, the weaker of the 3 home consoles, not getting the same 3rd party games just on the basis of not having the hardware to support them, so if you wanted to play those games, you'd have to buy/own a PS4 or Xbone (or maybe PC or Steam Box).

The Wii built its success on the casual market, which is gone. So once the PS4 and Xbone come out, if they are successful, the Wii U will be back where the Wii was when it was failing, for the same reasons. I would argue, the reason Sony and Microsoft made a "next gen" system to begin with was to make sure to put the Wii U in it's place, as sales were not in anyway dropping for them, which I am greatful for regardless, because gaming has been stuck on the same hardware for far too long.

And don't go on about how graphics don't matter, while it's true that good graphics don't make a game good by itself, they do improve it.



Jeremyx7 said:

Gamepad is a great addition btw, I'm able to do things in real time on the fly like never before! Plus the gameplay possibilities for future game projects on the Wii U are so soooo many!!

Don't forget the gyroscope built in or am I saying it wrong? You know that thing that detects if it's tilting forward/backward/side to side. It's incredibly accurate too!

I just wanted to share my thoughts here about how amazing the Wii U really is. And I've only had it for little over 20 days. The Games are Only getting better with more USE of the GAMEPAD!



ultimate321 said:

@ferthepoet not at all. Theres nothng sexist in saying we've explained it to dads but noth mothers. Nothing really sexist about saying its important to get moms to understand the console to ensure success.



ultimate321 said:

Sorry but that was a bit of an ignorant statement. Cultural attitudes are dfferent in japan and I can bet that employment attitudes of women aren't the same there as in the "west". Thus if you hvaave many more men in the field then its unlikely that tthe reps will end up being womenm I doubt they have that affirmative action quota crap over there.



nik1470 said:

Am I the only one that wants to see a little less conversation a little more action from Shelly Pearce I've seen her in the news of a few Nintendo Websites yet I'm not seeing anything. Like the deal with tesco's the LARGE tesco near my house doesn't sell WiiU games let alone consoles and the "Super" tesco 5 miles away I was in earlier only had Wind Waker in amongst the Wii titles which surely only confuses mums more! There is no advertising and no shelf space in stores. I know its not selling well but if people can not actually buy a WiiU anywhere it doesn't matter how many mums know.



ducktrapper said:

I have never personally met a single person who thinks the WiiU is a "Wii add on". They are simply unimpressed or uninterested in the console. When the Playstation 2, or 3, or whatever came out, nobody thought that each successive console was an "add on". Nintendo have been claiming this a lot recently but I think the only problem is that people are unimpressed with the hardware and Nintendo have yet to understand that it all boils down to their one great trump card - matchless games. More games, please.



ikki5 said:

@AJWolfTill but... you don't need to follow news sites... you just need to have it in store and have common sense..... are people in this day and age that stupid that they cannot see the difference when they see it on the store shelves?

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