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Male, 29, Norway

Always loved Nintendo and their games =) If i have to pick 1 favourite game, i would probably say - Banjo & Kazooie.

Mon 30th Apr 2012

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NintendoLink commented on Nintendo UK: Awareness Is The Real Issue With ...:

I dont think awareness and markering is the biggest issue. I see moms and dads selling their Wii u now because its not Being used. The biggest problem is the lack of games! I want A Wii u, but where is the big games ? Zelda ww hd and another smb 2D isnt enough.. Sure, Mario 2d3d, DK , Mario kart, SSB will give A boost, but they wont come before spring and it aint enough.... We need more, we need big new ips, and big sequals etc... Nintendo had so much good games on snes and n64, Wii u Almost got Nothing. You cant satisfy normal/hardcore gamers with cod, splinter cell etc... We need sequal to Mario 64, luigis mansion, zelda... we need something great like dk64, banjo kazooie, turok etc.. We need more online Coop games and connectivity.

I still have faith in Nintendo after what they have done with n3ds, but the clock is ticking Nintendo.... Come on.



NintendoLink commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:


8gb was for ME the right choise. The money i saved, i can use on a external harddrive, so i get ALOT more space then 32gb. The rest of the things in the premium pack, is not something i wanted.. Nintendoland is booring, my wii u is not gonna stay on a stand on the table etc.. And i prefer White over black.

And i know ALOT of people thinks the same, and alot of people who bought the premium, understands know that the premium was a waste of money and a 8gb model + external would be a better choise.

But not all of course.. Just trying to make a point here, that your saying that 8gb is rubbish etc is just bull..

edit: And i agree with the nintendo guy, price is not the issue, the software is. We need more games. (Im happy at the moment, i play monster hunter )