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Video: This Tokyo Game Show Sonic Lost World Trailer is Rather Impressive

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh my giddy Aunt

With its October dual release on the Wii U and 3DS getting ever closer, we can expect SEGA to start making plenty of noise about Sonic Lost World in the coming weeks. Exclusive to Nintendo's systems and incorporating some Wisp elements seen in Sonic Colours, early impressions — including our own — have given out plenty of positive vibes.

With the Tokyo Game Show now gearing up, SEGA has release a new trailer to build excitement for the Blue Blur's next adventure, and it shows plenty of action — on Wii U and 3DS — that has previously been rather elusive. If you don't want surprises spoiled then look away, as it includes more worlds and bosses than seen before now. That pushes our buttons, however, and despite the voice-over and text being in Japanese we can see the Miiverse item sharing in action, as well as co-op assist items being moved from the 3DS to Wii U versions. There's also what looks like a four-player battle mode on the 3DS, which could be rather fun.

Check it out below, and keep your eyes on Nintendo Life as we have plenty of Sonic feature content planned over the next few weeks.

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User Comments (65)



moroboshi said:

I would hope, given the simplistic visuals, that this is a solid 60fps. Then again, this is not the SEGA of old any more, so it may end up at a spluttery 25-30fps as Sonic Generations did on the PS3/360.



mandemote said:

@SuperPeach I'm not suprised that you think that but its not as if they aren't aloud to base it off Mario galaxy with the whole partnership thing so don't be surprised!



Volke93 said:

Wow, to be a Super Mario Galaxy Sonic Edition, I must say it's very well done.



Emblem said:

Thats one hell of an advert. Can't wait for this one, really looking forward to the vs mode races as well.



ToniK said:

Maybe I should get on board the Sonic train again. After all, Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles were some of my childhood favorites



rjejr said:

Can somebody please translate that end bit about the "downlaodable content". Is that in relation to the "Nights" Deadly 6 bonus stuff that I haven't read much about since it was announced?

So, are there really no Werehog or Knuckles the archaeologist levels in this game? That would seem too good to be true. They were in the only Sonic games I've really ever liked, Adventure and Unleashed. (Though Knuckles may have only destroyed SA2 for me, not the first). Yeah, I know, I'm very weird.

Oh, and I'm happy to see TGS getting some coverage, I had forgotten all about it. The timing of that unexpected ND this morning makes sense now.



oreqano said:

Not sure how to feel about this game. Loved sonic all through to Adventure series. Never got Generations. Should I make a late purchase?



Clayfrd said:

This really is looking like a return to grace for the franchise. Colors and Generations were good, but this looks legitimately great.



FX29 said:

The game seems pretty cool. Looks like Sonic is on the upswing after years of mediocrity.



Radbot42 said:

It looks so good, but I with my budget I only get one game a month and that goes to Pokemon, and then November is Zelda.



AVahne said:

I see...nothing impressive about this. At least with the Wii U version that is. Just like Smash Bros., only the 3DS version can be called impressive while the Wii U
Devs need several mores years with the hardware.



3MonthBeef said:

Spiritual successor to Mario Galaxy...and it does look good even though I never really got into Sonic.



digga said:

this,,, looks,,,,, frikin,,,,, awwwwwesssomeee ,,, looks like the best sonic gamer ever



tovare said:

My favorite sonic game is actially Sonic Adventure for the dreamcast.



HappyHappyist said:

i was excited for sonic extreme on SEGA Saturn, but i'll never get that ): this being the spiritual successor, i'm interested.



unrandomsam said:

You realise just how many good franchises Sega has and doesn't use playing All Stars Racing Transformed.

I am more bothered about Rodea the Sky Soldier than this.

(Probably because of the huge amount of Sonic games I am indifferent to - I like 3 & Knuckles / CD to this day. Liked the Sonic Adventures on the Dreamcast at the time. Generations the RPG elements annoyed me).



tripunktoj said:

I hope they release more details on the DLC, the "deadly six edition" and its availability (I hope this can be as easy to find as Sonic & All Stars Bonus Edition)



sinalefa said:

Looks like they are putting a lot of things into this one. Would like to know if there is cross platform functionality beyond Tails' gadgets.



TruenoGT said:

I think being able to focus on a single (console) platform really helps this game. Not worrying about optimizing for 360, PS3, etc, etc, they can really dial it in and take advantage of Wii U. Looks great!



Trikeboy said:

Why can't Nintendo produce great trailers like that in other parts of the world? Ok, this was probably SEGA but the point still stands. Japanese commercials show all the features and English ones go for the smash and grab that may interest people but not everyone.



hcfwesker said:

@DESS-M-8 Some could argue that was SEGA's answer to Mario 64. Though, I'm not complaining about the similarities to Mario Galaxy; if Nintendo isn't going to do it but would rather keep hashing out 2D mario games; then Sega might as well take a shot with Sonic.



GreatPlayer said:

Given that there are so many people complaining the new sonic game, I wish that this game will be ported to PS4 and Xbox One so that non-Nintendo fans can enjoy it better than Nintendo fans! I wish that Sega no longer exclusively support Wii U so that Nintendo fans do not need to complain anymore.



PerezBro99 said:

October is going to be a pretty busy month
(Wind Waker HD, Pokemon X&Y, and yours truly, Sonic Lost World)



Trikeboy said:

@GreatPlayer Sonic Lost World is a must by for me. It looks like the best Sonic in a very long time. Not all Nintendo fans are against this game. Sonic X-Treme was supposed to be released well before Mario Galaxy. If anything, Nintendo took their game and made it work, just with Mario.



GreatPlayer said:

Why do Sega make the game exclusive for Nintendo? If this game is ported to PS4 and Xbox One then they will not say things like "It is a Mario Galaxy clone" as Nintendo fanboys do. It will do a service to these Nintendo fanboys while Sega will make better profits.



Senate_Guard said:

Man, I'm so pumped for this!

Lost World is definately going to be a triple-A Wii U game!

I hate how its tempting me to get the 3DS version too, with those cute little ships for co-op.



DESS-M-8 said:

@hcfwesker not an argument that though. Everyone was turning 2D franchises into 3D. Some could argue that mario 64 was nintendos answer to crash bandicoot and bug. But mario galaxy does look like it took te ideas from sonic Xtreme and made a great game. Sonic lost world looks like its set to resurrect the original idea and make the first great sonic since sonic and knuckles



Araknie said:

Finally a great evolution after the promising ideas that we enjoyed in Sonic Colours.



Jampie said:

There would be people (upcoming owners of PS4 and Xbox One) complaining about the game for the PS4 and Xbox One too if it was ported. They may not use the "Its a Mario Galaxy clone," but they could complain about something else. There are always people complaining about something and it wouldn't stop the complaining whether it was ported or not. Those "Nintendo fanboys" as you like to put it could be the vocal minority that is complaining for all we know right now. Don't make it sound as if it's all Nintendo fans who are always complaining; fans of all consoles complain. We wouldn't know how well received it is until it actually releases.



LoveSugoi said:

Finally, FINALLY a Sonic game that I can truly call a next gen Sonic game. No Werehog, no wannabe RPG nonsense, no hoverboards, no over abundance of cheesy dialogue, no humans aside from Eggman, no "real world" settings. Just straight high speed platforming, which the series should have never diverted from that in the first place. Generations was good (and I still need to play Colors) but this is the game I've been waiting for. SEGA please don't let me down.

@GreatPlayer : Interesting. The response I've seen from the Nintendo community about this game has been generally positive. On the other hand, over on the SEGA forums there is a very vocal group (granted they are thankfully the minority) of PSXbox fanboys whining and moaning about this being a Nintendo exclusive and trying to write off the game as a Mario clone. Don't worry though, they'll suck it up and pick up the WiiU this holiday when this turns out to the best Sonic game since S3&K.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I am so glad I pre-oredered the 3DS version. And I'm hoping to get the Wii U version for Christmas. And an underwater stage in 3D? Haven't seen that since Sonic Adventure 2.



Dooggggg said:

This looks fantastic, will be the first Sonic game I've picked up in a looooong time!



banacheck said:

You can see why this is a Wii U exclusive, i'll give it a 10/10 for how original Sonic Lost World is.



Pod said:

60fps is #1 priority for Nintendo published titles, what graphics fidelity is concerned, is what I hear.
1080p and fancy stuff like fullscreen anti-aliasing take a backseat. Though it does appear most first party titles manage 1080p as well.



TurboPikachu said:

Unfortunately, no new original first party games for the Wii U are 1080p... I know this because I see mad jaggies on my 1080p set... T-T
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is the only Nintendo title the runs at a true, native 1080p resolution.

NSMBU runs at 720p with no enhancements
Pikmin 3 runs at 720p with no enhancements
At the Best Buy E3 demo, SM3DLand, MK8, and DKC Tropical freeze all ran at 720p with no enhancements.

I love the Wii U to death, but I'm regretting the purchase of a 1080p TV... Most TV channels, and Wii U games don't display in 1080p, or even upscale from 720p to 1080p. 720p looks pretty bad on a 1080p Vizio that doesn't have any image enhancement aside from basic softening, which isn't enough...

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