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Sometimes Finding a Wii U to Buy Ain't Easy

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Take Poland, for example


Since publication, the writer of the source article — R J Burgess — has kindly been in touch. As his blog about the challenges of finding a Wii U in Poland was written in June, he's provided us with the following update on the status of Nintendo content — from his experience — in the country; it seems to tie in with reports that the distributor of Nintendo goods in the region is no longer used.

Basically, the Wii U and 3DS are still non-existent over here. It's really weird since until about December last year, Wii and DS software was really easy to find. It wasn't exactly cheap, don't get me wrong, nor very visible, but at least it was there! In my local Media Markt, for example, there used to be 7 rows of shelving devoted to PS3 stuff, 5 to XBox 360 and just one for both Wii and DS. However, from December onwards, it all just disappeared. Very quickly too. These days, you can still see areas in shops where the old Nintendo stuff used to be — the signs are still there! — but the Nintendo software itself is nowhere to be found. The Media Markt where I used to buy my games from now sells PS2 games where the Nintendo games used to be. PS2!

Something is very wrong with the world...

Original Article:

We're very aware here at Nintendo Life that, at times, references to North America and PAL regions when related to releases or pre-orders can ring hollow for some readers. There are countries within or near these regions where getting hold of the latest game of even a Nintendo console is a difficult, expensive undertaking, and we don't and often can't do justice to issues in individual areas.

One of these areas, perhaps, is Poland. A blog post from R J Burgess, who teaches English there, was written prior to E3 — we know it's an old post, bear with us — and outlined the challenges he encountered tracking down a Wii U in the country. An early wedding gift from his fiance, he explains how a detailed search around Wroclaw (the 4th largest city in Poland with a population of 600,000) yielded no results, until they stumbled upon a system at an appliance store.

We went to the shop in high spirits only to find that the promised Wii U wasn’t on display anywhere. In the end we had to ask the sales assistant to help us. We showed him a printout from his company’s website and the part number we were looking for. He looked at it, scratched his head for a little while and then sheepishly admitted that he had no idea what we were talking about. He then disappeared into the stockroom for a good ten minutes only to eventually return with a battered, dust-covered box that looked as though it hadn’t been touched in months.

And, need I remind you — this was the only Wii U I’d managed to find on sale in the whole of Wroclaw after five months of dedicated searching.

Burgess describes Wroclaw as a city with a strong IT community, yet his research in June showed the Wii U in last place for games in development by companies in the city. It's also explained that while regional 360 and PS3 games have Polish translations, Nintendo's reportedly do not.

Poland is in the top ten for the largest countries in Europe and is geographically sharing its Western border with Germany. The issues that Burgess had finding a single Wii U, and his tales regarding finding games — he imports most through online retailers — are rather disappointing to read. While it's tempting to dismiss the report as out of date, we'd suggest that any progress — if any — since then may have been limited. A visit to the Polish Nintendo site ( at the time of writing brings up a single page with the following text in Polish and English.

August 2013

Nintendo of Europe will restructure its operations in Poland with immediate effect. We wish to assure our consumers in Poland that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that they will continue to have access to our usual consumer support services and meanwhile we will be urgently exploring new ways of bringing our products and experiences to the Polish market. A further announcement about this will follow in due course.

For any consumer enquiries, please contact:


We'll follow up with that contact email to see what update, if any, is available. Naturally it's a major challenge for companies to provide solid support to all countries and territories, though in the case of Poland a perceived lack of presence seems slightly surprising.

If you're from Poland or any other country where you feel it's difficult to buy and access Nintendo games and consoles, please share your experiences in the comments below.


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erv said:

Like little king's story. Great stuff, highly original, but nowhere to be found. If people actively have to hunt your product down in order to actually give you money in return for it, you're doing bad business. No exposure and no availability means no sales, no matter how much you'd wish otherwise.



OorWullie said:

I'm from Scotland but have lived in Thailand for a few years now.I live in the 3rd biggest city here and the Wii U is nowhere to be found.I would have 1 by now if I could actually find it without paying silly money for importing 1.There are a few game stores here and all have told me they wont be getting any in,soon or likely ever.I've also been to a few stores in Bangkok,a city of over 8 million and been told the same thing.A Google search says I could get 1 at a certain store in Bangkok but they knew nothing about it when I went there.It was never a problem getting a Wii,DS,3DS or most new titles,be it copied or original so the lack of knowledge of the Wii U' existence has surprised me.



Ichiban said:

I just read an article on gaminrealm which says the Wii U has only sold 350 unts in the last 9 months in Poland. Not sure if its true, but this would explain it a little. They are scarse!



pashaveliki said:

I've lived in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for 4 years and here there are no DSes, 3DSes, or Wii Us whatsoever. The few that are here are brought from Japan or the States.
Thanks be to the eShop and digital downloads or else I would have no acces to games.
Though... for some reason you can find a PSPGo here...
Go figure.



piotreksz said:

I'm quite surprised it's 350. Expected it to be well below a hundred. The answer is simple - there's no Nintendo in Poland, and never has been. In the past few years N was represented by a toy company Stadlbauer (they still sell N stuff in Austria afaik) which did a crap job and lost their rights. The games were overpriced, scarce and lacked club Nintendo codes inside (no polish club nintendo = no codes, that's logic!).
The only retailers which sell N products buy them abroad and sell them here are small dedicated gaming shops. There are quite a few in Warsaw and I'm pretty sure there are a few in Wroclaw. It's the author, who has been looking in all the wrong places. Large chains stores (and he only visited those) rarely import stuff on their own, they sign big contracts either with the manufacturer or an official partner. Since N is absent from our market and it doesn't have a local partner, you won't find N products in chain stores. It's simple as that.
Also it's identical in all eastern European countries - Nintendo still doesn't treat us like a grown market worthy of interest. And they're quite accurate here, I must - albeit sadly - admit.

edit: One nice touch is the inclusion of Poland in 3DS. You can even set the region (though most of the names are incorrect - they're taken from an old Wikipedia entry about Polish administrative territorial division with... let's say lackluster translations) and you can use eshop and pay in PLN. What's even nicer is that the prices are rounded DOWN from strict conversion rates. For example, the GBC Zeldas are 25PLN each, whereas after conversion from EUR or GPB they would be about 27-28 PLN with change.
Both of these were really nice surprises when i bought a 3DS.



Macarony64 said:

@piotreksz good to know from someone in the are.
Has I hear before too is not a Nintendo problem but a retails problem.that Nintendo wants to fix in benefit of all.



cookiex said:

"It's also explained that while regional 360 and PS3 games have Polish translations, Nintendo's reportedly do not."

Nintendo doesn't usually translate their software to any European language outside of the major ones (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian etc.). For example: in the WiiU OS, only the electronic manual is translated to any of the Scandinavian languages.



FMillman said:

@piotreksz A Wi U? Well below 100? Shouldn't be any lower than 200 neither. I would be shocked if a Wii U could be brought at a lower price than a Nintendo 3DS XL.



piotreksz said:

@FMillman I wasn't talking about the price, but the sales volume. The article states that there were 350 Wii U consoles sold in Poland. That I find surprising, considering it's almost nonexistent in terms of retail. The price itself is great, I'm strongly considering a Wii U for Christmas.



MKCustodial said:

Nintendo doesn't have an official presence in Brazil. It used to, up until the 90s, through a company called Gradiente. We never had the NES or the SNES, but we had Gradiente's versions of those consoles. We could only use games bought here in Brazil, because our system was PAL-M. Game Boys were imported and released through Gradiente with the boxes and manuals in Portuguese, and for those we could buy games in the US during travels. Gradiente and Nintendo parted ways sometime during the N64 era, I believe. Nintendo said there was too much piracy and too many taxes down here, and Gradiente folded soon afterwards. From the GameCube on, everything is imported. There's an "official" import company that localizes manuals and labels, but that's about it. There's no customer support in place. Our taxes are indeed insane. Video games fall under the same tax bracket as games of chance and those video gambling machines for some weird government reason, and add to that the way dollar exchange rates are going, and it's pretty easy to find a Wii U for sale down here, but they charge what amounts to US$ 740, with games going for around 85 bucks. If we find a game for 70 bucks, it's "a steal". :/ And I also posted on the Disney Infinity review thread about how much the rumored costs of the game and the figures will be here.



cookiex said:

A bit off-topic, but this article reminds me of the days where you could go to a gaming store in Sweden (be it GAME or GameStop) and see them stock consoles up front. When Wii was all the rage one GAME store had a whole tower of boxes placed next to the shelves, nowadays you have to ask for them to bring out a PS3/360/WiiU from behind a counter. Even handhelds you don't see much on the shelves anymore. It's mostly done to save retail space and/or prevent theft.



FMillman said:

@piotreksz Oh right! Sorry, got confused there, makes sense now. I would strongly recommend a Wii U to anyone who enjoys Nintendo gaming!



RedYoshi999 said:

I'm still annoyed that Nintendo Australia can't be bothered releasing the limited edition Wind Waker game and console bundles, yet the Pokemon X/Y 3DS XL's were confirmed instantly. They do their best to encourage importing and further Australia's dismal Wii U sales.



Fafulec said:

Yes, all agreed regarding Poland. I have imported my WiiU from Amazon GB, like most of people I had problems buying it in game stores. I live near a city with 350 thousand citizens. No chance buying WiiU or 3DS in biggest store. There are a few games and accessories for Wii and 3DS, that take around 1meter square total. And X360 and PS3 are exposed, playable stands with big couches, all you need. No Nintendo. Of course there are web stores that import and sell all that you need, but physically and officially, no Nintendo. No Club Nintendo allowed. No support.



Akai said:

I am from Poland. I'll try to write something in English

In this country N never existed, and now does not even have a company that distributes this consoles. I do not know anyone who would buy a wii u in poland. Here do not even have these consoles, I have not seen yet a Wii U in any store. Most of Wii U (and 3DS) are buying abroad. In the USA synonymous with console is Nintendo for most people, Playstation is synonymous in Poland for people who are not even players. Most people do not know what nintendo is, but most know Mario... because over milion of these were sold ->



Kifa said:

I'm from Poland too, and I managed to buy my 3DS and Wii U (Basic model) around the launch day. But that's it. Aside from maybe one Wii U game and two 3DS cartridges I had to import everything. Still - I wouldn't change my Nintendo hardware for competition. It might be hard to get physical copies of the games or the hardware itself even, but the efforts pay off in games themselves, at least for me. It's a shame that the company can't figure out how to handle "new" markets, because surely they could win a lot new customers if they put some effort into it.

Oh well, maybe next generation...



ricklongo said:

It's always been extremely hard being a Nintendo fan in Brazil. The NES simply wasn't released here until 1993, and yet there was so much demand that many exact clones by Brazilian companies flooded the market - the Phantom System, the Dynavision, the Top Game, etc. Maybe this is one of the main reason for the HUGE success SEGA found here with the Master System, which even resulted in many region-specific games for the console.

Things got better with the SNES, which was the most popular console of its generation here. But then things got worse again, and I believe subsequent Nintendo consoles were trounced by the Playstation brand (mostly due to the ease of pirating games for those, I'd wager).

Nowadays, things are just as hard. Many Nintendo games aren't translated (in stark contrast to most Sony / Microsoft titles), and the Wii U wasn't even officially released here yet, with stores actually having to import it. Nintendo has promised to release it at the São Paulo Game Show expo in October, but guess what - both the PS4 and the Xbox One will be available day one in the country.

There are a LOT of Nintendo fans in the country, mostly due to the SNES and, more recently, the Wii. Mario is, by far, the most recognizable video game character around here, to the point where a store near my home who focuses on PS3 / Xbox 360 uses his image in an advertising poster on their store front. Sadly, time and again, the company fails to capitalize on that.



Geonjaha said:

@OorWullie - Wow. I'm half Scottish and also spent quite a while living in Thailand. :3

I know I had no trouble picking up DS' over there - shame to hear about a lack of Wii U's. :L



StarDust4Ever said:

Stacks of them at my local Best Buy. Not to mention Target, Sam's Club, four Walmarts, and four Gamestops. And there's probably other electronics / botique / department stores that I'm not aware of. Shreveport La, population 200,000. Probably enough Wii-Us on store shelves right now (not counting what's in the stock rooms) to fill an entire pallet or so. Imports are your friend...



Platypus101 said:

@erv true true... Even on the U.S. west coast it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a Wii U on shelves. What one would mostly find is the original Wii and right next to it, Wii U games! also, I see few, if any advertisements for the console itself...



element187 said:

@OorWullie my wife wants me to move to Bangkok with her so she can be with family, so that's disheartening I'd have to give up my Wii U if that were to happen.



Gold_Ranger said:

When I went to go get my WiiU Deluxe Set at Target, They didn't have any... they only had the Basic (no way in heck was I getting one of those ones...) I had to go to 5 different Targets before I was able to find a Deluxe WiiU...
I would've gone to a different store only I had over $150.oo in gift cards...
This was Early June in NY...



ToastyYogurt said:

Nintendo doesn't offer Polish translations while the others do? That explains a lot. Most people like to play games they understand.



Rin-go said:

Well, Poles seem to be more about PC gaming. And if it's consoles it's either Playstation or Xbox. There are even promotions like buying a mobile phone and getting one of those for 1 zloty or something.



bmprsvz777 said:

I am just an ordinary man but I believe Nintendo has no idea how to do marketing and advertising. In most east-european countries situation is the same as in Poland, there are no Wii-s in shops, or there is just one piece, somewhere in the corner and shops have NO GAMES for it… and even in western-european countries the situation is strange, e.g. Carrefour in Wezembeek Oppem (Belgium) offers old Wii for 143 euro and right next to it new Wii U for 149 euro, and again it’s not easy to find games for Wii U there, I didn’t find Pikmin 3 so far in any shop… There are supposedly 51 games out on the market somewhere according to, but you just don’t see them in shops. So I have Wii U for children but I can’t buy games for them. Catch 22…



FearThechuck said:

Well, I live in Poland and nintendo's situation here is really tragic. Sure you can get Wii U online, I got mine for 800zł ( 200 Euro ), but some games are impossible to find or very, very expensive. Splinter Cell Blacklist is avalible only in one online shop. Nintendo does not care about Poland at all - the official page still shows Wii and Ds as newest consoles!!! Really? Where's 3ds and Wii U? It's really tht bad. It's interesting why nintendo doesn't even try to release one commercial, Xbox 360 was nothing until Microsoft decided to promote their console 2-3 years ago. And now Xbox is super popular in Poland. Also Fifa 13 for an example is avalible in polish on all platforms except nintendo ones.

I live near Toruń, one of the 15 biggest cities in Poland and it's quite easy to find Wii U and games for it as well there.

@DarkAngel_17 ahh... stereotypes.



FearThechuck said:

@Akai I think nintendo should rename Nintendo Wii U to Pegasus Wii U. Actually this would be a great idea. People in Poland know Pegasus, it would have definetley boost the sales.



FearThechuck said:

@Rashef I don't know if you have ever read PSX extreme ( biggest console related magazine in Poland ), they are trying to kill the platform too! They reviewed Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist last month and didn't even mentioned thesse games are avalible on Wii U. For Christ's sake Rayman almost was a Nintendo exclusive!



Nintend0ro said:




FearThechuck said:

@Akai Yes, but only exclusive ones. People who don't care about nintendo will think that only Nintendo games are avalible on Wii U.



tripunktoj said:

I am living in Mexico and even when this country is economically and geographically very close to U.S. some Nintendo products arrive months later here, or they never arrive, but they are always TWICE as expensive here (the situation in the rest of latin America is much worse), so its cheaper for me to buy through ebay, even including insurance and shipping costs. Its clear (and very understandable) Nintendo doesnt care for some regions, but then why do they even bother to bring their products? As for translations, I am a purist long time gamer used to play my games in English and given the poor quality of translations, I am against translating games to languages other than English and Japanese even when none of them are my primary language.



Akai said:

@tripunktoj Similarly, Nintendo products are much expensive if they are in Poland. But we have a free supply from



KTT said:

LMAO haha xD
I'm from Poland. And I'm importing my games from Germany or UK. Nintendo does not exists here. And when it did exist - the games were ridiculously expensive, even after 2 years spending on a store's shelve. It is cheaper for me to buy and import NDS games from US or Canada than buy them here, in my country.
@34 Perfect idea.



ClockworkMario said:

This. They only bother to translate the bare minimum such as legal contracts. One would think they'd at the very least translate games aimed at kids, that usually have around 30 lines of text, like Mario games. Sony has localised all their games for years, perhaps that's why they dominate here in Finland.

At least consoles and games are very easy to find, every electronics store has them.



sinalefa said:

I am from Costa Rica. Here it is very easy to get Nintendo games and systems (they are even taking preorders for Pokémon X/Y) but they are really expensive. In most stores everything is twice the original price and you seldom see any sales. Similar to @tripunktoj, I buy at Amazon and import through a courier company. I pay more than the original price, but less than locally. Same thing with Sony/MS products.

Yesterday I saw a funny if sad thing, I went to a store to get a Shiny Dialga they are distributing, and I received a streetpass from a person who put their country as Costa Rica, and there is not even a map for it!



sanitariusz said:

I'm from Poland. Situation with nintendo here is very bad. Personally im using Amazon UK for buy any games or consoles.



JustinH said:

Thanks everyone for posting, especially the many of you from Poland. Learning about Nintendo's presence in your countries is very enlightening for this Canadian.

I feel for you Europeans hoping Nintendo will step up localization. Given the state of the economy on the continent, I just don't see that as being their priority, at least not with the Wii U. Understandable, but certainly disappointing.



RainbowGazelle said:

I thought it sucked being in the UK when it doesn't get some Japanese Nintendo games, but now I see other European countries like Poland hardly get any Nintendo games at all. I think I'll complain less from now on.



Krzysztof said:

In Europe, Wii U is very poorly advertised. There's little to none ads, so how people supposed to know what the Wii U is ? Retailers are not stupid. If no one knows what it is, why should they bother to sell it. Even if some of these people came across the image, poster etc they think it's a new controller for Wii. Until Nintendo does something about it, don't expect Wii U to be even partially popular as Xbox or PS.



sillygostly said:

I wouldn't expect Nintendo to prioritise these markets considering that piracy is so rampant in poorer countries. I've seen many NES clones in Turkey (I recall playing Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt on those things over 10 years ago) and everybody who wanted to play PC or console games would simply go to an internet cafe where they'd pay 1 or 2 Liras per hour as opposed to paying the extortionate fees involved in actually owning the hardware and software for themselves.

The economy has improved in Turkey to the extent that people can conceivably save up and afford gaming consoles, but they are so scarcely available and the pool of games are so limited that it just isn't a viable hobby for the vast majority of the population. Plus, while some PC games in Turkey get a localised release (that is, with the Turkish age rating on the cover, a circle bearing the Turkish flag, and I assume a translated manual), I'm yet to see a game that was actually translated to Turkish. The only commercially released game I've ever seen that was localised in Turkish was, surprisingly, the Wii version of Epic Mickey 2 (which I'm tempted to buy for this reason alone). Curiously, the 3DS and Wii U versions were not translated.



OorWullie said:

@Geonjaha Ha,yeah it is confusing as the 3DS was available here from day 1 and even had posters up for a few weeks before release to promote it.Having lived here yourself I'm sure you know how hard it can be to get a logical answer sometimes so maybe it will come in eventually.

@element187 Don't let that put you off,Bangkok's awesome If you have your Wii U already then you'll be fine,you'll probably have to import your games though or just download from the Eshop.

@dyopri I was in Singapore a month before it got released too and yeah I would get 1 there no problem.A bus though,man that's far.If I was to go by car it would take me 21 hours without stopping haha.



withoutdk said:

In Denmark there are not a lot of people knowing that there is a new WII... there are no ads whatsoever...
you can get it but it is not often on display, people dont know what it is capable of (they think it is like the wii), the wii mini sells pretty good though (which is weird in my ears).
some gameshops like gamestop take from 10£ more per game up to double or triple price compared to other places...

so far i have not yet seen one WII U stand where you can play a game and try the WII U... as all have with XBOX and PS3...

if nintendo want people to buy it... then let people know it is there... i have recommended it, but people say... "it has lame graphics, why dont you buy a PS3?"

nintendo has failed a lot with the wii u... but it is not too late.. do an effort..



belmont said:

I have written about gaming prices and availability of videogames in the European region in the past. Especially for Nintendo there is a big pricing probem due to Nintendo's stupid decision not to set the price in the region. Wii U basic cost at launch 319 euros at most European countries while the price arized to 400+ euros in some countries while the mean salary may be 600 euros for young adults. Yet Vita is 249 and PS4 400 in most counties however they are also overpriced in a minority of countries.

Also Playstation games are translated in most European languages while Nintendo does hot do that. The last of us has Greek subtitles while the recent god of war game has Greek voice overs. This is a plus to many people.



Beechbone said:

I live in Poland and can confirm that it's all true. Personally I bought my Wii U on launch day... via Amazon UK. It's a little better with 3DS, but some stores that used to sell Nintendo stuff no longer do that. It's very difficult to come across games for Nintendo systems at reasonable price, that's why I buy almost all my 3DS games through eShop, and Wii/U games with UK online retailers.

It's strange considering that original DS as well as original Wii were both very, very popular in Poland.



bricabrac said:

Yeh, that totaly sux. I was really pissed off by what they did and I'm considering not to buying PE anymore. They also were on Gamescon and didn't write anything about Nintendo.



FearThechuck said:

@bricabrac My toughts exactly. At least they noticed that Watch dogs, AC4 and other games are on Wii U, so thats something :/

Today a lot of games for Wii u became avalible on allegro like 20 new auctions, including Watch dogs - Preorder is 189zł and ded sec edition is 429zł. There's also Assassin's Creed 4 preorder as well as Black skull edition. It's located in england, but you know, it's at least easier to find and buy now. Personally - can't wait for Watch Dogs. Proably my first day-one purchase ever :3



bricabrac said:

I'm also from Poland. As you can see we are looking information about Nintendo on foreign sites and that is not without a reason. In all of the polish main gaiming sites there is nothing but brutal Nintendo hating and praise for Sony. Sony's fanboys are everywhere. They are like parasites.

As for the stock in shops. There is absolutely no Nintendo in highstreet shops. But there was a time when you could bought nintendo stuff but prices were very high. I sometimes see in comments of Brits who complain about game's prices but imagine that Nintendo games in Poland were always more expensive than in the UK and you have also take into account that avarage salaries are 4 times less in Poland. And that sux.

So most of the games that I have I bought on Amazon UK and I'm not the only one. So UK's sales rankings also includes Polish gamers I also buy on ebay from British sellers to be sure to get proper UK releases of the games (in full english).
We have got the Allegro (something like ebay) where you can buy Nintendo stuff. Sometimes even cheaper than in the UK. People who sell there import stuff from the West. Some of them are Polish that live in the UK and send from there There are also internet shops which sells Nintendo games and consoles but prices are usually higher.

So if you want you can buy Nintendo games in Poland. But is more like buying alcohole in arabic countries. Anyway, it's not easy to be Nintendo fan in Poland but probably in Somalia is even worse.



TSlupek said:

I'm from Cracow, ~2nd largest Polish city, the one most visited by tourists, with students everywhere. I've bought 3DS at its first months. Both me and my two daughters love it. Few months later I've bought next one as a gift for my friend's daughter. And basically these are the only people with 3DS I know. There is a small community of Nintendo gamers here or here but it's hundreds, not thousands. For ~2 years I've got 49 Streetpasses, but only 4-5 are genuine, random SP from Poland.
All my games purchased in Poland are either used DS games from small stores, "on sale" games from big stores (now with empty shelfs) and digital distribution by E-shop. Last year I've been to US and went to a small GameStop store in a "NoNameCity". The wall of new and used Nintendo titles held more games than I've ever seen in all "Nintendo" stores in Poland taken together (6 of these games are now mine . And they were 2-3 times cheaper than in Poland!!
I sometimes talk to my friends about Nintendo, write something on FB and my blog, play on train etc. to make Nintendo visible, but as long as it is not present in stores like MediaMarkt/Saturn, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Real, people will not know that it even exists.
You don't buy something if you don't know that it exists.

Apart from availability, game prices are the second problem. Poland is a relatively poor country (avg. gross salary = 1200 USD/month), and 60-70 USD for a game is simply too much. SONY sells its older titles for 10-20 USD. And it makes an easy decision for a parent, even if we assume that he sees both systems on the same shelf (impossible in PL). Third option, the most popular one is to buy an Android phone and play cheap games on it.

There is a potential in such a big country as Poland, but it's not easy to start again with prices so high and no media/store presence. I fear that Eshop will be my primary games source



sanitariusz said:

I'm not sure if is problem in Poland with prices as new games for PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii U or PSVita/3ds are exactly on the same level (around 60$). Only old titles can be found for less money. Problem with Nintendo in Poland mainly is that this product is not visible in stores. Sometimes only old games can be found but price is the same as for new product. No dealer in Poland = no product in stores. Sorry to hear that Nintendo is not interested to sell product where around 500 milions USD are spent each year for games.

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