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Wed 12th Oct 2011

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sanitariusz commented on Feature: Why Nintendo Isn't Popular in Poland:


Warsaw, Poland

Hellllloooo? Does anyone know where a guy can get a Wii-U around here?!

I have around 100 3DS and 25 Wii U games and only a few are from Polish distribution. All other are from Amazon UK.
How much I paid for my Wii U? Almost $ 600. This is Nintendo in Poland.



sanitariusz commented on Sometimes Finding a Wii U to Buy Ain't Easy:

I'm not sure if is problem in Poland with prices as new games for PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii U or PSVita/3ds are exactly on the same level (around 60$). Only old titles can be found for less money. Problem with Nintendo in Poland mainly is that this product is not visible in stores. Sometimes only old games can be found but price is the same as for new product. No dealer in Poland = no product in stores. Sorry to hear that Nintendo is not interested to sell product where around 500 milions USD are spent each year for games.