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Video: Sonic Lost World Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer and Miiverse Sharing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's all a bit of a blur

Gamescom 2013 is due to get underway in Cologne on 21st August, and as a result some juicy new trailers and footage are emerging to build some hype. One such trailer is for the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, and unlike previous efforts that focused on showing new levels, this one demonstrates new features in action.

Premiered by GameSpot, the footage shows multiplayer co-op and competitive racing; the former has player two in a seemingly passive role, attacking enemies and activating platforms as Sonic dashes through the world, though it's tricky to tell from 10 seconds of footage. The competitive racing looks typically fast-paced, and unsurprisingly one player can use the GamePad screen. Miiverse also gets a special and notable mention with item sharing; it sounds fantastic in principle, even if it's difficult to figure out how it'll actually work — perhaps you can simply grab items that friends and others have posted in the network.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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Emblem said:

The support mode looks okay but i'm more interested in the races.



Knuckles said:

Hope the 3DS version will be able to use the Miiverse items too.

Of course, Miiverse has to launch on the 3DS first.




finally a console sonic platformer with multiplayer just like in sonic adventure 2 battle. Just wish you could play as shadow just for nostalgia.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I may have to hold off on getting this due to getting LoZ: WW HD though I may get Sonic: Lost World first. Who knows?



PokeTune said:

The more I see of this game the more hyped I get! Screw SM3DW this will be my go-to platformer this year(next to Rayman Legends).



Marshi said:

Guys please help,my console is perma banned from miiverse and i truly have no idea why?!



Marshi said:

@b23cdq I have done.No reply but its only been a couple of hours so they should get in touch hopefully. Im just so frustrated as its one of the main things I love about my wiiu.If I can never access miiverse its guna greatly impact my enjoyment of the wiiu



Marshi said:

@Archgamer No,nothing! All ive been doing alately is porting my art from art academy! I DID get banned a few week ago for postin an inocent joke,it was:if a quiz is quizical,whats a test?...yeah I got banned for two week for that!But tonight ive tried to go on miiverse and it says my console is restricted from using miiverse!



Banjogeek said:

Man that 2 player Co-op thing just makes me wish Tails was the second person playable I mean really you habe Tails right there.Why not use him instead of some robot thing that Tails made and has Tails voice?Also the Tails voice thing is only there to say look we could have put Tails in the game but we didn't LOL.Yes I do know that Tails is in the game but he is not playable.




Nice to see my most anticipated game of 2013 is looking better and better all the time.

I can't wait



Marshi said:

@GreatPlayer bad? definately. In bad taste? Maybe though it was meant in good humour. But worth a two week ban? Hell no! But that still dosnt explain why my console is banned.this is months after that joke and ive not said a thing wrong since.not even had any disagreements with anyone



rjejr said:

Sonic has multiplayer? Thats great news for us. This, Rayman, DKC:TF, SM3DW - which better have news soon b/c Im really beginning to doubt seeing it in 2013 - and that Olympic game. That should keep us busy after we finish W101. Guess Wii U was a wise ourchase after all



Slayer said:

Some people say that just making games didn't work for Sega. They apparently didn't know about the Sega Genesis, etc. But making games that tag onto consoles from companies like Nintendo and Microsoft make them great developers by far. Sega is a company with many different characters to be proud of, and with Sonic as their main character, Sega will forever be one of the superior companies. Long live Sonic. And it looks like I'm not the only one who is excited that yet another Sonic game is coming out. You can see by Super Sonic over here to the left of my text holding a sword that I've followed Sega for a long time.



JaxonH said:

Again, call customer support (Nintendo of America) at 800-255-3700. If you haven't done anything to get banned, the problem should be resolved through Nintendo. If you HAVE done something, you can try setting up a new user account, and see if that works. I seriously doubt Nintendo would ban anyone from Miiverse, even for inappropriate content. They'd probably just delete the post. It would most likely take multiple infractions of a serious nature for Nintendo to go so far as to ban your console, and even then I'm sure they would contact you with a final warning before doing so. Chances are it's something else, like your internet connection isn't working. You do know you need an internet connection to access Miiverse, right?



JaxonH said:

This game looks REDICULOUSLY awesome. I haven't been this excited for a Sonic game in many, many, MANY years. Probably since Sonic & Knuckles was announced for the Sega Genesis. Sonic Lost World doesn't just look like a fantastic Sonic game, it looks like a fantastic game.



WaveBoy said:

this is probably the greatest looking sonic since...before the series actually came out? i've never liked sonic, bought it day one on the mega drive, along with 2, followed by Sonic & Knuckles(rental) Sonic for the game gear, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic Rush & Sonic 4 Episode 1. I've gave this series a fair shake, but it typically left me feeling bummed.

I'm still going to give this one a shot ONLY because it's half-developed by the Big N. there's no way they can screw this up.



TruenoGT said:

Looks really novel all around, and race mode looks awesome! I'll wait for reviews since Sonic can be hit or miss, but looks really promising.



Ichiban said:

Wow....this is looking simply incredible! Looks a lot more imaginative and fun than anything Nintendo have planned for the Wii U at the moment. Bring it on Sega I'm sold!!



suburban_sensei said:

Looks fantastic. After Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, it looks like the blue blur is back in form, and going to have another stellar game with Lost World.



Znerd said:

Next to Super Mario 3D World this seems to be my most hyped Platformer. Sorry Rayman And DKC but Mario and Sonic are just looking better



Subie98 said:

I used to like sonic games so much. I havent enjoyed one since dreamcast, sonic adventure. Ive tried to like this but I just cant. Ill probably rent it from the library to check it out.



RaymanFan2 said:

Aww yeah. This has made me get a Wii U, which is saying something about my Sonic fanboyness considering the only other thing on Wii U I care about is Rayman Legends.



G3ry said:

@PokeTune Nah, we ALL will buy Super Mario 3D World...Its Mario, One does not simply...NOT buy a Mario game!!!



GreatPlayer said:

@G3ry I buy most Sonic games, but not Mario games. Mario Galaxy is good, but it deviates from the original feel in 2D Mario (I am not a big fan of 3D Mario). Sonic Generations give me the same feeling as in the original 2D sonic.

Finally, Wii U have some awesome games coming!



FJOJR said:

So excited for this! Getting both versions when I can after clearing the backlog a little.



Vee_Flames said:

@G3ry Well, I like the plumber, so I try to get my hands on as many titles as possible, except those dull Mario games like Mario's Time Machine...
EDIT: I also get a lot of Sonic. Recently, I got Sonic Colors for Wii, and I'm enjoying it!



armoredghor said:

This game looks amazing, I just wish there was traditional racing co-op, like race to the finish in original story mode.



Marshi said:

@JaxonH Definately not my internet connection as the message when I load up miiverse says "this console is restricted from using miiverse" so no other accounts will work either. I Have been banned 3times. The first time was a friends sister reporting me because she thought I was someone else.Though my friend and I were on the same level we were using language that infringed the code of conduct so technically the ban was justified. The second time however was for posting a joke to cheer someone up! "if a quiz is quizical,whats a test?".The third time was for no reason I know of because whenever I try to look at the post that got me banned itbrings up an error leading me to believe the ban itself was an error.that last one was about two month ago.Then last night with no warning my console is banned from miiverse!Im in the uk so ive emailed customer suport last night and hopefully its all a big mistake.Although again technically two of those bans are justified if you look at it from nintendos point of view. Ive never heard of them reversing a ban so I dont know what my chances are but I feel like I only have half a wiiu now



Shock_Tart said:

the p2 player kind of seems like a cheap cop out. whatever happened to playing as tails in co op mode in sonic?



AlexSora89 said:

It all started when a new Sonic game was announced, with fans wondering how it could beat Generations... AND THEN IT NEVER STOPPED GETTING BETTER AND BETTER



rmeyer said:

@Marshi i don't think Nintendo has the resources right now to deal with punks. You'll have to enjoy the Wii u without Miiverse. Better learn your lesson now than with cops when you're older.



Marshi said:

@rmeyer Did you actualy just call me a punk? Ha ha you make it sound like I was going through miiverse giving death threats or something! I didnt do anything wrong at all,nevermind anything that would involve police! Grow up



Melkaticox said:

This game is GORGEOUS!!!
Not only that, but it runs at 60 fps on 1080p! NOT ONLY THAT, but there's so much variety in the gameplay!!

Oh god, this may end up being the best Sonic game ever...
I wish they delayed the 3DS version, though. I bet a lot of people will skip the Wii U version entirely to get the 3DS version, even though it'll probably be an inferior version developed by Dimps (their Sonic games are good, don't get me wrong, but this is their first fully 3D sonic game so...)

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