Sonic 1 Banner

It's a favourite hobby of some gamers to fantasize over "what ifs"; maybe "what if Mario had worn green and been the easily frightened taller brother?" Or "what if Mega Man had been a middle aged man with a pistol, like on the box art?" Another may well be, what if Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't a 2D platformer, but a first-person platformer?

OK, so that last one may not have been considered by many, but it was clearly thought over by someone, as Machinima has posted a stylish video showing the first level of Sonic's iconic Mega Drive / Genesis debut from a first-person perspective, with a view of the original included so you can see how accurate it really is. The result of stretching the 2D environment to 3D is sort of similar to the effect in Super Paper Mario on the Wii, if a little less refined.

It's certainly a fresh take on a popular level, but we're not sure how much fun the game would be using this perspective; let us know what you think.