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Nintendo Stock Hits Its Highest Point in Two Years

Posted by Tim Latshaw

3DS sales, new games thought to fuel rise

The stock market can be a fickle creature, rising and falling on investors’ whims, but for today at least Nintendo has a high mark to celebrate.

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo jumped four percent in Tokyo trading to close the day at 14,050 yen, the highest closing price since July 2011.

Speculators are looking at several reasons for Nintendo’s upward trend, including increased revenue from 3DS sales and titles such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf overseas. A report that China may be lifting a ban on consoles is also coaxing investment.

Changes in the Japanese stock market have also put Nintendo in position to potentially join Sony on the Nikkei Index, a listing of notable stocks similar to the United States’s Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Do you think Nintendo’s stock will continue to rise through the rest of the year? Let us know below.


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idork99 said:


There'll be a huge demand for 3DS this Holiday season and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, along with the current line up, will help as well.



Hunter-D said:

It may yet see more of a rise. Especially when you consider the upcoming titles.

Seriously, the Wii U can't do any worse than it's doing now. Pikmin 3, W101, SM3DW, Sonic Lost World.

@TonLoco Yeah. Something like 12/13 years?

Although I heard that it was being considered but it's looks like it will happen sooner rather than later.



mr_moobs said:

I'm only buying games on Nintendo hardware for the rest of the year.
Watchdogs, Batman, Splinter Cell, Pikmin, Wind Waker, Wonderful 101 are all must haves



Dandalfa00 said:

The Wii U is finally going to start gaining some speed here. It's not going to really getting going for another year, I feel. But it's continual improvement and the fact that the 3DS is the most desirable console out there right now makes going up a near guarantee for Nintendo. As @PKUltima just said, Pokemon will be a huge sure-fire hit no matter what and A Link Between Worlds will help bring fans over to the side of awesome. It's a good time to be a Nintendo fan. It's always a good time.



idork99 said:

@PKUltima Wow! You're right! Since I'm not a Pokemon player (sorry), I totally forgot about that title. The 3DS is hot stuff right now! Hopefully the Wii U can catch a break soon.



aaronsullivan said:

I sure hope Nintendo can gain some steam with Wii U this holiday. I want a healthy Nintendo and I want my Nintendo experiences on large screens not just tiny ones.

If only Nintendo had had the foresight to merge the handheld and console hardware divisions BEFORE 3DS and Wii U were being finalized. A shared software platform could have filled the droughts and energized the masses.

In other words I think that everything Nintendo is currently doing (and we, as consumers aren't seeing the fruits of yet) is great. We are, as consumers, experiencing the repercussions of HD becoming a important to more people faster than Nintendo expected and the Wii losing relevance faster as a result. The Mii strategy didn't have legs (too generic!) and the Nintendo Land strategy of combining franchises with family group play would have been super successful a few years ago.

Eh, it's just the way I'm seeing it now and overly generalized, but it gives me hope that Nintendo is actually on the right track if it can just survive the next year or two.

I actually think Pokemon X & Y are going to dual-handedly rescue the 3DS from the mobile phone game market for a couple years, so at least the 3DS will survive. (I'm also not a Pokemon player and that game just looks so appealing)



TonLoco said:

@TimLatshaw Thanks for the link. Interesting. I never knew they had restrictions on video games though I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.



Emblem said:

Good news finally, though i'm sure if i search the web i'll see the same story spun negatively on a few sites. Go Nintendo!



aj_fowl said:

@aaronsullivan I don't think that the 3DS needs X & Y to save it. It's doing way to good right now. We have at least one more generation of handhelds before we can even think about mobil taking over.



KingH3nrry said:

Wait'll the Wii U games start rolling in later this year, Nintendo's stock is going to skyrocket!



crazyj2312 said:

I think the coming months will prove benificial since a lot of really good franchise games are coming out back to back and will most likely boost sales.

And I don't think its a bad thing that Nintendo banks on it's old franchises time and again, like most people claim that that will be their undoing but it's not like they simply milk their games; they do offer new inventive and fresh experiences which warrant the loyalty from Nintendo fans



redd214 said:

But I thought Nintendo was doooooooooommed lol! Great news can't wait to get my wii u this winter!



AyeHaley said:

Sony is on that list despite being nearly dead? And cash cow Nintendo isn't?....what?



aaronsullivan said:

@aj_fowl Let's see what happens now that both Google and Apple are lifting a finger to support games again. (Google added centralized game tracking (like XBox Live) and Apple (finally) added an official standardized method for devs to add controller support using low power bluetooth 4.0) It may amount to little, but the devices change yearly while the 3DS sits still.

@AyeHaley Stock market traders don't usually like cash hoarders but companies that show growth potential.



R_Champ said:

Where's Doma to give us his Nintendo is doomed comments? It feels kind of out of place not having him here to complain about Iwata and how he's going to get fired...oh wait, this is a story about Nintendo doing well, he's probably just watching more One Piece with Peach 64...conveniently.



unrandomsam said:

@1337man1233 It is nothing to do with that. It was some kind of moral thing that probably doesn't translate directly to English. (Didn't apply to the people who could afford it anyway and can just get it from Hong Kong by physically going there).



Yoshi3DS said:

i think the 3ds success has sort of affected the poor sales of the Wii U. if it wasn't for all the amazing 3ds (and ds) games, i would own a Wii U by now, but i'm not complaining!



unrandomsam said:

The 3DS games at £40 are not better price/performance than the Dreamcast games on Android. Those are top class games costing next to nothing.

My 10 Inch pretty old Android Tablet run's Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio perfectly. (Using an Xbox 360 controller). Both of them cost less than Nintendo wants for a NES game on my 3DS. I hope Sega releases some more good quality stuff in a similar manner because it is better for the end user if there is decent competition.

Sega sells the ROM's for Genesis for £1.99 on Steam RRP (Most of the time £0.99). Only the same old ones that they always re-release though. If they make a good Saturn style controller and start selling more variety of stuff from the Sega back catalog things might get interesting again.

(Settle for some of the GBA/TG16/SNES stuff I have never played on my 3DS)

Be interesting to see what happens. (I know for a fact NIntendo would get more money from me if the Virtual Console games were cheaper and I would be getting retail downloads if it wasn't so risky.)



JusticeColde said:


Where's Peach64 and Doma?
Where's the still doom comments?
Where's Michael Pachter?
I think NintendoLife is getting good again.



rmeyer said:

Say something now Pachter, that's right somebody replace him immmediately please



micronean said:

I think the worst is over for Nintendo. They had a really rough time the past two or so years, with the drying up of Wii enthusiasm, the tsunami that fell right around the launch of the 3DS, the price cut of the 3DS, the weak launch of the Wii U, and the delay in 1st party Wii U titles.

They now should go back to being like it was before 2010-ish, but hopefully improve with the Wii U.



thanos316 said:

yea where is patcher at. im sure hes in hiding right now. maybe hes thinking up another gloom and doom theory for nintendo. maybe he should get fired for all his crappy opinions or guesses. wait hold up why don't they hire me as an analysts. let me look into my crystal ball. hmm. yes. i see. ninty will release a new console in 5 years time. whoaaaa.. wow... amazing..



Ralizah said:

The 3DS is shaping up to be their best handheld ever. The Wii U... has potential. Nintendo just needs to push the Wii U as aggressively as it did the 3DS in late 2011.



dyopri said:

this is Priceless... Ninty's Handheld Division has been saving thier butts since 1995!



BATRA said:




JaxonH said:

Duh, it's got nowhere else to go but up! 3DS is solid, and will continue it's tear through the market. Wii U is at rock bottom, so with the all star lineup in fall there is no other alternative BUT for success and rising stock prices.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Where is a picture of Patcher eating his own words when you need one? Nintendo is a bad investment, stay away! Yet now their stock has become valuable.



Peach64 said:

What the heck? Why is my name being mentioned so much? I've said several times over how great the 3DS line up for 2013 is and it fully deserves it's sales? Oh wait, I'm not allowed to be unimpressed with the current Wii U library though because that makes me a troll...

People are so bitter on here. Look at everyone going 'ah, take that, Pachter!'. This is not Nintendo stock going through the roof. Do you know what their stock was back in 2007? 65,000 yen. Now it's 14,000. Obviously it's nice to see it go up after a very bad few years, but this is isn't some amazingly high price.



Hetsumani said:

If they paired the Pokemon X & Y with a decent WiiU Pokémon game, a la Pokémon Stadium, the WiiU would fly of shelves so fast they could escape earth's gravity. Nintendo knows it, why they don't do it is beyond my comprehension.



Lobster said:

Good news for me, hahaha! I'm an investor, actually it's been going up for a good portion of the year despite all the Wii U doom and gloom. Strong 3DS sales, I'm guessing.

I think it's only going to continue to go up going through the holiday season, yes. 3DS is going to continue to be very strong and Wii U sales are finally going to pick up now that there's actually some worthwhile games coming out in its second six months. Wii U is not out of the running yet, folks.



StarDust4Ever said:

A Nintendo fan could make a payday buying and selling Nintendo stock. Buy low and sell high. Make boatloads of cash whenever stock investors get their panties in bunches. Buy right after e3 with all the doom-and-gloom predictions at their strongest. Sell after Nintendo releases it's swatch of games and wii-Us fly off shelves!!!



Mario-Man-Child said:

If China lift the ban on consoles it will be happy days at Nintendo HQ. I'm not sure if it will be positive for western consumers.



antonvaltaz said:

I'm not quite sure why @Peach64 is getting singled out so much either. I'm a big Nintendo fan and am quite optimistic about the future for the Wii U, but most of her/his comments seem to be quite realistic, sensible and measured.

And s/he is right here too. This is definite good news, but Nintendo aren't out of the woods yet...



MrGawain said:

Although it's great there is market confidence in Nintendo, they still have to repay this faith with game and console sales. I think they will, but within sensible parameters. 'A nice little earner' if you will.



dumedum said:

@BestBuck123 - it's a great time to buy, because the stock went in the past up to $80 (height of Wii craze). It is $17 now. It should be strong buy until the ~$30.



XCWarrior said:

Makes great sense. 3DS is doing awesome and Wii U will improve. And Xboner is doing to have worse 6-month start than Wii U thanks to the fact no one paid attention to their reversal post E3. Good times.



Doma said:

@R_Champ lmao, i feel flattered. Why would you do this?

Btw, i'm not a Nintendo hater, i love many of their past games. I'm a hater of the terrible decisions being made by them lately. I find it ridiculous how they just sat back and watched the WiiU get to the position it is in now. Almost like its failure was planned.

Now, there's enough about that... I could be watching One Piece right now!

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