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Just 3% of All Ubisoft's Sales Came From Wii U in Q2 2013

Posted by Andy Green

To be fair, it hasn't released a game on it for over 6 months

Ubisoft has held its latest earnings call where it stated it was pleased with the number of pre-orders for the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

During the call, the company's CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that just 3% of its total sales in the second quarter of 2013 were from Wii U, IGN reports.

However, the last Ubisoft title to emerge on Nintendo's system was Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, which came out before Christmas last year in North America and early January in Europe, so it's not a complete surprise the company didn't sell so many Wii U games in April through to the end of June.

Ubisoft, and Nintendo of course, will be hoping that figure will see a significant boost in the following few months as some major titles start to emerge. First up there's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which is released in August, and it will be closely followed by the once-Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends.

At the end of October Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will come out fighting, while Watch_Dogs will sneak out in November. Meanwhile, Just Dance 2014 is down for an October release, and there's also Cloudberry Kingdom, which is heading to the eShop on 1st August - not to mention The Smurfs 2.

While ZombiU was not profitable and won't be getting a sequel the publisher will hope the upcoming titles will boost the number of Wii U copies flying off the shelves.

Which of Ubisoft's upcoming titles will you be picking up? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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ikki5 said:

did they even release a game on the Wii U this year yet? If it did, please tell me because I cannot even think of any from this year nor are any listen on this site or other sites. as for their upcoming titles, Assassins Creed is a must, I am saving my money for that before I purchase any other Ubisoft titles, then next would be watch dogs pending a little more research. Rayman legends is a maybe for me. I played the app on the Wii U twice and never played it sense. Just not my type.



Ukulele_Wizard said:

This comes as no surprise. Compared to the Wii, PS3, 360, and PC, the Wii U has an insignificant install base, and since Ubisoft hasn't released any games this year AT ALL, it's actually quite surprising that it wasn't lower than 3%.



Emblem said:

Most Ubisofts titles from now on are not only multi platform but also in inopportune launch windows that coincide with other major Nintendo or Nintendo supported 3rd party releases. As such i doubt any will move significantly large numbers but they will hopefully be profitable as well as appease Wii U fans wanting more 3rd Party games.



chiefeagle02 said:

Suddenly, I don't blame Ubisoft for making Rayman Legends a multi-platform release. The delay, on the other hand...



TrueWiiMaster said:

That seems like a fairly useless fact, since they didn't actually release anything for the Wii U during that time...

Honestly, though, I doubt that percentage will go up too much. Ubisoft has some big games coming, but they're all multplat, and the other systems have far more consoles out there, and established fan bases for most of the games Ubisoft's releasing. The number of sales Ubisoft gets from the Wii U will certainly go up, but that number will still be dwarfed by sales on the PS3 and 360, therefore making up a relatively small percentage.



RedRocBoy said:

I got all the Ubisoft games pre ordered. Come on guys their taking the time and effort to give us these games we really need to support them as well as our first party. Pikmin,Splinter Cell and Wonderful 101. It's gonna be an awesome couple of months.



Einherjar said:

"How is it, that nobody buys the games that we dont release ? It MUST be the fault of the system that we are not making games for ! I have a cunning plan: Lets delay our new rayman game for half a year, maybe theyll buy it as soon as it doesnt hit the shelfes !"



Sir_JBizzle said:

I'm not trying to look through rose colored glasses or anything, but 3% isn't bad for a company that hasn't launched a game on the system since November/December... I guarantee you had Rayman been released in February, sales would have been gang busters.

With that said, I do plan on buying pretty much the rest of Ubisoft's line up for the Wii U this year (sans Smurfs 2)



Owlynator said:

@JQuest I was thinking of pretty much the same thing. Rayman Legends alone would have boosted both the sales of Wii U consoles and naturally also sales of their games, since, you know, Rayman Legends is obviously one of their games. But if it's true that they were disappointed with the sales of ZombiU, they probably would've been disappointed with Rayman's sales too. No wonder they decided to go multi-plat with it then.

I'm still not sure if I want to get Watch Dogs for Wii U or PS4. I want to support Nintendo (and show Ubisoft it's a good thing to make games on the Wii U) but I also want to experience the game as it's meant to be played. Not saying that there would be big variations with the gameplay, but those awesome graphics are taking control of me...



Squiggle55 said:

Sooooo..... Basically ZombiU accounted for 3% of ubisofts sales for all games and platforms? Sounds ok to me.



Mahe said:

There's an error in the article. The upcoming Just Dance is titled "Just Dance 2014". They changed the title from straight numbering to yearly just now. Last year was Just Dance 4.



DreamOn said:

Hopefully they didn't go out of their way to highlight that 3% that would have been ridiculous



tsm7 said:

They released their games at launch in 2012. Games sell best when they are initially released, This percentage isn't all that meaningful.



3Daniel said:

The real answers would come from the number of titles released on other systems. If ubisoft managed to generate 3 % of 2013 sales from a crappy game released in 2012 then thats actually a great thing and shows that the wii u audience is there and starving for content. Had they released legends as originally planned it would have boosted their sales.



Peach64 said:

They didn't release much on anything in the last 6 months, so it's not like you have some holiday 2012 titles competing against brand new games on the other consoles. It's still a really pointless statistic though.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Owlynator valid point, I do think that the sales of ZombiU left a bad taste in their mouths.

I'm totally with you in trying to deciding between the PS4 or Wii U version of Watch_Dogs myself. I may wait until the reviews come in. Or buy one version and rent the other just to compare. Off TV play might be the deciding factor for me. Lol



WinterWarm said:

"Not to mention Smurfs 2."

Please, don't mention that. It's gonna suck, and so is the movie.

It's pretty impressive that Ubisoft is releasing so many WiiU games.



rjejr said:

What were they releasing on any platform in April, May and June? Im more interested in Oct., Nov., and Dec. this year. Watch_Dogs should have a natural interface on the Gamepad, and AC4 is now the 2nd game in that series on WiiU so it should pick up some additional sales. And AC3 has been on sale everwhere lately for $19.99. If WiiU is only 3% this 4th quater then that will every bad. Time will tell.



rmeyer said:

Assassins creed 3 last year was the only ubisoft game worth buying for wii u



Owlynator said:

@JQuest Argh, didn't even think of the off TV functionality! Well, I may just buy both of them at some point, it's not like it would be the first time for me buying the same game twice. You see, I own two copies of Mass Effect, three copies of ME2, and three copies of ME3 (one of them is the N7 Collector's Edition). Haha, I really should get Mass Effect Trilogy for the PS3, then I'd own them all on all platforms they've been made on!

And so I won't go completely off topic: With some big games being released this holiday, it's going to look good for Nintendo. Let's just hope that the two big systems being released then won't eat too much of Wii U's sales. Hopefully 3rd parties start seeing the potential of the Wii U and give us some games.



Dark_Link said:

If we as Nintendo fans want the Wii U to get third party support than we need to buy the third party games coming out this year. Ubisoft has some great games coming out for the Wii U as does warner bros.



Squiggle55 said:

@Dark_Link Which games are you referring to specifically? I'm a big fan of both Nintendo and Sony, so right now my third party choice comes down to trophies with psn or off-tv play with Wii U. And when the PS4 comes out I'll have off-tv play with my Vita. It sounds lame but I really think Nintendo made a big mistake not implementing any sort of achievement system. I'll always buy Nintendo's consoles and first party games, but once again they've unfortunately given people who own multiple consoles absolutely zero reason to choose Wii U for third party multiplatform games.



Dark_Link said:

@Squiggle55 Games like Splinter Cell, Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed and Batman Origins. Those are big time third party games that the Wii U is going to get. Future third party in my opinion hugely depends on how well these games sell on the Wii U. Achievement system doesn't really interest me as much as others, that's just me. For me, did I enjoy I playing the game but I see your point of view as well. My point is if anyone wants more third party support on the Wii U than buy the games I mentioned above. If they see Nintendo owners are buying these games, Ubisoft and other third party developers will jump back aboard. Isn't that what we want?



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Owlynator You sound exactly like me! I'll buy different versions of the same game if it's a special edition or a certain version of a game has features/characters that the other one doesn't. I think the last two games I did that with was Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat because the PS3 got exclusive characters that the 360 didn't. I'm OCD about things like that. LOL

Though my plan with the Wii U the whole time is that multi-plat games with off-tv play and gamepad innovation would carry more weight in my purchasing decisions, particularly in single player experiences... I'm really rooting for Nintendo!

I think Sony and Microsoft will for sure eat into Nintendo sales this holiday, but I think they'll come out stronger than what most are predicting. They have a super strong lineup for one. They'll rope in the Nintendo fans that were waiting for Pikmin, The Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD and such. They'll have stuff for the casual fans with software for them. Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country looks interesting enough to move units.

With all of that, I think 2014 will be even better for them. The excitement for the PS4 and XBOX One will have slowed down somewhat by then and that's when Nintendo will slam us with the heavy hitters like Mario Kart and Smash Bros. and who knows what else... If they announce the new Zelda, an open world Mario, maybe a Star Fox, F-Zero and Metroid and we get to see what Miyamoto has been cooking up, 2014 might be the year Nintendo really hits its stride... or at least that's my hope (fingers crossed)



MAN1AC said:

You're a few months early with this. I'd love to see what these numbers look like after the holidays.



Owlynator said:

@JQuest Everything you said, I can see it happening. Heh, my faith in Nintendo has been restored again. What I'm really waiting for now is the new Zelda, I really want to know what kind of art style it's going to have. New IPs would do no harm either... thankfully Mr. Miyamoto is working on that. Pfft, thanks to you I can't wait for 2014 to arrive!



hYdeks said:

everyone knows it would be ALOT higher than 3% if they actually released Rayman Legends in February AND kept it exclusive. I like Ubisoft, but that was still a crap move by them.

I'll be picking up Watch Dogs for sure, and I know Assassin's Creed IV I will get at some time too before the holidays. As for Rayman Legends, that'll have to take a back seat cause there's too many bigger games coming out, I'll probably get it after Christmas time. Cloudberry also looks appealing, but will wait for a review.



banacheck said:

I'll be interesting to see how well Assassin's Creed IV, Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends etc sells on the U.



Subie98 said:

@RedRocBoy pikmin and 101 can take a leap. Im not preordering all Ubi's games
Only what I want, I have no obligation to buy everything they make. Thats ridiculous. Ps I did preorder 3 games from them and also bought ac3 for wii u when it came out.



SmaMan said:

So they've been complaining and threatening to withdraw Wii U support because of low sales... AND THEY HAVEN'T PUT ANYTHING OUT THIS YEAR?!



KinoSaol said:

Rayman Legend becuase it will most likely be their least defective game. Rayman Origins won me back over to UbiSoft. But then I got bold and finaly played/bought AC III& ZombieU and well I for one like my games to work seamless. All UbiSoft's games on the surface awsome controversial subjects and innovative game machanics but once put into practice are beyond cumbersome. If they could fallow a well know company and not release a game till it runs at a hight expectancy leve then they may sell more games on said companies console. Till then, they should stick to selling their overly hyped games on overly hyped systems.



Jukilum said:

I'm not going to buy third party games just to show third parties there's a demand. I don't have that kind of money. If there's a game I genially want I will buy it when I can like I did when Rhythm Thief came out.



LztheQuack said:

@hydeks Was it really? Do you honestly believe that Rayman was gonna be THE system seller (considering Nintendo released nothing at that time)? Do you honestly believe from a business standpoint that dropping the exclusivity was a good business decision?

Keep in mind that developers and publishers are not there to only please us



Discostew said:

If anything, Ubisoft should be surprised they managed 3% sales out of Wii U software, since there are only about 4 million Wii Us sold and over 150 million combined PS3/360 units sold. This isn't including PC software either.



TwilightV said:

Plenty of good games for all systems next month. Shame Ubisoft's will probably be overlooked because of it.



Lobster said:

I wonder if all third parties are managing 3% sales on Wii U... and if they are bothering to stop and think how much that actually is given the release schedules.

But no, they just compare to everything else and go, WHOA, THREE PERCENT IS WAY LESS THAN NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT! Well, of course it is. But there's got to be some context for 97/3.



element187 said:

Can we stop spreading the false information that Ubisoft said "ZombiU wasn't profitable"?

There is ZERO quotes from Yves on the profitability of ZombiU.. his only quote regarding ZombiU was "We hoped for more sales" .... The author of the original piece some how extrapolated that innocous quote into ZombiU wasn't profitable, and predictibly, the entire gaming journalist industry took that story and ran with it far and wide without ever fact checking... Its disgusting... ZombiU sold over 400,000 copies (retail only, who knows with digital), there is absolutely no way they didn't at least break even with this title.



element187 said:

@Owlynator If you want to experience Watch_Dogs as its meant to be experienced, then you must purchase it for PC... Ubisoft has already stated that the PC is the lead design platform for the game, and from there they are downporting to PS4, xBone and Wii U all seperately.... and then there is a second version being downported further to the PS360.



element187 said:

"I'm not going to buy third party games just to show third parties there's a demand.'

@Jukilum I agree 100%.. I'm a consumer, not a charity.... If a third party wants me to purchase their product, they need to offer me a product I want to buy.... You want me to buy the Wii U version of a product over a PC version, then do something interesting with the unique hardware.

I purchased Assassins Creed 3 brand new for Wii U last year. The game as a whole was a massive disappointment. I don't know about you but if a game can only keep me entertained and motivated to keep playing for less than 2 weeks (2 hours a day or so) then I feel like I got ripped off at $60, after two weeks i had no desire to finish the last few sequences in the game... Because of that I'm not purchasing AC4... at least not until the price comes down or I rent it.... same with Splinter Cell, I really didn't like the last one I played all that much.. i'm still not sure how I feel about Rayman, the demo was ok, the challenge app is kinda meh, I play it maybe once a month, if thats how I feel about the retail version, I can't imagine it being worth $60.

The only games from Ubisoft that has my attention is The Division and Watch Dogs, and one of those isn't coming to the Wii U.... I'm sorry fellow Wii U owners, but I really do not feel an obligation to purchase a game I don't feel all that confident in... If Ubisoft made a ZombiU sequel, DAY 1 DIGITAL PURCHASE... I would LOVE to play a polished ZombiU game.



Relias said:

If Zombie U accounted for 3 percent of the total profits considering low sales of the Wii U.. I think Ubi should be happy.. cause somehow.. I don't see Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth selling that well... with that being said.. there is two problems.. most of the major Wii U titles.. (Or what Nintendo fans call the major titles) are scheduled right along with their main titles.. somehow I think Just Dance and Rayman may be the only two that will be able to compete.. two.. the whole reason most people own a Wii U.. is because of the first party titles.. and to break away from the same ole same ole.. which all of Ubi's ports for the most part is just that.. the same old thing... I actually have no Ubi games I am interested in... so I don't plan on helping I guess.. sorry Ubi.. with that being said.. I do have some third party games.. that I have bought and have pre orders for... Ubi needs to port some RPG's like they used too... Wii U needs them badly... then I would support Ubi..



Owlynator said:

@element187 My PC has problems running very simple games, so I doubt Watch_Dogs would look good, or even run on it at all. So yeah, I'll be sticking on consoles. Thanks for the heads up, though.



BossBattles said:

@Legromancer Truth is often unnecessary. Truth without context can be damaging.

Do you tell someone you've just met that you think they are fat and ugly if they indeed are? It is the truth, but unnecessary, and without the proper relationship or context, it is damaging.



BossBattles said:

Zombi U not getting a sequel is tragic. It is the best survival horror game to come out in years, and it has so much potential.

Ubisoft is dumb to drop a great new IP just because its first time out wasn't a runaway success. Don't they realize that sometimes you have to build success slowly?



EpicGamer said:

Why can't everyone just forget about the incident with Rayman Legends? I mean, who cares if they delayed it? At least be grateful that they're even releasing it on the Wii U still. You people need to realize that Ubisoft kind of made a good decision. There weren't many Wii U sales at the time, and guess what? Game companies need to make some kind of profit with their games, even if it's just a penny.
Now, if they had kept Rayman Legend as a Wii U exclusive, then there'd probably be quite a few more Wii U sales than there is now. I'm not saying Rayman Legend would of made Wii U's just flying off the shelves, but there'd probably be more sales than there is now. Which, is one of the reasons why it was kind of a bad decision to go multiplat. BUT, like I said, game companies NEED money so they can work on more games. And for Ubisoft, Rayman Legend staying as a Wii U exclusive didn't promise them a profit.



GamerJunkie said:

I won't be buying any future games from Ubisoft on Wii-U.

These games are better on PC and then PS4 will be better by far once its out for their games.



GamerJunkie said:

@Owlynator You are the kind of person Nintendo relies on. Those that are not hardcore gamers and have moms $200 DELL PC and no other console. You are the 3% congrats!



GamerJunkie said:

@Owlynator Most gamers have a PC and/or other consoles along with a Nintendo console.

So, you on the other hand with a crappy PC that can't play games have to get games on the only option you have Wi-U. IMO, only about 3% of total gamers are in your situation, those are the 3% that bought UBIsoft games on the Wii_u instead of other machines... understand now ? lol.



Owlynator said:

@GamerJunkie Well, yeah, I understand now, but when did I say that I only have a Wii U? I've mostly played on my recently bought PS3 the last month, and I also own a 360 alongside the 3DS and Vita. I -could-, however play games on PC a year ago, but then my laptop betrayed me and decided that it doesn't want to run the games anymore. It likes overheating so much so I mainly use it for surfing and school. (Should get a desktop for gaming but don't have the money/interest atm). I have ZombiU and AC3 on the Wii U because I like the system, but that doesn't mean that I have no chance of playing games like Far Cry 3, which never came to it. I was actually playing it on the PS3 when I got an email notification of someone called "GamerJunkie" replying to my comment on Nintendolife. Why'd you think that I only own a Wii U?



GamerJunkie said:


I don't know just thought you meant you have to settle for a game on Wii-U because you had no other choice. What I wanted to make a point about is the following,

Most gamers(people that play seriously as a main hobby) will have at least 2 of these: a PC, Wii-U, PS4/XBOX1

My point is that only 3% would play any ubisoft game on a Wii U if they can have it on any of the other 3 choices. Wii U is going to have the worst graphics, worst support, worst online features, etc.

So to go along with the article, if its only 3% now, imagine how low their cut will be from Wii U once the other 2 next gen machines are out. Wii U can barely compete with PS3 and 360 right now.

Nintendo will live or die by 1st party releases on Wii U.



yojo said:

@GamerJunkie Here is the thing though, the last game ubisoft made for Wii U (and really the most recent non DLC thing they have released) came out in december. If people wanted AC3 or ZombiU, they would buy it used because the price will have dropped as it lost that "new game buzz". Also new flash: the Wii U has only sold around 3 million. Compared to the systems that had been out for 7/8 years, thats not as big of a install base, and conbining that with people buying used, its no wonder they only sold 3% on Wii U. I bet you if Rayman Legends came out on Wii U, at least the Q1 and maybe Q2 would be diffrent.

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