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Mon 4th Apr 2011

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KinoSaol commented on Just 3% of All Ubisoft's Sales Came From Wii U...:

Rayman Legend becuase it will most likely be their least defective game. Rayman Origins won me back over to UbiSoft. But then I got bold and finaly played/bought AC III& ZombieU and well I for one like my games to work seamless. All UbiSoft's games on the surface awsome controversial subjects and innovative game machanics but once put into practice are beyond cumbersome. If they could fallow a well know company and not release a game till it runs at a hight expectancy leve then they may sell more games on said companies console. Till then, they should stick to selling their overly hyped games on overly hyped systems.



KinoSaol commented on Wii U is Technically 3D-Ready:

Why dosen't Ninny make the "Tablet" 3D. I would much rather have a HD TV with a glassless 3D/touch viewing in hand. You know thats how Playstation Vita with PS3 is most likly going to funtion but with a actual smaller mobile gaming unit. I mean that table better be WAY cheaper then a mobile gaming unit. Other wise they should have the 3DS replace that huge "Tablet". Were they think, "Hey? Why don't we make the coffie-table into a controler? Will bring new meaning to wii fitness!"