Rayman Legends Mariachi

Ubisoft seems to be getting ready to build the excitement for Rayman Legends, which will finally grace the Wii U in late August/early September. In the meantime Wii U owners can indulge in the free Challenge App, which is another way to build a bit of personal hype for the long-awaited platformer.

One new set of levels that look likely to be a memorable part of this sequel are the music-based runners, where you dash to the right while jumping and attacking in time to the beat. Wii U gamers have already enjoyed Castle Rock, which sees you dashing through against a backdrop of a besieged castle, all while a quirky version of 'Black Betty' is urging you along. In a recent interview with Lead Game Designer Emile Morel we were told to "expect to have more covers from very famous songs" when the final game hits. Ubisoft's now released a new video to show another playable music stage, this time taking a Mariachi band approach to the Survivor song that's famous courtesy of Rocky III: Eye of the Tiger.

You can check it out below in all of its bizarre and cheesy glory.