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3D Sonic The Hedgehog Spinning Onto The Japanese 3DS eShop Next Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sonic's debut is getting a 3D makeover

Sega has confirmed that the next entry in its "3D" range is Sonic The Hedgehog — an auto-stereoscopic re-imagining of his first 16-bit outing. It will launch on May 15th and will cost 600 Yen.

The game will boast 3D visuals which take advantage of the console's unique display, and will also come with additional features that weren't in the original game, such as the "spin dash" (which didn't appear until Sonic 2 and can be switched off if you're a purist) and the ability to suspend your game and return to it at a later date. A stage select will also be accessible from the start, whereas in the Mega Drive / Genesis original you had to input a code to unlock it.

3D Sonic The Hedgehog will be based on the Japanese version of the game, but you'll also get the option to play the pre-release western edition, which has a few subtle differences compared to the final product.

To round things off, you'll also be able to select a display mode which imitates the rounded screen of a cathode-ray tube television — just like the one you'll have played the original game on if you're old enough to have experienced it back in the early '90s.

Sega has already released Space Harrier and Super Hang-On on the 3DS with 3D visuals, although both games remain exclusive to Japan at the time of writing.


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LordJumpMad said:

Would have been nice to give us all three Sonic games in one pack.
But, its better then nothing.



AcridSkull said:

"3D Sonic The Hedgehog will be based on the Japanese version of the game"

60Hz goodness then? Intriguing.



Xilef said:

Awesome. The addition of Spin Dash will make the game even bether. Now, SEGA, make 3D RIstar!



Damo said:

@AcridSkull Well the Japanese version will certainly be 60Hz - not sure if that will apply to any western release. None of Sega's 3D titles have been released in over here as yet.



manu0 said:

omg...hope this is awesome (and not bugged by screen crunch and slow down, like past sonic re-releases) and comes to west...



EaZy_T said:

I hope these 3DS classic Sega games will get released worldwide eventually.



meppi said:

oooh When they first started doing classic 3D remakes, this was one of the games I hoped would be coming out eventually.
The parallax scolling in the Sonic games has always been brilliant so it'll look amazing with a depth capable screen.



RupeeClock said:

Sounds cool, I trust that it uses the remastered engine they've made for Android rather than the abhorred GBA port.
Plus it should fit the screen perfectly.



allav866 said:

2, 3, and Knuckles, please!!!
Seriously though, this better be available in the west!



Gnoll said:

Outrun would be great in 3D
And SEGA, by the way, do you know we gaijin have money too? Give us all the 3D and Game Gear games!!!! :-/



rdenton85 said:

And hopefully if Sonic 3 makes it, they'll include Sonic and Knuckles as part of Sonic 3 to finally give us the true Sonic 3 experience in one game



Gavin_Rozee said:

Super Mario Bros 1 or 3 should have been given the same treatment.

Sega still does what Nintendon't.



RetrogamerFan said:

Another game we probably won't see.
Sorry about the negativity, still dissapointed about Sega's lack of GG support in the e-shop (outside of Japan) and expect these '3D classics' will remain exclusive to Japan as well.



Ristar42 said:

Wow, will get this game pretty much as soon as its available as the first Sonic game is one of my all time favourites. I hope as a stand alone title, that it’s up to the quality of the recent SEGA vintage games (Alex Kidd and Revenge of Shinobi) on PSN regards emulation and options. These PSN titles allow multi region versions and 50/60Hz display options.

The Game Gear emulator on 3DS was also presented far better than the Game Boy, so here’s hoping!

The 'spin dash' was added to Sonic 1 in Sonic Jam on the Saturn by the way, which, unlike the awful GBA game, is an excellent version.




Heh. I would have never expected to see SEGA make a game like 3D Sonic The Hedgehog for the 3DS anytime soon or AT ALL tbh. The only 3D game I recall SEGA ever putting out was just 3D Space Harrier and nothing else. I never had any idea AT ALL that they went ahead and made a 3D Super Hang-On also for the 3DS. But all in all, when it comes to wishing hopefully for a game like 3D Sonic The Hedgehog or any of the other 2 3D SEGA games to make it out to the 3DS , I wouldn't keep my hopes up that high. The reason I say that is because I agree with @RetrogamerFan about the lack of GAME GEAR games out on the 3DS eShop alone in North America. I mean, we're the only idiots out here with a measly total of 3 GAME GEAR games out on the US 3DS eShop while Japan has 14 games from that portable in total. HECK, even Europe has 5 of them and imo, I say they were treated way better than we were. That imo is one of NOA's problem in the long run when you look at some of the big pictures out there in their digital market. VERY POOR support for GAME GEAR games.



SirQuincealot said:

@Gavin_Rozee i think that has always been segas primary goal, to make nintendo look bad, why else would they release so many games that didnt work properly on nintendos systems?



nocode said:

Great...rounded edges. I remember always being frustrated by Sonic because of the rounded screen on my TV. It would cut off all of the info in the corners of the screen like coin count and number of lives left.



Dpullam said:

Nice! I might just have to pick this up once it comes to North America though I already own all of the Sega Genesis Sonic games on Xbox 360. It depends on how good of an improvement this is compared to that version.



Dpishere said:

Cool! I may just pick this up so I have a 3d and handheld version of the game. I will only be able to do this however, if it ends up coming to America.



Klimbatize said:

I love those Genesis Sonics so much. I'd download this instantly.

The addition of a spin dash retrofits one of the weaknesses of the first. I'd love to play it again and see how it makes a difference on certain levels.



Platinumhobo said:

@RetrogamerFan Don't give up hope yet bro. Sonic has the best chance out of these 3D redos to hit us. The moment you give up all hope is when we all get accustomed to the neglect.



Pichuka97 said:

Please bring this along with the rest of the trilogy out in the west. I want it sooooo bad.



retro_player_22 said:

Already got Sonic Classic Collection on DS so this doesn't interest me as much, the only Sonic games I want for the 3DS eShop is either the GBA Sonic Advance games, SMS/GameGear games or that one Neo Geo Pocket Color game.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Hopefully this SEGA 3D Classic comes to the West. I probably wouldn't download the other two titles they've done, but Sonic is a no doubter.



BakaKnight said:

Sounds like a great chance for replay a classic. I even skipped the DS collection chance, so I would surely be super interested if this 3D version will arrive in Europe ^O^



Peach64 said:

I have a few versions of this game, but it will be nice to have in the 3DS memory so I can always dip in and play a level or two. I'm very glad they're giving you the option to turn off the spin dash too. The game wasn't designed with that move in place, so I'd rather play without it.



LittleIrves said:

Please bring these 3D retro-conversions over... am more interested in Space Harrier than Sonic, but the idea of this series (like what 3D Classics were supposed to be) is awesome and I hope-hope-hope Nintendo has a second volume of classics coming down the pipe.



RetrogamerFan said:

@peach64, @darrellthej. Will keep up the hope that these will get released outside of Japan. Agree that Sonic has the best chance of these '3d classics' style games of getting released. Would be very interested in the Space Harrier, and Super Hang on one to.
And of course more GG games on e-shop



Ootfan98 said:

I so wish this comes to Europe Eshop, but based on current GG releases, its not looking good. Does anyone know how to get the Japanese Eshop on a European 3DS ?



BabyLogey said:

If it IS just a remake of the first one, I hope they'll decide to release it the U.S eShop, even though I'm more into Zelda and Mario now. The classic Sonic games were over 9000 times better. And plus I love 3D.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Ooooh, when this comes to the West, I'll make an exception to my usual rule of not buying a second version of a game I already own. In all my years of playing this game, I've only made it past the second zone once without the level select code, so the restore point (as well as the 3D visuals) will make this worth it. (And the GBA port was absolutely horrible.)



Windy said:

This is great news. I have been waiting for it. I really hope konami and capcom jump on this train and bring us Dracula X/Castlevania And Mega man this way



WaxxyOne said:

This sounds like something I will spend money on.

By the way, why is there still only like, 3 games available for the Game Gear on the 3DS VC? Get on that!



Windy said:

@SparkOfSpirit You know I often wonder what's up with sega even years ago they had many games on their saturn and Dreamcast they would not bring to north America and Europe. I can't see them not bringing this 3dized sonic. I would love to see a 3dizing of Shenmue and Phantasy Star Online as well. But that's really pushing things there



Windy said:

@3DSLUIGI well in all fairness there are a lot of games we get in North America that Europe has to wait on. Cave Story off the top of my head



TheSonicdude97 said:

Holy chili dogs!! I would LOVE to see this come to North America and other places outside of Japan, I mean think of all the people that would get this game, LOTS!! If anything, this 3D makeover of a great game will possibly be my first ever eShop purchase~ (Well, after I get a new 3DS to replace my damaged one.. And hoping for a blue one!! )



Henmii said:

So this is basically Sonic 3D classic. I'll think I'll pass!

Hopefully there will be a new, very cool Sonic on the Wii u someday! A retail title along the lines of Colors and Generations!!



Nekketsu3D said:

sega teaching to nintendo how to make good software on your own eshop. it's time for 16-bit 3D, I don't understand, what are you waiting for ninty?.

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