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LEGO City Goes A Little Too Undercover At North American Retail

Posted by Damien McFerran

Copies hard to find, retailers expecting stock later this week

LEGO City: Undercover launched in North America this week, but reports are coming in that finding the game isn't as easy as it possibly should be.

Just as happened with Fire Emblem: Awakening a while back, it would seem that there's been some kind of shipping problem, as US stores are reporting that stock isn't coming in until later in the week.

We're also hearing from Twitter that some GameStop stores have cancelled their midnight opening events for the release of the game:

If you really can't wait for stock to arrive, let us remind you that LEGO City: Undercover is available for download right now on the Wii U eShop — provided you have enough space to install it, of course.


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SetupDisk said:

Thank goodness, I thought the first post was going to be a conspiracy theory.



rjejr said:

An exclusive game came out for Wii U AND people are looking for it?

If I'm Nintendo I call that win-win, stock delays be damned.



Lin1876 said:

Whoops. Hopefully NoE will learn from that and ensure there are enough copies for our release!



AmishThunder said:

I doubt any gamestops canceled their midnight launch because of this, that night would have also been the midnight for Gears of War Judgment.



Burning_Spear said:

Retailers were telling everyone it was a shipping problem and that they weren't notified until the last minute. Wal-Mart seems to have it at most or all locations, and some people have reported success at Target.



XXIV said:

EB up in Canada (at least the one near me) had a ton of copies.



WiiLovePeace said:

I hope this doesn't effect the PAL launch of the game as I already have it preordered. Though I guess it won't matter that much since it'll arrive in the mail early to mid-April for me. That's the price of importing the Limited Edition for a cheaper price than what's available here at retail I guess haha.



Spoony_Tech said:

It doesn't help that Nintendo has a whacked out release day schedule. I mean really! Who releases their products on Sunday or Monday here in the states??? The way I see it you run into two problems. The first is if it doesn't ship the week before and stock is on hand many days prior then it will be shipped late the next week. The problem with the former is if it does hit the stores early then it runs the risk of stores selling it early and breaking the street date. Nintendo doesn't want that so they choose to ship it on time which means here in the States ends up being late when most of the stuff comes out on Tuesday here! From what I've seen most stores around here get shipments on Tuesday and or Thursday.



WanderingPB said:

After searching multiple toys r us & gamestops i found my copy @ the Nintendo store. Toys r us & gamestop both stated shipping problems like always

@Tech101 i agree i dont understand why most of nintendo game r released sun and mon when most stores receive their shipments tue and thurs



Mr_G said:

With this and fire emblem it seems to me this is nintendo's plan. Create a scenario where customers are forced to buy the digital copy cause the physical copy is hard to find. By doing this nintendo is creating a scene where more and more people are turning to digital because then nintendo does not have to deal with used games and production cost.



moo99 said:

You think with all this gaming "press" someone would have asked Nintendo or found out what the problem is. Instead we get @Mr_G spreading nonsense



Skeletor said:

@Burning_Spear I have some friends that work at the Walmart near me, and what is annoying is that they actually HAVE it in stock, but it is in their back room, and not on the floor yet. Their staffing has been atrocious. I even gave it a day, and checked yesterday, but still nothing. It was surprising that I found Fire Emblem there.



Zellybeanie said:

@Skeletor Pretty sure that's just Walmart EVERYWHERE. I tried to buy my Wii U there. They were out of stock. Had to order online from Best Buy in the end.

Me: Do you know when you might have more in stock? Are you expecting a new shipment soon?

Employee: **shrugs**

Me: So, that's a no?



Skeletor said:

@Zellybeanie Something I was tempted to do, was to order online and do the pick up in store today option. That should light a fire under them. Unfortunately, it will be a fire of apathy. At least I can complain!



Zellybeanie said:

@Skeletor Want me to punch them in the taints on your behalf? I'd be thrilled to!

I hope you find it worth the wait. I'm utterly in love with the game.



Davidiam007 said:

I just want everyone to know that if you were told by GameStop that their ship was delayed that was more then likely a lie. GameStop will no longer stock a nintendo game unless there has been several pre-orders. There was only one need for speed most wanted at my store in viera Florida cause I pre-ordered it.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Yeah my local Illinois Super Target didn't have them as I went to pick up Monster Hunter 3 but I overheard their electronics employees saying they were now allowed to put them on the shelf so I grabbed one with Monster Hunter & since they're having their 2 for 1 sale I got Most Wanted U as well. With my Target card I got all 3 for $123 & change. Also it seems according to dozens of Miiverse posts that retail outlets had them but weren't putting them on shelves til the 20th.



Davidiam007 said:

How would this be nintendo's plan? Nintendo has always been more favorable over physical copies then downloading.



Davidiam007 said:

Cause things are slow right now, but that's how it is with new launches. It's seems like a lot of stores are pro playstation right now. Which makes me mad. A lot of the employees at GameStop know very little about the wii u which that doesn't help out at all. We need more pro active nintendo fans. Playstation doesn't have to advertise itself anymore most fans or store employees do that for them same with Xbox. Why? Because that's their favorite console and are comfortable about talking to the cst cause they know more about it and what's going in with the company. However a lot have no idea how their consoles specs work or its architecture, but they no their console is popular and has lots if games. Nintendo needs games and we will be getting them. What nintendo needs is sales people on their side that know what the hardware is capable of and what all the bells and whistles are.



Tasuki said:

This is obvious plot to get people to buy digital. All I have to say is nice try Nintendo. Its nice to see that you are acting like every other company by forcing us online.



Davidiam007 said:

@Tasuki This is not them. Like I stated before retailers like GameStop aren't stocking a game unless there is demand for that game. This not an opinion. This is a fact.



DerpSandwich said:

The first "big" Wii U release since its launch four months ago, and they couldn't even get the copies in our hands. Get it together, Nintendo. It's like they WANT to fail.



McGruber said:

It makes sense that they do this for more digital sales. Nintendo is hurting and buying digital gets them more money. Its annoying but I understand why they are doing this. Look at all the people who bought it on eShop because of the delay.



Drobotic said:

This is ridiculous.If this is to get more download sales then they obviously don't know this pisses people off.Copies should've been in on launch day,especially with people reserving copies.My GameStop STILL has no copies yet.



Drobotic said:

Also,I don't have the memory to get the game on the eShop,so they need to get copies NOW.Not to mention,the guy at my GameStop said they had copies but weren't allowed to sell them yet.Then I come there and I find out I've been lied to.If I can't get a copy soon,then I'm demanding the money I put down to get it back.



Varia01 said:

Whoa what? Really? Hmmm.... That is slightly disappointing. I hope things get better in a few months when I will be able to get this game. Heh, maybe it's too good that it is rare on stock. jk



JulienIsTheMan said:

I went to two or three GameStops yesterday and got pissed when they all said that the shipment wasn't there yet. GOOD NEWS THOUGH, the guy at the counter said that one would get a shipment today (Wednesday) or Thursday.



Vehemont said:

I purchased Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at Gamestop yesterday, and when I was browsing the Wii U section, I noticed I did not see LEGO City anywhere. When I was in line checking out the guy behind the counter was going through the motions of trying to get me to get their card, (I respectfully declined) he then proceeded to ask me if there was any games I wanted to pre-order and before I could let out a breath and say no, he was already going down the list. LEGO City was one of those games. I was thinking to myself wasn't that supposed to come out yesterday? I guess this news proves the point.........



JSuede said:

I got it and Monster Hunter this morning at Target. Lucked out a bit since they were both the second to last copy. Target told me yesterday that they weren't able to sell LCU.....even though it was out and they had it. shrug game. Load times are indeed a little bit of a bummer but really not that big of a problem.



Drobotic said:

So other stores have it?Great,now I can't get my money back until they get it in.



aaronsullivan said:

Two Targets near me had it. Amazon was reporting delays in shipping. Unfortunate but it will clear up shortly. Is it still $10 more on the eShop though? That was off-putting.



SocksandSocks said:

I was lucky enough to find a copy at EB games (like game stop in Canada). It was their second last copy, but I'm lucky. It's really good.



_Wallace said:

I cannot bring myself to believe that this is a conspiracy to push consumers to digital. I would expect lower digital prices than retail to push us to digital. However, if this happens with Luigi's...



MagicEmperor said:

This happened to me, too. I preordered this game back on February 7, using my birthday giftcard on Amazon. But I got an email saying that the shipment has been delayed to between April 10 and April 17. Are you kidding me? I won't wait that long, so I cancelled that preorder and switched it to Monster Hunter Ultimate Wii U. Now I guess I just have to hunt for Lego City.



Spleetal said:

@Davidiam007 the only thing I don't get about your philosophy is that, I preordered mine and if they only stock former orders then I'd have any social copy right now



Spleetal said:

[fixed] (sorry cant edit on my tablet)
@Davidiam007 the only thing I don't get about your philosophy is that, I preordered mine and if they only stock pre orders then I'd have any physical copy right now



Tasuki said:

@Davidiam007: No demand for the game? Where the hell have you been? Lego City is one of the Wii U's biggest titles and one that alot of people are looking forward too. Sorry man but just admit it that companies are forcing people to go the download route. Its ok to admit that I wont tell anyone.



RantingThespian said:

No one in Madison, WI had it on Monday (I called everything from Best Buy to Target). However, everyone had it today (Wednesday), which happily includes me.



FyreeTSG said:

well, I know my local TARGET and Fred Meyers(an Oregon retailer) had the game--but I got my confirmation message from Gamestop--and called 2 local stores--and they said it'll be in Thursday



Davidiam007 said:

@Tasuki it's about preorders. My store had no preorders so they ordered none. There are more people who don't pre-order then those that do. Keep in mind I'm referring to GameStop.



Tasuki said:

@Davidiam007: Honestly if you base on how popular a game is by preorder well than you are messed up. I barely ever preorder games, In this day and age it doesnt make sense to preorder games cause with the internet and all I am sure I can find a copy somewhere. Just cause people dont preorder a game doesn't mean its not popular. Or have you not figured that out?



Drobotic said:

Finally got this game and my free Chase McCain minifigure today.At least I'll have all weekend to play it.



Captain_Gonru said:

Just to silence the "it's the retailers, not Nintendo" crowd, I work at a retailer. I had mine on the shelves the second it came in. On Tuesday. Two days after it should have arrived. And we got plenty of copies, above and beyond the preorders. I love Nintendo, but this "shipping delays" story just doesn't quite add up.

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