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Rumour: Today's Nintendo Direct To Focus On Wii U Virtual Console

Posted by Damien McFerran

GameCube games also coming?

One of the biggest questions regarding Nintendo's online strategy for the Wii U revolves around Virtual Console releases, and how they're going to be made available on the new platform.

Today's Nintendo Direct - which is focused on Wii U software and developments - could well be related to a Virtual Console announcement.

An eagle-eyed poster on NeoGAF has spotted "Wii U Virtual Console" in the source code for the UK Nintendo Direct site:

GameCube games and Pokémon Mini are also mentioned - could they be on their way too? We'll find out later today.


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DePapier said:

Now that's some tactical approach to rumour making... At this point in time, they must probably be right...



datamonkey said:

I really hope we can re-download already purchased VC games. I'm boycotting the VC if they expect us to buy the games again.



Dazza said:

Being able to download some classic Gamecube games on Wii U would be a dream come true. Virtual Console on Wii U eShop is a no brainer too, the GamePad is the perfect device for playing 16-bit gems on. It all looks set to become a reality now, yay!



cornishlee said:

As I and others pointed out, that was always the most logical speculation - not many services could be launched worldwide.

@datamonkey Yes.



Scollurio said:

As the gamecube was my favourite home console right after the SNES I'd be stoked to finally get a Wii U if the rumours are true. I just recently got a Gamecube off eBay for 19 bucks with 2 controllers and 2 games but still, I'd prefer to have it on Wii U, maybe even upscaled graphics of some sort? One can dream. This year is shaping up to be the best yet for the 3DS so I hope you Wii U early-adopters get some love too!



Deathgaze said:

Why is it all what Nintendo fans want nowadays are remakes and ports? Why can't you just play the classics on classic systems? The Wii U can only get big if you support new games and new ideas.




Im wishing for GameCube as well. Dreamcast and Saturn games would be nice too. Maybe release a special edition wavebird controller to help with game compatibility.



MarioKenny1992 said:

@Deathgaze you bring up a good point, retro games being uploaded to the eshop is certainly nice, but I'd rather have brand new games. I already have a lot of Gamecube games anyway



hiptanaka said:


Speaking for myself, ports are not all I want, but Nintendo has a fantastic legacy and getting the old classics from all systems conveniently on a single console is a huge selling point.

New games will come, as well. No doubt about that.



bowsersblog said:

@hiptanaka I too would love to have all of that conveniently on a single console, and with the added function of off TV gameplay for the VC titles would just be the icing on the cake.



stipey said:

what's the bet it starts off with Crazy Taxi and Bloody Roar...

edit: how could i forget Spiderman 2



gavn64 said:

virtual console AND at least one new wiiu nintendo developed game please.



GameLord08 said:

Super Mario Sunshine, Kirby Air Ride, Eternal Darkness and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Now.



Mk_II said:

Pokemon Mini on Wii U? i think people are reading way too much into this



ETLN said:

How exactly are Gamecube games going to work on the Wii U? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Gamecube have pressure triggers? I don't have a pro controller myself but from what I understand, it only has buttons just like the Gamepad.



luminalace said:

While of course I want Gamecube games, I have lots of them hanging around. I am personally hoping for a Dreamcast related announcement.



Kirk said:

I'm sure they'll still manage to f**k it up somehow.

All I want is a single eShop that allows me to download all the previous games that would have been on the Wii Shop Channel, be that WiiWare or VC, along with all the new Wii U and VC games etc that will come to the Wii U eShop. I don't want to have to go into Wii mode to play any downloaded games. Get as many GC games on there as possible too. Also, I want to be able to play all my eShop games directly on the Wii U GamePad, VC games and all, when it's logically possible to do so. Oh, and maybe give the gamers the option to customize the controls on these games where possible too (like any/all PC emulators have allowed us to do with ease for years), and why not add a couple of graphic filters and anti-aliasing options while you're at it (once again, like any/all PC emulators have had for years).

It's not that complicated.

Come on, Nintendo! You know you can do it!



C-Olimar said:

@ETLN The majority of gamecube games didn't use the analogue side if the triggers. We can say goodbye to Mario Sunshine though, unless Nintendo find a way of emulating the triggers - perhaps using the extra shoulder button on the Wii U concurrently with the back trigger?



XCWarrior said:

Happy, but I want NEW games. I like Virtual Console, I really do, but I still have plenty of titles on the Wii Virtual Console to buy. And the chances of us being able to play the ones we already bought on the Wii U is slim to none. I really do want Mario Golf or Football Wii U announced and I'll be cool for the morning.

Unless they give us Earthbound. In that case bring on Wii U VC!



NintyMan said:

This is just a rumor, but since Iwata said that there will be new games and services, it is a possibility.

It's not long before we find out.



Kyloctopus said:

Wii U VC could be the "service" Iwata said.
I'm still hoping Nintendo announces some new Art Style games and Mario DLC



ajcismo said:

This is something Nintendo is going to have to deal with from here till they stop making consoles: a VC.
We have the technology to bring the vast back catalog to each generation in a playable form, so why not use it? Besides, Ninty can still make a buck on a game thats 20 years old. Win - win.
"But why can't you people just play classic games on classic consoles?" Because all of us don't have the space, desire or outlets to plug in 7 different gaming consoles, carts, discs, memory cards, controllers, and keep track of it all and maintain a neat looking house. Love me some new games, but love me some old school too. Besides, the gamepad working as a VC device? Classic gaming while the wife watches Greys Anatomy? Yes please, my body... is ready.



C-Olimar said:

@Nintenjoe64 Not sure, never had one.
As for the WaveBird thing, I guess we can dream

I am really hoping Nintendo say, 'hey everyone, we're adopting an account system! Download all your 3DS virtual console games to the Wii U....... Now!



Auracle said:

@Damien - Where did you get the picture for this article? It's incredible! So many games represented in one picture!



Hokori said:

Guys if you read it all it show every service platform Nintendo has had (including the 3rd party platforms on wii and 3DS VC)
It also shows GBA so maybe that'll come today as well?



Pikachupwnage said:

Still have my gamecube...but still there are some games I missed out on and if they supported play on the gamepad....



Lalivero said:

@shinpichu Seems like a lot of hassle when we'd want GC to be playable on the Gamepad. :/

I guess it wouldn't be too bad to have the Gamepad sitting in your lap while using a different controller, but still. I like @C-Olimar 's idea of possibly emulating the triggers, but would that really work out well?

What's with all of those listed systems though? As I think some others brought up, could we be seeing news on a combined eshop finally?



Moonhillwat said:

GBA VC? Oh sure, now that I no longer have a job and it being difficult to find a new one. Just my luck. >_>



Auracle said:

@JogurtTheYogurt - You are paying for the upgraded features. It's perfectly understandable. If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

But seriously, if someone could find me a link to the full picture at the top of the article, I'd be really grateful.



Deathgaze said:

@hiptanaka But that's what I don't get, why is it a huge selling point? I've kept all my Nintendo consoles and handhelds since the NES and GameBoy in the case that I would want to play it, why can't people just seem to hold up to systems as oppose to throwing them out the second the successor system is released? Nothing beats playing games on their intended system with the intended controller. We should only get remakes of games that have not aged well. In which case should just be a handful NES and a fair chunk of the N64 library being early in their era.



KnightRider666 said:

@Blizzaga: I've just been there dude. Hang in there, I was out of work 2 months w/o any income even from unemployment. I'll slowing get back on my feet in the next few months, good luck.

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