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Fri 4th Jan 2013

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bowsersblog commented on Review: Wheel of Fortune (Wii U):

I would have bought this game if it had online play like the other versions. I think it would have been fun to play against players online. Wonder why they didn't put it in for the Wii U version, even though the box states online interactions.



bowsersblog commented on Feature: Nintendo Battle - Donkey Kong: Tablet...:

I still have my DK tabletop upstairs. I bring it down and play it every once in a while. If you push up and turn it on at the same time it makes this loud beep like sound and it starts you on a wicked hard level, the score will look a little messed up and you'll have tons of lives, not unlimited but I think it's around 30. I remember coming across that by accident when I was a kid.



bowsersblog commented on Wii U To Get An "Exclusive" Rayman Legends Dem...:

When I first read this I thought April Fools Day came early. Wow pissing on the fans two days in a row, what do we get for an encore. The more I think about this the less I even want the game anymore. You are doing A LOT of fans an injustice Ubisoft. One way out, release the game on the eShop with a special price for the first two weeks, that might salvage something.



bowsersblog commented on Scribblenauts Unlimited Was Briefly Available ...:

I noticed a few people on the Miiverse European Community Board for Scribblenauts stating the have it downloaded and installed. They had the check mark in their post for the game as well as showing they were from the Europe. So it was up for a short bit. Might as well just put it back up



bowsersblog commented on Broken Rules "Had Higher Hopes" For Chasing Au...:

It was a title I thought would feel more at home on the iOS and Android platforms rather than a home console. The appeal of it just doesn't seem like a game that would pull too many console players in. Too abstract for it's own good.



bowsersblog commented on Out Now: The Cave's Exploration Begins on Nort...:

I was playing around with it last night. Playing with the twins, the hillbilly and the future spacelady. SO much fun. The puzzles are well thought out and really require the use of all three characters you choose. Even though IGN has been reporting on framerate issue, I never came across any during my play time with it on the Wii U.

I think The Cave will be a huge hit on the Wii U, judging by what people on the MiiVerse have bee saying after downloading and playing with it.



bowsersblog commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

PS3 was slow out of the gate,. Give it some time, the Wii U will pick up steam slowly as better titles get released. One thing that could help though is better marketing ads on TV. Start to show the Wii U just isn't for the casual gamers.