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Wii U GamePad Lookalike On the Way

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No surprise, really

One thing is guaranteed when a new high-profile gadget arrives in the market: within months it'll be heavily copied for a tablet device. It happened with the PlayStation Vita, and now it's the turn of the Wii U GamePad.

The culprit this time is Chinese company JinXing with its SMART S7300 Console, described as a Dual Core HD GamePad2, which is due to arrive by mid-January 2013. Now it's not a rip-off, because it's put '2' after its name, nor is it a rip-off due to its shell, button layout — ABXY are coincidentally in the same order as on Nintendo's controller — and of course the general design and placement of the D-pad and analogue inputs are completely unique and innovative. Oh, all right, it looks like a bit of a clone.

We do like the fact that Circle Pad-style analogue controllers are used, which is of course the original prototype design of the Wii U GamePad shown at E3 2011. It does have some design variations, such as the fact it has a 7.0 inch capacitive screen and operates with the Google Android operating system. The gaming aspect is focused on titles from the Google Play platform, as well as 'Simulator' games, which we assume means emulators; the image for this article is from the marketing page, showing Super Mario Galaxy 2, even though Android and the system can't emulate Wii — or it's certainly not listed alongside the usual suspects such as Neo Geo.

Devices like these are relatively common, and if these manufacturers see the GamePad as a desirable form to copy, Nintendo must be doing something right.


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MeloMan said:

Ugh... with a co. by the name of "JinXing", it' can't be that good. I'll pass on that.



NImH said:

The cycle never ends. Nintendo innovates, others imitate. Repeat.



TruenoGT said:

This is actually pretty interesting. There haven't been many tablets with game controls (much less any good ones), so it could be a fun multi-purpose game machine. If Nintendo won't let us play our Virtual Console games on the Wii U Gamepad, this might a good (though legally questionable) workaround!



HawkeyeWii said:

I started a thread about a week ago saying how it would only be a matter of time until someone cloned it, hey look someone cloned it and it only took a month after the release of the real deal.



Volmun said:

lol the person who did the photo-shoping on this has messed up look at yoshi's hand the line of the screen dips



SanderEvers said:

It's Chinese, so they won't sue as it's hopeless (no laws against it, there)

They will copy anything if they think it will sell.



Liquidus said:

You're actually wrong. The Wii U gamepad is a rip off of a chinese emulating device known as the JXD S7100, which came out before the Wii U was even announced. It is a tablet, with bootleg psx controls, it's also bigger and has a bigger screen, a multi touch one at that too. Things like Dingoo A-320's, yinlips, canoo, Gemei, all devices that emulate multiple consoles such as NES,SNES, Colecovision, Atari 2600/7800, CPS1, Neo Geo, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, GB,GBC,GBA, N64, PSX, All in one device by loading emulators and roms on to them. Emulation is not capable of going over psx and n64 graphic limits, atleast last time I checked. I will invest when Dreamcast is fully functional on one of these kinds of devices, it hasn't been done yet. The device pictured above is most likely an answer to JXD's S7100, I haven't heard of JinXing before. The chinese take their bootleg stuff very seriously.



Liquidus said:

WAIT NEVERMIND, JinXING is JXD. Just got that LOL. They are ripping them selves off then, their tablet came out first.



Liquidus said:

@bulby1994 Impossible, didn't happen with the Famicom which was direct thievery, won't happen with this as Nintendo did in fact rip off this design. My friend brought a S7100 over last time he visited in 2010. He lives in Hong Kong. It was available world wide the following year after a moderate advertising campaign.



Raghav said:

How dare you copy Nintendo! Welll now yopu guys are almost identical twins.



TourianTourist said:

Actually... I think this looks a lot better than the real deal. I prefer the slide pads for some reasons.



warvad said:

Oh my god this thing is so beautiful. I hope this is what Nintendo's next handheld looks like.




RupeeClock said:

Frankly I just enjoy the fact that someone has thought to produce an app-device with a full set of button controls.

As opposed to your usual app-devices that lack buttons in general and are just one large touch-screen.



HaastMK7 said:

Got nothing better to do so they make their own try hard game pad. They are losers.



DarkNinja9 said:

honestly i like the way it looks o_o course just cuz it looks nice doesnt mean its comfortable like the wii u game pad to bad they cant sue since its in china as usual -.-



Lobster said:

It looks like it was ripped from the old prototype version of the controller... you know, the old, uncomfortable prototype?



Nintenzo said:

Wait, this has a capacitive touch screen and... run ANDROID?! This actually sounds... better than the gamepad... ~shudder~



Hardy83 said:

@Nintenzo lol no Kidding.
I still want a Wii U, but this and/or that Archos gamepad thing don't sound half bad.

Too bad we'll never see this one over here.



FyreeTSG said:

here's the amusing part of things like this---ANYONE ever notice companies only typically knock-off what NINTENDO does? and NOT sony??

the countless lawsuits from companies claiming Nintendo's "this or that" is infringing on their patent(s)---

WHY? Because they know NINTENDO sh*t sells!! Why not capitalize on Nintendo's success....too bad Sony still can't sell the Vita



Hardy83 said:

@FyreeTSG If you look at their site, you'll find a bunch of PSP and Vita looking knockoffs.

So no, it's not just Nintendo that people copy, or at least this company copies. lol



MAB said:

Yeah the rip-off Vita actually sells better than the legit one



Ren said:

I'll bet if this one breaks you can at least recover your downloads with your user account.



SaKo said:

@Rod64 No, the PS4 controller is like this, but black and has a big purple sphere thing on top... and the AXBY buttons are replaced with the 'Playstation Shapes'.



DarkKirby said:

China openly supports blatantly copied consoles designed in China over normal game consoles which it either discourages or bans the sales of.



Varia01 said:

That's stealing! (Is it?) Just kiddin' that's pretty neat. The gaming companies who are both looking toward the future should take inspiration of each other.



Henmii said:

Nothing shocking! Here in Holland there are already a bunch of cheap tablet-like game-controllers (with pre-installed games) that look very similar to a Wii u Gamepad! And they are out for months! Why official shops that sell Nintendo stuff allow those clones is really beyond me!!

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