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Watch the European 3DS Nintendo Direct Here

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time for some hype, in 3D

Does anyone remember the dark old days when Nintendo rarely spoke to fans directly, leaving us hanging for weeks, sometimes months with little official word on what's going on? Those days seem like part of a distant past since Nintendo Direct broadcasts began in earnest this year. We never have long to wait before the next video, whether it's a "mini" or of the full-fat variety, and it's reassuring that Nintendo has so much to tell us about.

After lots of Wii U hype in recent weeks, it's time for 3DS to get some love. Satoru Shibata, boss of Nintendo of Europe, will be hosting this video and telling us all about what's coming up on the handheld in the next couple of months. We expect release dates and the excitement they bring, but maybe something else is coming. We've had the mysterious eShop maintenance that's just been completed, and the appearance of Game Boy Advance box art on Nintendo of Europe's press site. These could be two red herrings combining for the ultimate tease, or it could be a nice update to the 3DS Virtual Console.

You can follow it with us in the video stream below, we'll be live-texting as it happens and, of course, you can merrily jump into the comments section. Come on Shibata-san, don't let us down.

Live Text - Updates will load here automatically, no need to refresh the page.


We've now written up most of the big stories from this evening's festivities, on our home page.


We have our man downloading Liberation Maiden now. He may be giggling with glee.


As we retweeted earlier, Liberation Maiden is now available in the European eShop for £7.19


We're going to start writing all this up. Share your excitement and/or disappointment in the comments below.


Hydroventure also on the way to NA, aka Fluidity: Spin Cycle on 27th December


Fallblox arrives in NA as Crashmo, dated 22nd November.


Liberation Maiden isn't there yet, patience is a virtue. Guild01 lives, these 3 also coming to NA.


Don't forget that Liberation Maiden from SUDA 51 should be in the eShop right about... now


We're rather pleased about three months of new Japanese eShop downloads.


That's all folks, quite short really (especially without the crash in the middle). Thoughts?


White 3DS XL Bundle confirmed with a copy of Mario Kart 7


As we've seen before, some genuine Cross-Play going on with Wii U version of MH3 Ultimate


Looks nice for a 3DS game, could be epic with local multiplayer if you can find friends with the game.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS footage time, visuals look close to Tri on Wii


It's the sequel to 999, which is enough for most, we imagine.


Virtue's Last Reward confirmed for November, courtesy of the marvellous Rising Star


Awesome guitar music ahoy!


Devil Survivor: Overclocked arrives in Europe on 3DS this year, long overdue too


Liberation Maiden from SUDA 51 available from eShop right after this Nintendo Direct!


These all look fun, Crimson Shroud has epic music.


SUDA 51's Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Aero Porter on the way to eShop, next 3 months


Oh, video jump. Professor Layton's latest arrives on 26th October.


Denpa Men: They Came by Wave coming to Europe this year, and we loved it in our review.


Glitzy trailer time: Nano Assault EX on eShop. Wow, it's rather pretty.


Hydroventure: Spin Cycle hits in December, looks rather good


Hana Samurai is coming for eShop on October 11


Pullblox to go on sale on eShop, 6 weeks of sales from Oct 4th


Fallblox is here, taking over from Pullblox for download soon


New Style Boutique arrives on 16th November, HYPE!


Various NSMB2 tricks being shown, no sound so subtitles instead...


Custom Art Academy lesson coming through SpotPass, learn to draw a goomba.


The video is back, hooray!


Nintendo's really building the tension by cutting the broadcast, it must be said


The upcoming announcement was so big that the video went down here, there and everywhere (including the Nintendo of Europe page).


Looks like Nintendo have broken UStream...


Pikachu 3DS Xl, previously out in Japan, on the way to Europe "later this year"


Pokedex 3D Pro on 8th November, don't forget the freebie will disappear before then


Pokemon Black & White and Dream Radar both arrive on 12th October, but we knew that


Paper Mario Sticker Star arrives in Europe on 7th December


Paper Mario: Sticker Star is first up.


OK, so it looks like this is a 16, Zombi3D?


GBA on 3DS Virtual Console could happen, the rumour's had some legs.


Five minutes to go means common-sense time. No, there'll be no Majora's Mask 3D...


Instead of random we should have said "crazy", there's more chance of Mario starring in an FPS than Satoru Shibata announcing Majora's Mask 3D today...


Ten minutes to go means random speculation time. Majora's Mask 3D, anyone?


@GazPlant makes a good point - "Looking forward to seeing what random location Shibata and his omnipresent Goomba figure have travelled to today"


If you want a drink and snacks, or maybe your favourite pair of Mario slippers to keep your feet warm as you watch, then we suggest you hurry up.


So, no news yet of a Nintendo of America Nintendo Direct to match this, interesting...


So, what's everyone hoping for today? Our team demands a Paper Mario release date, as well as a "Ha, gotcha!" to confirm that Luigi's Mansion is actually out at Halloween. We're not holding our breath for the second one, though.


Less than 30 minutes to more Nintendo Direct goodness. Put the kettle on.


Is your body ready?

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User Comments (188)



BenAV said:

There probably won't be too much exciting, but I'm hoping for at least one nice surprise.
You never really know what to expect with Nintendo Direct.



GazPlant said:

Looking forward to seeing what random location Shibata and his omnipresent Goomba figure have travelled to today



duffmmann said:

I'd like to see the rumored idea that more GBA games will come to the VC for everyone to purchase. Would also love to see the SNES on the VC.



singie1 said:

can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have more tracks in MK7? its maybe not possible? but imagine EVERY track in the entire Mario Kart series being re made in glorious 3D Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



BenAV said:

Considering we haven't had anything good in the eShop for a long time and it is a 3DS related presentation on a Thursday, a little "and this will be available in the eShop after the presentation" like they did with Dillon's Rolling Western would be nice... maybe Hana Samurai or something?
I want something good to download.



duffmmann said:

Pokemon MMO??

Haha I know thats not coming, but would freaking love to see it happen



RedYoshi999 said:

Aw, really? Why did you remind me that we don't have Majora's Mask 3D yet! I can't go one conference without hoping for an announcement.



Bulbousaur said:

I'm guessing the new GBA downloads there's been rumours about recently on the Nintendo EU site, bring on Superstar Saga!



Boo_Buster said:

@19Robb92 Does Europe not have Swapnote? That is pretty weak Robb, I don't use it often but it is pretty clever when I need to ask a friend on 3DS a not too important question or tell them something rather non-urgent




It'll just be some GBA download games and confirmation of those retail games available for download (at overpriced levels too).



RupeeClock said:

First there was no sound, then it was intermittent, now it's actually off-line

Oh dear!



bluecat said:

It says Off Air now in the corner. Seems to be some technical difficulties on their end?



bluecat said:

"The upcoming announcement was so big that the video went down here, there and everywhere (including the Nintendo of Europe page)."

I hope you aren't referring to Art Academy. XD



RedYoshi999 said:

Maybe they received too much hate for Luigi's Mansion not releasing until 2013 and Paper Mario releasing a month after the US.



Trikeboy said:

its 3am for me and all I got was glitch vids and then it stopped on a picture of a goomba.



Folkloner said:

Drunk Miyamoto spilled Sake all over Shibata's Laptop. Should have backed up those files Nintendo.



Late said:

Don't blame Pikachu! It was that Goomba!
Hopefully it will continue soon.



BenAV said:

"Apologies to everyone trying to watch #NintendoDirectEU via our Ustream page, we're having some difficulties."



duffmmann said:

Well we didn't see anything that warranted a Pegi 16 rating, so there was definitely more to see



Paul4679 said:

Anyone else think the 3D cameras on the Pikachu 3DS are well placed to look like nipples? Maybe the PEGI 16 rating wasn't high enough



XCWarrior said:

More sales! I feel like NA is getting their semi-monthly screw job right now. I mean I'm sure we'll get this stuf... well pretty sure... maybe.



XCWarrior said:

Nano Assault is great. Hope the leaderboards get tied together. And can we swap presidents? This guy doesn't say stupid stuff like Reggie does.



theblackdragon said:

is it just me, or did that shell trophy appear out of nowhere? i swear it wasn't there a few minutes ago haha



AVahne said:

Fire Emblem Awakening for Q2 for Europe? Meaning Q3 or Q4 for American then...sigh I want my Fire Emblem already =__=



Xilef said:

Great Nintendo Direct. Some sweet eShop games coming (that i don't any money for...).



Moonhillwat said:

Nothing about GBA games. Why am I not surprised?

That's it. I'm getting a Game Boy Player. Screw this.



RedYoshi999 said:

I think I will be downloading Star Fox and Mario Kart (when I have money that is) Shame GBA Games weren't announced.



bluecat said:

Well.....I think this sums up the lack of any Virtual Console news, GBA or otherwise:




BenAV said:

BenAV wrote:

Considering we haven't had anything good in the eShop for a long time and it is a 3DS related presentation on a Thursday, a little "and this will be available in the eShop after the presentation" like they did with Dillon's Rolling Western would be nice... maybe Hana Samurai or something?
I want something good to download.

Well, my guess was pretty good I'd say.



cmk8 said:

Decent stuff, nice to see them taking advatage of opportunity to put some games out through e-shop (still want Pokemon Trading Card Game though!)
Will be interesting (and probably depressing) to see the price of a lot of the downloadable titles though...



bluecat said:

BUT I do hope those Level 5 games come to NA. I really want to play Aero Porter of all things. XD



BenAV said:

Has the eShop been updated yet?
If it's there already then I have to change my region to download it.



BenAV said:

How about Liberation Maiden? Is that there yet?
Not sure if I'm going to need to change my region or if it'll be uploaded to the Australian eShop too.



bluecat said:

"Liberation Maiden isn't there yet, patience is a virtue. Guild01 lives, these 3 also coming to NA."




BenAV said:

It's 5am so trying to decide whether to go to sleep, or wait for the eShop to update and stay up the rest of the night playing Liberation Maiden...
Decisions, decisions.



wuuds said:

this is too awesome. i can't even begin to explain how excited i am!!
paper mario, fallblox, hana samurai, denpa men, professor layton, virtue's last reward, monster hunter, guild01!!

need to put in some overtime at work

thanks for this coverage nintendolife! you are quite awesome!!



Adhrast said:

These idiots, putting up the games as DD at a higher price than retail -.-
Liberation Maiden is already mine anyway



Linkstrikesback said:

Nintendo Europe must be morons. £39.99 for brand new games, such as New Super MArio bros 2, was already ridiculous. Putting games that are months or even over a year old at this point is downright the stupidest decision they could possibly make.



BenAV said:

It was nearly done, then... "An error has occured," D:
Sleep mode download it is.



TourianTourist said:

Anyone can check how many blocks OoT3D consumes? Pretty please.

(I would check myself, but I don't have enough money on the eShop to get to the point where they actually tell me the block count... or is there another way to check this? I need this information for a small news article on a Zelda site.)



Adhrast said:

@Linkstrikesback My thoughts exactly. € 44,99 for games you can find in the shops for half the price is just idiotic. Had they put them on DD for like € 30 then I could think about getting Starfox or OoT, but I'm totally not gonna pay the full retail price for months old games :/

Also, Crimson Shroud looks extremely tempting... I fear I'll have to buy a bigger SD sooner than I though



FonistofCruxis said:

I already knew that SMT: Devil Survivor: Overclocked was coming to Europe this year, I was hoping for an actual release date. Releasing the Guil01 games separatley as 3DSware games is a good idea. Liberation maiden looks awesome but I doubt I'll get the other two. Nano assault EX looks great too!



wuuds said:

ah you guys are lucky.. Star Fox and OoT have only just dropped to € 40 here in Norway (they were € 60.. in fact Resident Evil and SML3D still are )
not as big a difference here then but they are still cheaper in physical game shops.

as for everyone hating on Aero Porter... it's Yoot Saito! the man is a legend. i will be trying that out for sure.



Reala said:

For the price of a retail game on eshop you can get skyrim right now with its paid dlc and still have about £10 change :/



wuuds said:

ah well i see that SML3D is about €14 cheaper on the downloads than it is in the shops here. i kinda like boxes, covers and cartridges though
but i also love buying downloads like Pullblox and Mighty Switch Force. ah damnit it's a catch 22 i tell ya.

what happens if your SD card somehow corrupts? does that mean you lose your purchases? would you have to buy them all over again??



wuuds said:

@Bluezealand thanks for the heads-up!!

but you have to connect your Nintendo account to your 3DS somehow?
i don't think we have a club Nintendo here in Norway so i'm not sure how that works. will figure it out though.



Bluezealand said:

You only need to connect your 3DS with a Nintendo account, if you want to collect the 500 Nintendo Stars. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. Every 3DS has its own eshop-account, so you won't have problems with re-downloading, as long as your 3DS isn't broken.



Vriess said:

The digital versions of the retail games are too f-ing expensive!!!! They should cost no more than €35,-!!

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