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The Denpa Men are Coming to Your 3DS Next Week

Posted by Mike Mason


If, like us, you've been giddily waiting for Genius Sonority's The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave, you're in for a nice surprise next week. It'll be hitting the North American 3DS eShop on 27th September.

The dungeon-crawling RPG lets you use 3DS' augmented reality functionality to track down the radio wave-carried Denpa Men in your every day surroundings. Spot and snag one and he'll join you in combat as you go after the King of Evil to rescue that special someone through a variety of dungeons. Each Denpa Man is unique, so you may have to frequent several real-life locations to find the perfect party partners for each challenge.

The Denpa Men is directed by Genius Sonority CEO Manabu Yamana, known for his work on the Dragon Quest series as a director and lead programmer. It's his first RPG project since going independent. There's also music from Hitoshi Sakimoto of Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy XII fame.

It'll cost $9.99 when it comes out next week, but if you fancy a taster before then there's a demo on the North American eShop right now. Any items and Denpa Men raised can be transferred over to the full game. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Oh, and here's a crazy trailer.

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HADAA said:

Let's just say it's akin to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, except that you don't recruit comrades by defeating enemies in the dungeon, instead you capture them face-raider style (Denpa=radiowaves)



idork99 said:

I downloaded the demo this morning and have yet to try it. But my five year old nephew got to try it out before me and he seemed to be having a blast with the camera portion of the game. He was running all over the house trying to get those so called "Denpa Men." Then he came to the RPG part and was all confused since he's never had any experience with role playing games. But there's an option to push the Y button and it'll do the battles automatically for you. So, he started doing that and was having a blast. I'd say that this game is a friendly way to get people into dungeon-crawling RPG that have never experienced it before. Especially the little ones with the cute art form. Pretty creative if you ask me. I'll play it later tonight and during the weekend to determine if it's worth the purchase.



Morpheel said:

The demo is fun. I may download it next week.

But wow, that ad was weird.



MrWezzle said:

Yeah, the demo is pretty fun. And I, for one, think the commercial is excellent.



Aqueous said:

I had some fun on it. I might wait a little bit to see some people's thoughts but I'll likely get it.

Too bad this one wasn't out for the Nintendo Commercials article



Windy said:

I gotta say this is a high quality demo. Very nice! I just hope this version gets enough interest so that they bring the sequel here which has full online multiplayer co-op. I will be downloading the full version. This is exactly what I was expecting with Planet Crashers which Crashed and burned heh heh shame on you renegade kid for slappin your name on that! Sorry got a bit off topic. This demo is well worth spending some time on. The game plays just like dragon quest. Lets hope it getS enough interest for the sequel to be localised



RR529 said:

Loved the demo. It has an "auto battle", so newcomers can easily be guided into the genre, but you can also pick your moves individually, which is great for those of us already accustomed to JRPGs (you can have at least 6 members in your party, and probably more, so it might actually get pretty deep).

While the Denpa Men themselves look pretty Mii-ish, the environments are all smooth & look great, and I absolutely love the enemy design (especially Corn Critter & Oink Rabbit from what I've seen so far).

I'll probably get a lot of time from this demo, since you can carry over your data to the full game when it releases (going to grind a few levels & stock up on items).



Windy said:

You go RR529! I am doing the same im lovin the demo so far! What kind of build is your group? Right now I have 2 healers and 1 guy who shoots water and 1 guy who seems to be a dud. The dud does have a high attack low defense though. He always frowning



Pikachupwnage said:

Nintendo has created an abomination in the eyes of God!

They fused pikmin and teletubbies together!

Seriously this game is awesome if the demo is anything to go by.



edhe said:

The music (as found on the official site) is brilliant. I hope this comes out in Europe.



KiwiPanda said:

XD I'm surprised. I thought I would be one of the only people to recognize it as a Teletubby. Overall, the gameplay looks great, and lately I've needed a new RPG, so I think I'll get it. I need to get the demo, but from what I've read, I'll assume that it's good as well. Also, knowing there is something called a "Oink Rabbit" ( @RR529 ), I think I have yet another reason to get it I like the sense of sarcasm in the trailer, aswell. Poses gracefully on a table



C-Olimar said:

Obviously because this is first party published I would expect it to make Europe soon but we never got Sakura Samurai (whyyyy noooot???) so I'm not sure. It would be a shame if we missed out



Bane said:

Do I really need to be around radiowaves to catch them cause when i was at home I only managed to see two but only caught one and he said that he was a weak dempa-dude



DarkNinja9 said:

@GameCube lmao that was my first though i was like wth kind of game is this o_o

it kinda looks stupid video wise but when they show parts of the game play it looks ok this is something i would get =p

i will go check the demo section and downloaded it now



RR529 said:

@Windy, I have three white clothed guys (only two are healers, though), a black clothed one (nothing too special, but he has decent attack & defense), a green clothed one (has the highest attack, and I've enforced that with a power bracelet), and an orange clothed one (best defence, also enforced by an item).



XCWarrior said:

Will be trying it tonight, got it downloaded. Anything that is an RPG but is also unique sounds great to me.



Windy said:

Well I just beat the demo. All I can say as weird as this game looks is, "The full version will be mine!". LOL



bluecat said:

Not quite what I was expecting when I played the trailer! But it does look fun....



Icefreak45 said:

That trailer was umm... unique? But I shall be picking this one up as I've been watching it since it was first announced to be localized



McGruber said:

I enjoy the demo. It's pretty standard RPG fare, but with an excellent art style. I love the enemy designs. I love how there is an enemy that is a cob of corn, and it's weakness is ice. I might buy this. And that is really cool that you can continue where you left off in the Demo!



Pikachupwnage said:


Yeah. The aesthetics and the depna men set this apart from other RPG's.

The second one(Releasing in japan next week) seems to be adding some animal crossing like features. Also online!

Can't wait for the sequel and the first hasn't even come out LOL



GreenDream said:

This is a Japanese game, people. All of this stuff is completely normal in Japan. Our "normal" lives are what's weird to them!



SMW said:

Demo was interesting. Denpa reminds me of dempa music which is pretty weird music that I happen to enjoy. There must be a connection there, I thought, so researched I did. Here is what I found:

Denpa (電波?), also denpa-kei (電波系?) or denpa-san (電波さん?), is a Japanese term for individuals who are disconnected or disassociated from the people around them. They may entertain wild fantasies or other strong beliefs, and their speech or actions may seem strange or incoherent to outside observers. Denpa literally means "electromagnetic wave", and the original sense of denpa-san was of someone who thought they were receiving voices, thoughts, or instructions directly to their mind via electromagnetic radiation.

I think that describes this game rather well.



Drobotic said:

So Denpas are touching me right now?I'm officially scared.LOL.The demo was good.But I found that it was a little bit like Dragon Quest IX,with the RPG and dungeon crawling.If only you could play with friends and catch Denpa with them.



rjejr said:

My 7 yr old played the demo for awhile last night and really seemed to enjoy it. The music seemed enjoyable enough. Won't be getting it though as all his money has gone to Black 2 and I think that $10 Radar game would make this unneccassry.
So I'm the only one who thinks the Denpa are the happy cousins of the Saibamen? Guess I'm just old.



DarkNinja9 said:

played the demo and to me it seems like a versions of find mii and pokemon put together still kinda fun though beating up bats and such



rosemo said:

I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. Maybe I will pick this up but other games also await my attention.



Windy said:

We need to support this release so we can get to the 2nd release of this game. The Demo is pretty good and its a very high quality Eshop title. If it goes unsupported we maynot see the sequel which has full online multiplayer co-op i'm buying on Day 1. Plus part 1 is a good game to begin with This is really what planet crashers should have been



Dodger said:

I'll get this if it doesn't require me to go to different locations and spin around in circles. Great way to look stupid. The game was decent, as long as I don't have to play it in public.



Dizzard said:

I wonder if this will come to Europe.

Kind of undecided on this, it's so bizarre. If it's the right price I might give it a whirl....or if they release the demo.



TeeJay said:

The demo most certainly did NOT impress me. The battles hardly required any input from the player. It bored me, to be honest.



Drobotic said:

I like how you can transfer your data from the demo to the full version so you won't have to start over again.



RR529 said:

@Chucknorrmis, Genius Sonority is a 2nd Party dev (owned by Nintendo), so that won't be happening.

@TeeJay. Were you using the auto battle (which the cursor is on by default)? I was kinda bored too, until I realized you can pick each Denpa Man's move individually (like any other JRPG). Much more enjoyable that way.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I can't wait until this makes it over to PAL territory, we gotta have some good downloadable RPGs here or else i'm gonna be stuck with mostly platformers and/ puzzle games on our eShop.



chucknorrmis said:

well. after an unnecessary grinding session, i now have lvl 10 dempas, what i think is a rare suit called clubs (+50 speed +1 all def) x2, an earth and wind aumulet, 2644 G, and 70 potions. i think i'm ready for B4 now!



Fabian said:

It´s time to give my 3DS away all the games are just relased in NA I hate the European Eshop



Windy said:

I think this game is going to be a huge release and success. There is more under the hood than whats in this demo. I can't wait for it The Game looks weird but once you get passed that it is going to be a serious contender in the RPG Genre. This is just my prediction I usually don't like a gotta catchem all type game but this game will be glorious and hopefully they get that sequel to us as quickly as possible with the Full online Co-op. The game is not far off from Dragon Quest the way it plays



Marioman64 said:

the picture you used by the article almost scared me away, but i'll admit this looks interesting



Hachiko said:

Allow me to elaborate the mechanics of the game with proof.

This game does use radio waves to find the denpa men. Thats why this game would work so well in cities. For instance, I played the demo in my dorm room at college. (i never plan on giving up on new ideas.) When everyone was here playing their PS3's, xbox 360's, radios, tablets, computers, I got several different colors of the denpa men. However, about everyone in my hall left for home over the weekend. Now when I search...nothing. Wes even says so.

I was skeptical as well at first. I thought it just used the colors on the screen like the AR games did with fishing. But its official, this DOES use radio waves. And depending on the frequency, gives you your different colors. Guess Ill go turn on my car radio and have at it.^^ There ya go ya'll
Happy Gaming.



RR529 said:

It might not use radio waves, but I wouldn't be surprised if it used Wi-Fi signals (you can't catch Denpa Men with the Wi-Fi off).

The more Wi-Fi is active in an area, the more Denpa Men you get. Wi-Fi signals are probably just called "radiowaves" for the purpose of the game's theme. If the 3DS could actually get radiowaves, there'd probably be a radio app on it.



Drawdler said:

I love cheesy real life commercials. XD

I hope this comes to Australia and Europe cause personally I'd definetly buy it.



Klinny said:

The demo was surprisingly enjoyable! It's kind of funny to have to wander around the house trying to find the room with the best/most "radio waves", too. Will definitely be getting the full game next week.

I can't wait to be a Denpa Man, too.



Windy said:

Don't let the goofy looks deceive you guys this is a solid Catchem RPG with great Graphics, music and gameplay. A solid RPG contender. I think I'm more Giddy than the Nintendolife Staff.

3 Days



SammyOfMobius said:

I'm buying this at 12 PM on Thurday! Last week I bought Zelda DX and Rising Board 3D... which are both great games!



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Nintendo doesn't seem to like to offer any hints that any games that are released on Americas eshop are going to come over to PAL regions. I have no idea what Nintendo of Australia really wants to achieve with theirs because there are hardly any must have downloads and The Denpamen is one of those games I want localized here more than Cave Story+.



Mollutje said:

Yet anóther title that seems interesting but is outside my grasp since I live in bloody Europe! I can live with a little bit of delay, but being kept in the dark about the simple matter of whether or not this is going to be released in Europe at áll rather sucks, frankly. Fractured Soul, The Denpa Men, HarmoKnight, those new Mutant Mudds levels.. all stuff to look forward to, but I don't even know whether any of it's gonna make it to the EU Eshop anytime soon. Or at all for that matter.

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