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Radio waves are all around you.

However, what you might not know is that, at any and all times, mysterious little creatures float around near these waves.

They're called "Denpa" Men. You can't see them normally, but you can find them and catch them with your Nintendo 3DS.

This is a role-playing game in which you collect Denpa Men to form a party, and use this party to explore dungeons.

Each radio wave territory has its own completely unique Denpa Men, and no two of them are ever the same!

Their faces, bodies, and personalities are all different, and some of them even have special skills and strong points.

There's a practically infinite number of variations!

Sometimes, you'll even find Denpa Men who are exceptionally strong.

Try searching in lots of different places to form your own team of these wonderful tiny critters, and take them on an adventure to rescue a certain special someone from the clutches of the King of Evil!


  • Different types of "DENPA" MEN are location-specific
  • There are many types of "DENPA" MEN, some are quite rare
  • You can find and catch new characters anytime, anywhere
  • Captured characters become characters in the game

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed


When we first started hearing the news about Denpa Ningen no RPG coming to the West, we didn't know what to expect. Its visual debt to Nintendo's Miis and Pikmin intrigued us, and the fact that the brains behind this game had their fingers in Pokémon...

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User Comments (29)



kitroplious said:

Definitely buying this! Even at $10, this has been on my wishlist since the day Japan got it in February!

The sequel arrives in Japan September 26 for 1000 Yen



Hokori said:

The illusion men look awesome! I want this, there are so many great Japanese only eShop titles, Picross e, e2, that CN Picross, Denpa men, 2, Harmo Knight, Pokedex 3D Pro, Pokemon dream radar, and probably a few others that I want at least we're getting this, and Pokemon stuff soon. I also envy the huge amount of demos they have even if I never really DL demos



McGruber said:

Played the demo today. It's a cute little RPG. Very basic turn based rpg elements but it does have a little charm. The $10 price is reasonable for this game for sure!



sephora7 said:

AWESOME GAME very addicting and pepole seem to love catching denpa men ive tried it out on a couple pepole they say its worth buying



NoirUsernameHere said:

i was thinking about picking it up,but i have a choice between this and new super mario bros. 2.i just dont know which one to pick!



Candy811 said:

I played the demo and I like it! Its a cute and fun game. Looking forward to getting this



voteforpedro said:

letting my 5 year old sister try it out... she is more into the hunting part than the rpg thing... shes really getting a kick out of the way they look.



Agent1AndHisBro said:

I can't get the QR Codes to work on my 3DS, I have the game, and when I scan it says: "This is not a QR Code for Denpa Men." Any help?



Tohru said:

I've bought this game but I've got to say, the creators were really lazy with making the enemies, I mean, they use the same mold of each enemy but just change the colours, names and attacks of each enemy. Besides that, the game is pure awesomeness.



Joygame51 said:

Just got my Brand spanking new 3DS xl today as an early Birthday gift a little from each of my family members ( all older adults like myself at 61) My Hubby and the gang had pity on me ...LOL Im so happy I could just PLOTZ !! Thinking seriouly about Depa men ...but not sure !

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