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Sun 23rd September, 2012

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Hachiko commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

Listen. It does sound easy right? Play games make money. But the amount of work that goes into it...baffling. for one! You have to keep a running commentary. Play a various amount of games to keep people entertained. Video editing to keep things interesting. And dont mention audio levels...ita hard stuff. oh...and theres a bazillion of us. So standing out is near impossible.



Hachiko commented on The Denpa Men are Coming to Your 3DS Next Week:

Allow me to elaborate the mechanics of the game with proof.

This game does use radio waves to find the denpa men. Thats why this game would work so well in cities. For instance, I played the demo in my dorm room at college. (i never plan on giving up on new ideas.) When everyone was here playing their PS3's, xbox 360's, radios, tablets, computers, I got several different colors of the denpa men. However, about everyone in my hall left for home over the weekend. Now when I search...nothing. Wes even says so.

I was skeptical as well at first. I thought it just used the colors on the screen like the AR games did with fishing. But its official, this DOES use radio waves. And depending on the frequency, gives you your different colors. Guess Ill go turn on my car radio and have at it.^^ There ya go ya'll
Happy Gaming.