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Nintendo of America Wii U Event Will be Live Online

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Reggie also gets chatty with the Mario brothers

We all know that Nintendo of America is hosting its big Wii U event tomorrow in New York, with Europe and Japan each weighing in with Nintendo Direct broadcasts as well. We thought it'd be worth giving you all of the important details in one place, so that you won't miss a thing.

To make sure you see the action there'll be three options to watch the event: the official Wii U web page, on YouTube and also on the Wii U Facebook page. It all happens at 10am Eastern US, 9am Central US, 7am Pacific US, 3pm British time and 4pm central European time.

Depending on your region, don't forget to check out details of the Nintendo of Europe and Japanese Nintendo Direct events, with the European video taking place at the same time as the New York event, while the Japanese equivalent is seven hours earlier. We'll be covering all three events extensively here on Nintendo Life.

Finally, you can check out the NoA announcement video below, in which Reggie Fils-Aime speaks to rather large Mario and Luigi characters while keeping a straight face.

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Megumi said:

They really should do it where Reggie and Charles (Mario) does these things together, would be funny/awesome. xD



rjejr said:

3 streams, very nice, much better than reading the Apple blogs today - iPhone 5 is real in case anyone cares, no sign of an iPad mini, or an iPod Touch upgrade. Wait, scratch that, upgrades now. Funny, nano has a 2 1/2" display with MULTITOUCH. Must come with a whole lot of sandpaper.

So, live blog here at NL so I can read while I watch?

Next year hopefully we'll all be reading blogs on our Gamepads while watching it live on our tv screens



Late said:

I'm going to watch Japanese Nintendo Direct and this one and then the European Nintendo Direct later. It's just so much nicer to hear Reggie speaking than Satoru Shibata. It's just that I like when Japanese is Japanese and English is English it's sometimes hard to understand some words when Shibata speaks English.

@Bof: You forgot one /. The second one should be [/b].



Obvious78 said:

I dont hope they will anounce some more casual games like Balloon Popping in NintendoLand (No bashing, I am serious). I want some real hardcore 1st party titles
-Mario 3D
-Mario Kart
-Donkey Kong

at least 1 of then (I know its way too much to ask hahaha)



CrazyOtto said:

I'll be asleep during the Japanese conference, but I'm off work tommorow so I watch the American one.

Also, I wonder if that's Charles Martinet in the Mario costume.



rjejr said:

@ThomasBW84 "extensive coverage of all three events"

Get James to take a sick day at his new job and come help out for old times sake.



shingi_70 said:

All these guys expecting crazy reveals are going to be dissapointed. This is going to be about the launch and OS type stuff. Maybe a reveal for next year but not much.



19Robb92 said:

There's been twitter feeds of people discussing a unannounced WiiU launch title. That's pretty interesting, maybe Nintendo has saved something cool up for launch to get people hyped now that it's getting close?



Scollurio said:

@ Sony_70 - exactly my thoughts. I rather wan't to hear about apple and if they FINALLY update their iMac line, I need an updated comp for my office!

Still Im watching the Nintendo thing, would love to get a Wii U, tired of everything else.



AcesHigh said:

Yes, agreed. This is just going to be an announcement on price, release date and confirmation of release dates on launch window games that we already know about. Nothing new folks.

But there doesn't need to be! This will mark the opening of official pre-orders. Get your browsers set to your favorite retail site and your fingers hitting that F5 button!!



AcesHigh said:

I highly doubt there will be anything new... They already have some big name titles launching within the window and thre's really nothing bigger than Mario. Anything bigger would just cannibalize those titles. Maybe some smaller unannounced games but nothing significant. Bigger stuff is next year.



Megumi said:

People get overhyped easily, but I think a game could be announced here...who knows, Star Fox?...Maybe Metroid, or whatever Retro is working on?



19Robb92 said:

Since RETRO's new game got pulled out of their E3 presentation at the last minute I'm guessing they wanted to save it for another time, this might be that time. I wouldn't expect them to show it to be honest, but there's always a possibility.

Especially with the Tweets going around about something, not huge, but unexpected to be announced.



Kyloctopus said:

@AcesHigh And I highly doubt your opinion. There may be no new games in regarding to First Party Retail games (I think we will get some downloadable games announced though) but Miiverse needs to be shown more, and why it will be a great selling point to future Nintendo games and consoles, how can NFC make the Wii U any better. Each and every game needs to be more in depth (most notably Nintendo Land, Project P100, and Tekken Tag Tournement 2) EA must have some games they need to show off, and the same goes with Activision. And then of course there is release info.



scrubbyscum999 said:

I just want to know more about the Wii U. Explain Miiverse, the interface, tell me what the systems is like. We don't know that much.



FluttershyGuy said:

Let's see... This event showcasing Nintendo's next generation of awesomeness, or Apple's that'll insure millions more cell phone users on the road trying to kill me? That's an easy choice. Not Apple-hating. I want the new iPod Touch! You just need to be driving a tank to be safe on today's roads!

The Japanese ND this morning will be a delicious appetizer to whet the appetite for the main course.



SolxBurst said:

Will there be a saved recording of the stream, I will not be able to watch it live but I do want to see it?



Xilef said:

Won't be watching any of the streams. Damn school and homework...



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I might have a chance to watch it! I didn't have to go to school this week because of this whole big thing going on where I live with the teachers... So anyways, Can't wait!



Kohaku said:

A nice size Mario for in the livingroom!

I am at home so I can watch it live



Rapadash6 said:

If the conferences tomorrow don't go well, Reggie will again be sitting at this table with Mario and Luigi, but the brothers won't be smiling.



aaronsullivan said:

I really DO hope for a sneak peak at SOMETHING. It probably shouldn't be the next 3D Mario either as Mario is getting a bit worn out lately on the 3DS. Zelda? Metroid? Is Star Fox big enough? I just think Nintendo needs a little punch along with the expected facts to get those pre-orders going.

@19Robb92 Where did you read that Retro's project was pulled at the last minute? All I read was Reggie saying he'd be in big trouble with Retro if they spilled the beans that early while they have been working so hard.



U3N said:

@Rapadash6 Oh, will they (Mario & Luigi) be frowning alright. But seriously, they need to take risks in the shooter-heavy market of North America. Some of the most successful companies in America took chances with things and dared to push the envelope.



kyuubikid213 said:

At 4pm, I'll be all over NintendoLife. Here's hoping the Wii U is under $300...for my sake. Highest I can go now is $350.



SMW said:

Wii U theme song confirmed? lol They usually don't have music in these videos.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

Hey does anyone know how the Wii U menu looks like I just realized that they never showed us the Wii U menu. I hope its not as boring as the Wii that had boring music to go with it.



Retro_on_theGo said:

sigh I don't care.
First of all, I'll be in school so I can't watch, but even if I could I'm just not interested anymore. I reeaaalllly don't care about the Wii U and this would just be a waste of time for me unless Nintendo had the guts to take a risk and announce a new F-Zero or Star Fox.



MagicEmperor said:

7 AM my time? No can do. I'll be on the road to group therapy. Oh, well! One of my buds will be watching it, so he'll fill me in when I'm free.



rjejr said:

Besides the obvious date and price info I still really want to know about:

1. Wii to WiiU transfers.
2. How much storage is in the device, whether internal or SD card.
3. What the differences are between the 3 rumoured price points of $249 - $299 - $349. It's not really much of a bundle if they only add a $50 game to one and a $50 Gamepad Pro controller plus game to the other.



Chris720 said:

I'll probably have to watch it on Saturday or something... :/

But I am hoping I can watch it tomorrow, be nice to see what the price will be.



Radixxs said:

I am so excited to hear info they should have announced months ago. I am also very excited To buy a Wii U because of all of the great games.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

@Bof Nope. He lives in the same city as me but I don't know who he is. Yup that's what's happening right now. All the teachers are on strike because they added an extra hour to all the public school's and the teacher's aren't getting payed for that extra hour. Which is why I currently don't have school...



Grodus said:

STUPID FIRST GRADE!!! Anyway, too bad I'll be in school. I'll wacth it when I get out.



Abcdude said:

I'm homeschooled, so i'll just be up early and get my study's done, then watch



NintyMan said:

I'll get to watch the stream for a half-hour and 10 minutes at least; too bad I have class at 11. Not even Reggie's body can stand up to the Mario Bros.



Emaan said:

Reggie you're amazing. Glad we're finally getting confirmation we have a live stream. My body is ready!



cfgk24 said:

Much more interesting than the boring old Apple iphone online conference.. . .



Capt_N said:

@cfgk24: I couldn't even watch the stream. Done out by "rain", literally.

I will try to keep expectations low, so as to be pleasantly surprised by anything else aside from price point, & release/launch window. Although, to be honest, (by) now Nintendo should have ready for release @ least a bit more info, than just the release/launch window/date, & price, &/or bundles.



gefflt said:

A special Wii U Event live broadcast at 10:00am, on the only morning I don't have class?!? Thank god for university!



WiiLovePeace said:

Dang I was hoping this would be a different time than the European one so I could watch both live but I'll just have to watch this one after, for the laughs



Ichiban said:

As far as games coming that we kinda already know about, I'd say Black ops 2 for Wii U will be shown for the first time at this event. And maybe Need For Speed Most Wanted.



Heatran5400 said:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! go to school before it starts and come back an hour after it ends. Oh what irony!



ICEFIRE1593 said:

I am hitting my local gamestop after class on thursday. I am preordering the $350 black one along with zombiu, AC3, Mass Effect 3 , NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and Nintendo land

I am all for the Wii U and can not wait till it comes out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been waiting since E3 2011



U3N said:

Home schoolers are lucky. They get to watch it at school. However, my school doesn't allow such things. :/



DarkNinja9 said:

darn 7 am for my time zone =/ to early wish they would of done it in the afternoon like last time D:

any chances of it being saved so i can watch it later in the day?



wickhamfish said:

They sure are teasing´╗┐
@nintendolife... Remember the cover of 'Nintendo Gamer Magazine'... with some Nintendo mascots in sight
I'll put a bet, that a themed version of Starfox will be playable in NintendoLand.... We already have a Metroid and F-Zero minigame.
Get ready for the announcement.. 'Starfox in NintendoLand'...
It's so obvious or maybe I'll eat my words ha ha!!´╗┐
Anyway.. we'll find out later??
Peace Bro



_Octoling_ said:

Remeber the "Nintendo tries to get Banjo Kazooie IP" rumor? It also said Rtro was developing a Wi u game with banjo. Mabye they didn't get the licence in time for e3 and had to move it here! A man can dream...



sonik said:

Is this for NA launch only or will it be a "europen wii u event" too?

HOPE nintendo give us HD remakes of SM64 or Oot to nibble on before the big new mario/zelda games arrive in late 2013/2014. That was the 3ds biggest mistake crap launch games and zelda 3d remake trhee months away, nowonder anyone buyed.

I am confused about the 8gb and the 32gb version, can you add a 32gb sdhc card to a 8gb system and get 40gb? if thats the case I grab a cheep 32gb card and save a lot of money.

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