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Metroid Blast Joins Nintendo Land Roster

Posted by Damien McFerran

Samus old story

New screens have broken cover online which show a new game in the forthcoming Wii U title Nintendo Land.

Metroid Blast is - as you might expect from the name - set in the universe made so famous by the heroic exploits of Samus Aran.

It appears to feature co-operative gameplay, with players taking out large-scale enemies.

Nintendo Land is expected to launch alongside the Wii U console later this year.


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WolfRamHeart said:

Hmm, interesting. It looks like this could be fun but I'm still not entirely impressed by what I have seen of Nintendo Land. I would still prefer it if Nintendo makes this a pack-in game for the Wii U. A Metroid-themed level does seem pretty cool though.



NintyMan said:

That looks pretty cool, and the stages seem to be big. I think it's supposed to be like the Battle Mii tech demo from E3 2011, so I'm looking forward to learning more.



Megumi said:

This better be bundled with the console.
I'm pretty sure it is...



WingedSnagret said:

You need to be careful when using such words as "roster" and "join(s)" in the title. Otherwise it might confuse some people with some other certain upcoming game.

But anyway, like many others I hope this is bundled. Looks fun though.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I would have liked Nintendo Land more if it used actual characters from their respective game rather than Miis. This one does look nice though.



OorWullie said:

By the looks of it the gamepad user controls the spaceship as it says Guest E above it.I hope this has online multiplayer,surely?



Tsuchiya said:

Metroid and Zelda are on Wii U... kinda :/

It looks like a kiddy version of Future Cop LAPD. Somewhat fitting really.



sinalefa said:

@Retro on the Go

Remember that this is intended to be an amusement park where you play, so Miis are necessary here, maybe more than in any other game.

Now this looks a lot more polished than the Battle Mii demo



kkslider5552000 said:

Honestly, this looks less like Metroid and more like what would happen if the people behind Tron tried to make the fake city area from Bulletstorm. This is shockingly a compliment since it's supposed to look fake like that. You know, amusement park. That's...the point.



misswliu81 said:

i think this is battle mii but with noticible visual changes, as well as the title change as well. i was hoping this would be part of nintendo land, so yeah, i'm really happy with this.



drumsandperc92 said:

Looks disappointing. Would rather it have been FPS like the Prime Series.
Also, i know i know, this isn't the point ESPECIALLY in Nintendo Land but, the graphics on this particular mini game look pretty Wii-esque, and don't really show off the Wii U. Even the Zelda mini game i think shows off the graphical capabilities a little better than this one. Maybe it's just the screen shots but the textures and lighting really rather bland and boring, where it could have been much more exciting and aesthetically pleasing, even while retaining that 'amusement park' feel & art style.
And it doesn't look HD to me either...textures don't seem to take advantage of the resolution.
Hopefully Nintendo Land is a pack-in title because it does look fun & will most certainly entertain in leu of a standalone game.
But i wouldn't buy it separately for full retail price ($50-$60).



TooManyToasters said:

It's sure to impress Metroid fans, at least from a graphical perspective. Aside from the Mii heads it looks a lot like an HD Metroid Prime.



DonnyKD said:

Yo, look at the first screenshot:

On the Gunship, it says "Guest E".

And in the second one, it says "Guest B".

I hope they aren't just names for CPU players...


I don't agree that the graphics look bland and boring.




Oh for crying out loud. Miis in Samus's gear. Now I seen it ALL! As long as this game don't play like crap, I have no problem with this NONE what so ever.



19Robb92 said:

Could be fun for multiplayer. I still want it bundled with the system though.



Mk_II said:

Looks promising. Very smart move to introduce Metroid to a bigger audience in this way.



Wildfire said:

As a big metroid fan I'm really not impressed with this or any of the other suposed atractions on Nintendo land. But as long as others are having fun with this minigames or demos or whatever, it's fine by me.



DeMoN-13ruce said:

this are larger minigames they have several levels etc you can unlock.

hope it's bundled if not still buy for metroid blast or zelda cloth world alone:p



Magnet_Man018 said:

@Erica_Hartmann Well, they said it was for Wii U the same Wii Sports was for Wii, so I'd be surprised if they don't bundle it.
Also, has anyone else seen a Yoshi egg on a door of the park? I wonder what minigame they will do with Yoshi...



RVN said:

hey, a third person shooter with multiplayer using the wiimote? looks so
man, this could be the kind of "gem" you find sometimes on a tech demo, like boxing was on wii sports



LittleIrves said:

@drumsandperc92 This probably doesn't look HD since the image is taken from another site's screenshot... If you were looking at the game itself on your HDTV, the quality will be much more noticeable.
I played the Battle Mii demo at E3 2011 and it was super-fun and made great use of the GamePad. My only worry is that you'll need a couple of other people to really get the most out of the game, and that isn't always going to be the case, so I hope they figure out a compelling single-player mode for this (and the other NLand games).
I really think this game is going to surprise people when it finally hits. So much naysaying by so many people who've yet to play it for 2 seconds. Let's just wait and see.



rjejr said:

I have 4 Wiimotes but only 2 nunchucks b/c we almost never ever need more than 2 of those, looks like we may finally need to buy a couple more now that the Wii is dead. Go figure.



shinpichu said:

Is this using Other M gameplay? Good to see they're giving the mechanics another chance, regardless of the quality of the game's story.



Emaan said:

I'm glad Metroid is getting its own mini-game! Still hoping Nintendo Land is bundled with the Wii U.



noxusprime06 said:

how about nintendo stops making these pathetic mini games based on full games and actually starts making new full games? still waiting on a 3d metroid also :/



19Robb92 said:

They're obviously working on a lot of other projects. It's not like Nintendo consists of one developing team. The only game series that could be suffering would probably be Animal Crossing since the director of animal crossing is working on NintendoLand.



IsawYoshi said:

If you look at the nintendo land photos of the theme park, you can see a mark of an attraction with waves. Those resembles the ones in the O in endless ocean's logo. So I bet we will get a diving attraction.



Shanksta said:

The more and more they add to Nintendoland, the more I wish is was a real place:)



drumsandperc92 said:

@LittleIrves that's great that you got to try it. I too hope that they include a good single player mode as well.
But when you mentioned that it's best with multiple people that aren't always around, it made me think, did Nintendo mention whether or not they are including online multiplayer?
With all these mini games being used to show off the gamepad, they should also take advantage of the game (if it's a pack in) to show off Miiverse and all the social functions of the Nintendo Network, including multiplayer...



19Robb92 said:

Miiverse is confirmed to be used in some fashion. Right now it's looking to be something like online leaderboards and small interactions rather than online multiplayer though.. Which is a shame. Some of these games could be loads of fun with online CoOp etc.



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah a online co op mode when playing these type of game would be rly fun ^-^

the game it self looks fun and im also hoping this is bundled with the game like how wii sports was D:

a new boxing type game would be lots of fun too



AyeHaley said:

This game looks to be so full of content I think it's worth to be a standalone title. Although I would appreciate a bundle! Wow Nintendo never seems to stop amazing me. Dang can't wait to check ALL those "mini" games!

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