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Rayman Legends is Exclusive to Wii U

Posted by Mike Mason

At least for now

A new Rayman Legends trailer has rolled out of Gamescom, and there's an interesting if not entirely unexpected fact at the end — it's a Wii U exclusive.

That's slightly at odds with what Ubisoft's Michael Micholic said during E3, when he stated that the publisher was "not really saying it's a Wii U exclusive". Has Nintendo secured a deal with the French publisher since then, or is this a case of timed exclusivity? Time will tell, but the implication right now seems to be that it's only heading to Nintendo's console.

Don't worry about that for now, though: rejoice in this delightful new trailer, which features Rayman and company dodging around obstacles a-plenty with a little helping hand from their flying froggy friend. And if you're ever in a tight spot against a gigantic monster, remember: all foes have their ticklish spots.

Rayman Legends will be released in time for Christmas 2012.

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19Robb92 said:

I don't think I'm getting it. Not the biggest fan of the character designs.. I'll go with New Super Mario Bros. U for my multiplayer platforming goodness.




Yup, an insta-buy. Wouldn't have mattered to me if it was multi-platform anyway. Would still have gotten the Wii U version and its unique versions.



Cyrso said:

This game is the only reason I'd consider buying a Wii U.

Still, I think it will be released on other platforms eventually. Nintendo never buys games exclusivity and Rayman Origins Wii sold less than the HD versions. I'd definitely buy it on PS3.



silent_genius said:

While every time I watch a Rayman Legends trailer I feel the urge to pre-order a Wii U, I still wonder if this can be played solo as well. If you have to deal with the action on the gamepad as well as guide the other character, it could be very tricky.



3dsisthebest said:

nintendo will be happy to hear your comments...they still know how to make their fans happy...^^,



Stuffgamer1 said:

An exclusive sequel to a game that released on so many different platforms? I'll be surprised if it remains that way indefinitely. But I didn't much care for Origins (damn you, time trials!), so whatever.



Kyloctopus said:

It wouldn't be smart to exclude this on one console. Ubisoft's sales for the first game was built on the HD consoles. And Murphey can simply go on PS Move and Kinect (or better yet, SmartGlass) but it still feels nice to that it is an exclusive for now.



shonenjump86 said:

I kinda hope it's not exclusive Wii U. It will probably be overshadowed by Mario. Didn't this happen with Rayman 2 on N64?



Regulus-85 said:

don´t like rayman!!! i just keep waiting for a new metroid game or a zelda game for wwii u



sinalefa said:

If I get a Wii U I would get this, but I won't get a Wii U for this. I am still waiting for a killer app (or two or three) to pick it up



arrmixer said:

honestly I love this game but its just crazy... I tried the origins game and was playing it with no real objective ( obviously there is one but everthing is just a blur....)

If I had money to burn I might get this later on.....



WolfZombie said:

Disappointing to hear. Still, would rather not have a lot of that touch screen gimmicky kind of interactivity, something more like Origins instead, so for now the exclusivity isn't that big of a deal. Hopefully this(meaning a timed exclusive) or another new Rayman game will come out next year to all consoles. Anyways, this does look pretty good, hopefully the single player is solid.



Gridatttack said:

Im waiting for a rayman to be like the great escape one. Never liked raymans origins at all :/



RevolverLink said:

The "At least for now" sub-header is key here. Because there's no way Ubisoft won't eventually port the limbless wonder to every current system under the Sun. Heck, they're still porting Rayman 2 to stuff.



SaSoBe said:

I'm not sure if I'm getting it. I was really disappointed with Rayman Origins for 3DS.



Dauntless said:

I really think this will be a timed exclusive. This will be a 2012 Christmas exclusive. Realistically Nintendo probably won't be able to supply the demand for the console. The WiiU's install base will be smaller then that of the 360/PS3 combined because of the lack of supply. All this will effect the initial sales of Rayman Legends. And after the disappointing initial sale figures they're going to want to sell it to the larger install bases by Christmas 2013. The only way Nintendo can keep this exclusive is if they paid Ubisoft a very large sum of money to keep it. When was the last time Nintendo paid a third party a very large sum for permanent exclusivity? I don't know.



Kage_88 said:

I didn't enjoy Rayman Origins as much as I thought I would, TBH.

It felt as though the game outstayed its welcome, and it began to feel like a chore to play. Oh, and 19Robb92, I actually agree. Though beautifully animated, I found the character designs to be pretty if they were sketched in 5 seconds before being placed into the code.

Oh, and Ubisoft - palette-swaps do not constitute multiple playable characters!



hYdeks said:

@Kage_88 I would have to agree with you too, I own this game and it takes EVERY power in my body to want to push on with this game, but I STILL end up quickly putting it down. It's just not really a game for me I guess, even though I love playing Mario games

Also, this is a Wii U exclusive because on the other systems, it just didn't sell. This kinda game works WAY better on a Nintendo system anyways.



rjejr said:

This won't be exclusive forever, they are probably just working the kinks out of Vita-PS3 crossplay and Surface-Xbox360.



k8sMum said:

With that much going on with the controller, how the hell are u supposed to keep track of anything on the TV screen? It sems like a handheld more than a console.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Only the 1 player with the screen pad, will always be staring at his/her controller, so they can control Murfy(the flying frog guy) and with the screen pad the player will be able to see everything the other players see on the TV. While the other 1 to 3 players will be staring at the TV screen using Wii Remotes playing along side the Screen Pad Player simultaneously!



GalaxyWaffles said:

@k8sMum You clearly didn't watch the trailer. One person with the Wii U GamePad controls Murphy (the magic frog) and interacts with the environment along with other things. They're still able to see other players and stuff since the GamePad is replicating everything on the Tv screen. So that means that the other players look at the Tv screen and can also see Murphy interacting with the environment and among other things.

The other players can use either Wii Remotes or the Wii U Pro Controller. Make sense?



GalaxyWaffles said:

@Dauntless Lack of supply? How would it lack supply? You say this like you know it will somehow magically run out of everything. Wii install base and casual install base is much bigger then the 360, PS3 & PC install base. Combine Casual along with the Wii install base and you have millions of dollars in your hands. Everything on Nintendo products sell. They always pay for exclusives, ex: Xenoblade, KH 3D, MH 4, MH Tri G



GalaxyWaffles said:

@WolfZombie You aren't forced to use Murphy. Ubisoft made it clear that you can beat the game without Murphy. Touch screen gimmicks? Please were past that era. Almost every smartphone has a touch screen, just like motion control it has become a standard.



Gamer83 said:

As was already mentioned it's probably just timed exclusive for Christmas but the game does seem better tuned to the Wii U hardware than anything else and eventhough a 2D Mario platformer is all Nintendo will need to sell systems, it never hurts to have another good exclusive next to it, timed or not.



dimi said:

Who needs skyrims, call of duty and Crysis? All people want is a Rayman exclusive (if they are under 10)



TimboBaggins said:

This really should be exclusive. For at least a year. Honestly, one of the best games of E3, and one of the only ones to display how well asymetric gaming could be used with the wii u. Exclusive....please.



Henmii said:

Well, Ubisoft really is a multiplatform developer in the biggest sense of the word! But while Sony and Microsoft always got served, we where left out many times. So it would be incredible if Sony and Microsoft get left out for once! But I won't hold my breath! It also depends greatly on how it sells on the Wii u!

Anyway we won't have to fear for a half-hearted port this time (how many half-hearted ports did we Nintendo followers get over the years?)! The game looks awesome, and looks like the first Wii u must-have!!

Oh, by the way: If you have to choose between this game or New super Mario bros Wii u, choose Rayman! What's better, a cheap cash-grab or a game with actual effort!!

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