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Namco's Harada: Smash Bros. Design is Sakurai's Job

Posted by Mike Mason

Super Smash Boss

If you're worried that Namco Bandai's involvement in the next Super Smash Bros. will mean an influx of Tekken characters, fear not. Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada says that usual Smash main man Masahiro Sakurai remains in control of design.

Harada assured Dusty Cartridge that he is focused on Tekken — including upcoming Wii U fighter Tekken Tag Tournament 2 — and that Smash Bros.' design work will be looked after by Sakurai as ever.

[...] Although we’ll help provide support on technology and other things involved creating the game, I’m currently very focused on the Tekken series. Some people might say online that I’m going to be involved in the development process or not but that shouldn’t really be an issue because the game design is going to be handled [by] Masahiro Sakurai. So I don’t understand why there would be any worries there.

Harada also said that, similarly, roster decisions are down to Sakurai. Harada's had people arguing both for and against the inclusion of some of Namco Bandai's famous fighters so far.

The feedback was very mixed, there were two camps, one said, “Harada, you’re very right, we don’t need the Tekken characters in Smash Bros, good job”. It’s nice that they agree with me but on the other hand, they themselves don’t exactly need Tekken characters in Smash Bros. so it’s kind of complex. Then there’s the other half were people saying, “No, you’re totally wrong, we want Tekken and SoulCalibur characters in the game ,otherwise why does it need to be developed be Namco Bandai?” So there’s really two different sides and it’s difficult to choose one. Obviously I’m not going to say to Sakurai, “We want Tekken characters, please put it in” — that’s not the case, so people don’t have to worry about that. The sole decision will probably be made in a way that if more people want Tekken characters in it then Sakurai might choose to do so, if not then so be it.

Elsewhere in the interview, Harada talked about possible Wii U features of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, such as using the GamePad's screen as a move demonstration area. He bit his lip on the topic of the system's power, however.

[...] People seem to be focusing too much comparing the raw specs to other hardware. You really have to be looking at the capabilities and what features it has.

Do you want to see any Tekken characters in the next Smash Bros.?


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LordJumpMad said:

mehThey can add what they like, as long there not as broken as snake was.But I would like to see more of Nintendo characters, Little Mac needs to be in this one.



BenAV said:

No Tekken characters please.
Or any other Namco characters.
Or any other third party characters.



bro2dragons said:

I don't want several. But I have no problem with having third party characters. I love the variety Snake and Sonic brought to Brawl. I wish they would stay and that a few more would be added. I don't want an influx of some particular third party, though. If Namco's to be represented, great, but don't do many and make them varied. At most, I'd be game for PacMan, Heihachi or Yoshimitsu Tekken (or Panda, who would probably fit in the game the best), Nightmare (Soul Calibur) and Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia 1 &2). Four characters, five maximum. Beyond that it will feel more like a Capcom Vs. game (albeit without Capcom) than a Smash Bros. game.



RoyalXIII said:

I don't care about Tekken or Soul Caliber, just bring in some Tales characters!



NintyMan said:

I never thought Namco-Bandai would have any influence as far as the game's design. Sakurai is still the boss. If anything, Namco-Bandai is just there to provide technical support so it wouldn't take Sora so many years to develop the games by themselves.

I have no desire for any Tekken characters to be included or any Namco-Bandai characters for that matter. I'd be fine if there were one or two more third-party characters, but I don't want too many, and I'm sure Sakurai doesn't as well. I don't even know if Snake and Sonic will stay. Snake probably won't, but Sonic is a mystery to me. As long as these games are still mostly about Nintendo, then everything will be great.



Drezus said:

No Tekken characters please.
Or any other Namco characters.
Or any other third party characters. [2]

Also, the text is missing a "by" between "handled" and "Masahiro Sakurai".



seronja said:

tekken character GON ( from tekken 3 ) and a soulcalibur character would be nice with raphael sice he was a nemesis of link in soul calibur 2 for the gamecube



PxDxI said:

Don't they realize that most of the characters in Smash Bros. are from the 80s and early 90s like Mario, Link, Samus, Fox, Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers, Snake, Sonic, Wario. etc. So why add Tekken or Soul Calibur characther when they could add Pacman and MegaMan which are from the 80s.



WingedSnagret said:

This is nice news to hear. This is Sakurai's (and Nintendo's) series, and the design and roster should remain as such. Although Pac-Man would make a wonderful exception. It is good that Namco-Bandai is helping out in development so that the game will come out sooner, but it gives me peace of mind that Sakurai is still at the helm overseeing everything that goes on.



_Joejoe_ said:

I'd keep the guest characters to a min. 2 seems good, like brawl. I wouldn't complain over 1 tekken character, but I have to say, Tekken has been in A LOT of crossovers lately.



ajcismo said:

The whole point of Smash is to not have fighting game characters involved. That being said, I would do a backflip if any of the old NES Pro Wrestling characters are brought in. Back Brain Kick!



Capt_N said:

@LordJumpMad: I agree about Little Mac.

@Everyone else: I'm not a fan of Tekken, or pretty much anything else Namco-Bandai, aside from Pac-Man, Taizo Hori(Dig Dug), & a few other arcade games, So, no, I would not want any NB characters in the next Smash. Ok, yeah, an exception being Pac-Man, & Taizo Hori.



TheN64Dude said:

No I don't want to see Tekken characters because that would make no sense. If they are any third-part reps it should be Mega Man, Bomberman, or Cloud.



ohhaime said:

I'd like to see Klonoa and Gon as playable characters and some old arcade characters used in some way.



LavaTwilight said:

Cloud is an awesome idea! So is Simon Belmont (for the win)! I don't have enough experience of Tekken or Soul Calibur to make an informed decision but there was another article elsewhere that had a character from the Soul series (the main bos) who seemed like a good inclusion and some guy from Tales of Symphonia who also seemed good. I'd like to see Sonic make a return and I'd also like to see Pacman, even if he's just a novelty like Jigglypuff.
That said they CANNOT go over the top with third party characters and if they just went back to Nintendo-only characters I'd still be more than happy with it. Less than 10% of the roster should be 3rd party!



Emaan said:

No Tekken characters please, they just wouldn't fit in. Smash Bros. is about Nintendo and Nintendo only.



naut said:

This is the kind of thing I was afraid of. Nintendo fans don't want other third parties invading our beloved Smash Bros. — Especially not Namco Bandai of all devs.



MetalMario said:

If there was one Namco character, I probably wouldn't mind, but I rather they put in all Nintendo characters.



FluttershyGuy said:

I wouldn't object to Pac-Man (but would prefer all-Nintendo). Beyond that, no Namco characters, please.




As long as SSB is overviewed by Sakurai, I have no complaints. As for where Namco Bandai comes into play, the only character I would want to see be added would be Pac-Man. I mean, it only makes sense because if you look at Nintendo's past involvement with Pac-Man, then some might remember that he was in one of 2 Mario Kart: Arcade GP games that was in the arcade. Therefore, that game qualifies as a Mario / Pac-Man crossover. Even if it is a Mario game. As for where Tekken is involved, I don't really like the idea of any Tekken characters being in the game at all. But if only one or 2 were allowed in, then I would put my votes towards Heihachi & Nina.



WaveGhoul said:

Pacman should have a place in the next SSB. As far as other 3rd party characters go if 'Classic' Mega Man and Simon Belmont(Old school belmont from CI-IV) don't make it i'll be weezed beyond Willy Wonka's wildest dreams!



tripunktoj said:

There should be a set number of characters for each 3rd party taking part (Namco included), only the most representative, 2 from each one at most. And IMO Tekken is far from being Namco's most representative, Pac-Man, Mappy, Mr. Driller, SC are



Hokori said:

I can honestly see a PAC-man stage in the next SSB and it would look like the DK and Mario Bros. Stage in Brawl



TheConsiglio said:

Let's put dillon and Pac-Man in there, I mean don't put any tekken characters as it's a smash bros. game and it needs to be more cartoony.



sinalefa said:

I would not mind having Namco characters, as long as there are a couple at most. After Sakurai shoehorned Snake in Brawl, ANY character has a chance of being there.

On the other hand and despite what I just said, I trust Sakurai will do a good job with the roster, and that he will have the final word about it. Game Arts collaborated in Brawl, but we never saw any Grandia or Lunar character, so there is no need to assume that Namco characters will make it just because they are involved in development.



WaveGhoul said:

Whocares, look at that body. Nah, i was just kidding. I wouldn't want to see any SC character make it in. Only Pacman is desserving, plus the only real character that actually seems fitting.



Haxonberik said:

Only pac-man from Namco, and possibly a Dig-dug and Tekken assist trophy would be nice.



AceSpadeS said:

Link appeared in Soul Caliber 2, so I think it is fair that one of Soul Caliber's fighters appear to bring the fight back to Link.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'd rather have Soul Calibur characters over Tekken characters. Speaking of which, why haven't any Soul Calibur characters been confirmed for Project X Zone yet?



Contrary said:

Only Nintendo! I don't want a bunch of Namco clowns ruining my gaming experience except maybe Pac-Man because he is so well known. Sonic and Snake are fine and there should not be more third party non-Nintendo characters in my opinion.



grimbldoo said:

I'm just going to ask this question; What unique smash attacks will Pac-Man be bringing?




For once in the history of Super Smash Bros. , I hope the decision to bring Daisy into this game happens. She doesn't have to be like a Peach clone or anything. Just give her a moveset all her own that's COMPLETELY different from Peach and I'm fine.



Rekiotsu said:

I wouldn't mind if there were one or two Namco characters, but no more than that.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Oh God cloud is the most DUMB idea ever snake and sonic were AT LEAST on a nintendo platform but cloud???!?!?! ._. Yeah I think we gotta bigger chance of a tekken character making the cut than that extremely boring excuse of a hero. Heck put in xiba from soul calibur and ill do a backflip



CommanderAudio said:

I'm not OK with Namco Bandai co-making this. They have expeirence in fighting games, but not Smash Bros.-like fighting games



TimboBaggins said:

Solid Snake should never have been included, and neither should tekken or soul calibur (as much as I love those franchises). I would love to see Sonic return along with some other platform buddies like Mega Man, Simon Belmont, and PacMan (yes I know, licensing clusterf#ck, but one can dream).



Cia said:

I'm pretty sure they'll add Shulk or someone else from Xenoblade. Unless they reimagine the whole concept, in which case they may include only the most iconic characters.



Koos said:

They should add one of the ghosts from Pacman, not pacman itself.



Shock_Tart said:

you know one or two of namco's characters in the new smash bros game wont be bad to be honest. its something i would expect, but on the flip side of that i dont want namco overloading the roster with their characters. what i was more worried about really was namco trying to change the gameplay mechanic of smash bros to something more along the lines of tekken or soul calibur. i like smash bros brawl style for its freedom of movement and fluidity. honestly the only thing they should take away from that was the randomized tripping that would happen in brawl. honestly i have no idea why they decided that that would make a good gameplay mechanic. but as far as characters in this one im expecting astaroth to be in brawl seeing as he is their main character for cameo's and proabally hai heachi from tekken but thats about it.



Miroku said:

I already lost faith in SSB4 for the 3DS. I know the controls will be horrible, but hopefully they can at least make the graphics comparable to the Wii version. The circle pad won't be that great to precisely move and the d-pad is at the bottom. And they might scrap the storymode and other stuff just like they did with Tekken 3D and Mario Tennis Open...



LavaTwilight said:

Firstly, I think the reason why Sonic and Snake worked is because it was ONLY sonic and snake... Sonic is a perfect fit but Snake shouldn't make a return. I think Pacman will be well suited.
Smash attacks were new in SSBB and may be unique to it. The point of innovation is bringing something new to the table. A kool smash attack for Pacman tho would be, let's say he looks modern with the limbs and the nose... he hits the smash ball and suddenly grows larger but becomes 'classic' ( < shaped pacman, scared ghosts flie around the screen too and damage other players, but if Pacman 'eats' a ghost he grows even bigger or maybe just more powerful if he was to bump into other players... that said maybe he could eat other players too? Tho I'm not sure if that last one will work practically speaking...
Further to my previous comment, 3rd party characters will only work if they're kept to an absolute minimum.



Stuffgamer1 said:

No, I do not. Smash Bros. shouldn't have characters from actual fighting games in it; it's a bad idea in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it's an even worse idea here. Some sillier Namco characters might not hurt (Pac-Man, Prince of Cosmos...that'd be CRAZY!, etc.), but not fighters.



hYdeks said:

I can't wait for the new smash bros, it'll be ther first one I get for the portable!!!

I disagree with anyone who doesn't like Playstation All-Stars, I'm buying that game and I think it's a great mash-up of Sony first party and third party characters that have been on there system. Nintendo needs to stop hugging all the glory and add some cool other characters that have been on there systems, like Simon Belmont or something. Solid Snake didn't make much since on smash bros, and sonic was a great addition but if you ask anyone, that one was obviously gonna happen

Nintendo: surprise us for once!



MYCO said:

Pacman yes but thats it Zelda characters need some help in the moves set in the game



MikeDanger said:

Pacman, Klonoa, Rick from Splatterhouse, etc. Namco's making the game, so the least they could do is put their mascots in. Stop being pricks people.



scrubbyscum999 said:

I like Tekken, but NO TEKKEN CHARACTERS IN SSB! I would be fine with Pacman but I don't think Tekken would fit SSB and I don't feel a lot of other Namco characters really deserve to be full blown characters or even would fit.



XD375 said:

Pac-Man and Klonoa are okay. Everyone else is not. Tekken has just never had a Nintendo presence.



GalaxyWaffles said:

Tekken characters CAN be in Smash Bros but their play style and look would have to be severely changed to accommodate the other Smash Bros characters.

I personally wouldn't mind Seeing Ryu.



GeminiSaint said:

No, I don't want Tekken characters in. I want characters that would actually fit, like Klonoa and, possibly, Pac Man.



AntiGuy said:

No, they only characters I'd like to see from Namco Bandai are the likes of Pac-man, Klonoa and one or two characters from the Tales series.



Shotgunryugan said:

I'm okay with a few third party characters,but i mostly want the roster to be all Nintendo,there's too many characters that they have yet to add.

and i am also still waiting for Waluigi to finally become playable,one of my favorite Mario characters and he was only an assist trophy in Brawl D:



8-peacock-8 said:

Pac-Man, yes. (he's the best choice and the most likely anyway)

Klonoa, yes.

Prince of the Cosmos, yes.

Lloyd, yes.

KOS-MOS, yes.

Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi, Sigfried, Nightmare, No. Never. They would be terrible.

Yoshimitsu? Maybe.



Miroku said:

I really hope they don't cut out characters for the 3DS like they like to, and the Xbox and PS3 verions has everyone



shinpichu said:

The only Namco characters that have any business being in Smash are Pac-man, Kalas(Baiten Kaitos), or Lloyd Irving. NOBODY was asking for Tekken(or SoulCalibur) until it was announced that Namco was working on the game.

People, this isn't MUGEN: it's a Ninendo crossover, so only characters with significant ties to Ninendo should be in the game.

Anyway, this pretty much confirms what I already suspected. NB people are just being brought in as code monkeys to get the game out in a reasonable time and take some weight off Sakurai and his team.



Kage_88 said:

I would imagine there would be a couple of Namco-Bandai characters, as a 'thanks' by Nintendo for helping Sakurai.

In my opinion, Pacman should be the highest priority for inclusion - not only would he fit well with the roster, he's also Namco's mascot and one of the most popular (and influencial) characters of all time. Also, let's not forget Pacman VS., which was partialy produced by Miyamoto, and the Mario Kart arcade titles (which also had the pill muncher).

If they get to have another character added, then it'll probably be from a Namco game that is highly popular (and have some ties to Nintendo's past). My first thought is Soul Calibur...but I really can't think of any character that stands out as the 'mascot' of the series (maybe Mitsurugi or Seigfried).



8-peacock-8 said:

@76 If a SoulCalibur rep gets in, it would either be Yoshimitsu or Nightmare.

Thats a big "if" though.



drexanz said:

I don't care as long as there is a few different kinds of characters... though I do agree that it wouldn't be Smash Bros. anymore



Araknie said:

The final question just calls for a faceplam, it's like: i don't what Harada said i didn't listen. XD



Onett said:

I forgot who said it, but I agree with the size of the character roster staying roughly the same size for balancing purposes and to keep each character unique.



-KwB- said:

Prince Hilvain from Kirby Epic Yarn ! Seems like a nice character for Smash Bros.



dragonnaruto12 said:




Silverbullet89 said:

Smash Brothers should stay Nintendo only with a couple of guest characters, that would be fun. And before people start recommending stupid crap like Naruto, Ichigo, or freaking Goku you need to understand this: SSB is a collaboration of Video Game Characters, not characters who's origins are not in video games. I just want a large roster, for the gameplay to go back to feeling like Melee with improvements of course in the possitive direction unlike Brawl (my main was Falco and he felt too different in Brawl fro me to use him right), and for there to be no guest characters who don't fit. Frankly, I don't believe anyone from Tekken or Soul Calibur would fit in a SSB game. That's just me though.



Silverbullet89 said:

A character I would love to see is Kalas from Baten Kaitos, it was a Nintendo exclusive and one of the greatest games I've ever played. Bring that series back Nintendo!



joshuagamer said:

It would be stupid not to incorporate Tekken/ Soul Calibur characters (Jin/ Ivy) in the game. The people that don't wasnt them in the game don't matter, because they always have the option to simply not use them if included. The people, like me, will be completely screwed over if you choose to ignore our wishes

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