Pwnee Studios' Cloudberry Kingdom wants to be Wii U's most difficult download game, but the developer has to finish work on the game first. For that it needs money and time, and you can help with the first one by pledging to its Kickstarter. In return, you'll get the game free on Wii U when it launches later this year.

There'll be two versions of the game available: a regular edition when you pledge $15 or more and the Coder's Special Edition at donations of $30 and upwards, the latter having more enemies, levels and game modes.

Cloudberry Kingdom's due out in the Wii U digital store this December but the Kickstarter ends on 26th May. At the time of writing it's reached $16,438 of its $20,000 goal — go throw them a few dollars if you want to help them get Wii U's most sadistic game off the ground.