So far a lot of the Wii U video and technology has focused on how one player will use the Wii U controller and others will use Wii Remotes, but a new patent shows the potential for a single player using both controllers together.

The patent outlines how a player could use the Wii Remote to interact with both the TV and Wii U controller. In the example given (see below) two characters are under threat of attack from a UFO: using the Wii Remote you could grab a character from the image on a TV and drop it onto a safe area in the Wii U controller screen.

The smaller image represents the Wii U screen; the larger image is the TV.


The Wii U controller contains a sensor strip along the top so it's no surprise Nintendo intends to use the Wii Remote and new controller in conjunction with each other, but this is still a fascinating concept with plenty of potential: we imagine it working well with Pikmin 3 in particular.

Nintendo will unveil plenty more Wii U details at E3 on 5th June.