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Sat 29th May 2010

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Mikanes commented on Retro Gamer Celebrates the N64 with Special Issue:

Posted By: JamieO
Collector Q&A: An N64 collector called Janne Kaitila has a stunning collection of 394 N64 games. Hats off!!

Also known as finngamer ..absolutely greatest N64 collector in hole planet!

Help him to find these two Japanese exclusives:
Nushi Tsuri 64: Shiokaze Ninotte + Puyo Puyo Party (Puyo Puyo 4).

If you've never heard at this guy, check her YouTube Channel and homepage:

Amazing collecting videos and tips in there...



Mikanes commented on MotoHeroz Trailer Should Get You All Revved-Up:

Very good work RedLynx! Look so f*ck'n freak.. in good way!

I trust this Developer from our little country, just like Remedy, Bugbear and Rovio example. Game Industry in Finland looking good, and hope that "wii" see more Nintendo games from those developers.



Mikanes commented on Lead the Meerkats:

Finally this came out! Jippikayee!!! Now it's downloaded and tested a little.
I can't tell anything else, but seems to be very funny and addict.. very relaxing game i think. =)