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Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets Mark of Mastery Special Edition

Posted by James Newton

Coming to (North) America

Consider quantifying your excitement for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance into financial form. What number would it be? Square Enix hopes some of you will have come up with the number $54.99, as that's what it's asking for the game's special edition.

The Mark of Mastery edition — so far only announced for North America — comes with five AR cards, a snap-on 3DS protector case and 12 art cards bearing images from the series. Oh, and you get the game too, of course.

It's out alongside the game on 31st July. If it stays exclusive to North America, it might take the sting out of the fact Europe gets the game 11 days sooner.

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Onett said:

Tempting, but I'll be fine with the regular copy of the game. Besides, who needs a case when you've got this awesome custom Zelda skin?




HeroOfCybertron said:

I will defiantly get this collectors edition, now I just have to wait for it to go up on GameStops (that if the Mark of Mastery Special Edition is not just exclusive to the Square Enix site) site so I can change my preorder at my local GameStop.



CanisWolfred said:

So tempting, but thanks. I just preordered the regular version, I don't want to be bothered to change it now.



FriedSquid said:

Huh. Well I'll think about it, Squeenix.
though that loot does look pretty awesome... eh, how much can $15 dollars really be?



CommanderAudio said:

@Onett I don 't think anyone cares about your 3DS sk.....oh.
Seriously though, you should make skins for a living. You're amazing.
How do you make your own skin for 3DS?



Onett said:

@zachts98 @SkywardLink98

I created this one using Photoshop and a pre-existing 3DS skin template I found somewhere on the interwebs to help me get the measurements just right. If you search custom 3DS skins on deviant art you can find pre-made skins you can use and get printed on If you want this Skyward Sword skin in particular, I can look for the file and share it here when I get home.



RR529 said:

I've never bought a special edition of anything before, but that might be about to change.



Torchwood said:

I think I'll get this just for the big box and so I can brag to my Kingdom Hearts fanatic friend who doesn't have a 3DS.



Emaan said:

I think I might get this! Haven't gotten a lot of special addition games so this would be cool for me. Not to mention I'm super hyped for this game!



Shotgunryugan said:

@LordJumpMad The only complaints i've heard are a lot of glitches including game breaking glitches,i've also heard Nomura is releasing a patch for them and we are getting the fixed versions too,so....if there's anything to complain about is how lifeless every world is,but that's to be expected from this franchise >.>



Haxonberik said:

@Onnet The back part looks awesome, but I would be too distracted by the inside part, tbh. Anyway, Im getting this game for sure, but as for KIU, it will have to wait as I must still finish OoT:Master Quest (yeah, I left it incomplete for a good time) RE:Revelations and MGS3D, which I haven't even opened.



zenarium said:

YE!! Take my money(irony)!!!

Developers use to make games for fun, now they make ir for money. Hopefully, there are still some developers(like me) who make games for fun. Developers that fell happy to know that someone enjoy playing their games.

Stop the consumerism! Don't buy this!



pariah164 said:


Seriously, that looks amazing. I never usually get limited editions of anything, but I may make an exception for this. Maybe I have $15 in my couch...

Also, @zenarium ... Really? No. Just no.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

@zenarium That's your own opinion. I'm getting this. I haven't treated myself in a long time. I'm going to enjoy the game regardless what devs think about if they made it for fun or for profit. And if you've been living under a rock, the economy is not good to begin with so surviving is their main concern right now.



theblackdragon said:

@zenarium: why all the fuss? if you don't want to buy the special edition, don't buy it. there are other people who don't mind having the option, though :3



zenarium said:

I have to say this: sorry for this post.

I shouldn't post something like this on nintendo life because to many kids see my posts. And kdis don't undertand my last post... And the reason of it.



Popyman said:

I wish there was a block user feature....

ANYWAYS. I am totally buying this, gonna put aside the cash right away.



zachts98 said:

I paid alot for my zelda case. Sp ur basicly payibg for case then getting extra goodies



pikku said:

That looks like a great deal o me actually. Alas, I'm flat out broke now and couldn't buy it even I if I wanted to



Knux said:

@zenarium: I'm 21 years old, and many comments you made on this site have no logic whatsoever.

Developers make games to print money, and it has always been that way. Sure, they make them fun in order to attract consumers into buying them, but they don't do it for praise alone. Entertainment was made to be purchased and enjoyed, not just made for ''fun''.

I've bought practically every Kingdom Hearts game that has been released in North America. I've already pre-ordered the special edition of Dream Drop Distance. As long as Square Enix releases Kingdom Hearts games, they will have my (and many others) money. The reason why people buy Kingdom Hearts games is because the series is awesome.



Reenie said:

Wait....How much?!?!?! I have to pay $69 AUD for ANY 3ds game...Exactly how much do 3ds games sell for outside Australia usually?

I totally hope this version comes to Australia!



kyuubikid213 said:

I would get it, but sadly, my friend who is INSANE over Kingdom Hearts is graduating and I won't be able to show him. You entice him to buy it..., but since he's gone, I won't. Sorry, SquareEnix.



lanabanana said:

Zomg! That's so cool !!! At first I wasn't really interested in this game, but now I kinda am.



awdwawad said:

We're not buying this game at all, since it's not being translated to spanish and italian. We spit on it.

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