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Wed 7th Dec 2011

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Reenie commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Size Breaks S...:

Question: I want to upgrade my SD card, as it is nearly full; is there a specific procedure for transferring the files that are on the current SD card onto a new one? For example, can I drag and drop?
I have a lot of files on the current SD card, and I do not want to lose my games and etc.
And I am really running low on the system memory; it is actually preventing me from purchasing more games (because I hate having to store them on the SD card and have to reinstate them if I want to play them)....has anyone found a solution to that issue?



Reenie commented on Talking Point: DS Games Deserve Digital Distri...:

Yeah, I am for digitalising past releases; but only for games that are out of production. This goes for any of the previous games on all systems. Having said that, I would prefer if they ported all the games from consoles onto the 3ds-style cartridges instead of as a digital release.
I like the idea of having a physical game. Particularly as I fear the issue of file corruption or theft; as the games are stored on the system, there is no record of my purchase- this means that I would have to re-purchase all my digital games if my system is stolen or rendered unusable.



Reenie commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April 2012 (Europe):

I am in Australia, so we tend to miss out on a lot of features....not sure if that game is coming here?

I love Nintendo, and I loooooove my 3DS, but it definitely concerns me that phones have the upper hand for gaming (at least at an eshop-level). The 3DS really needs to have an eshop to rival the smartphones. This is particularly so for adult gamers!



Reenie commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April 2012 (Europe):

I am disappointed. I want some really good titles to come out on eshop; I have credit in my account, but no incentive to spend it these days. And I do have most of the more desireable titles from the eshop already....
I want some decent games. I want the secret of manas, the secret of evermores, the sorts of games to be found on smartphones (short but sweet); I do not want shovelware.
I would pay crazy amounts for these types of games. It offends me that phones are becoming better portable gaming devices than dedicated gaming devices >:-/



Reenie commented on Kingdom Hearts 3D Director Promises 35 Hour Ca...:

My thoughts exactly.

This is a preorder game for me. In relation to the length, I generally get more hours of gameplay because I like to spend a lot of time exploring and generally screwing about; 35 hours of gameplay does not worry me as I will certainly stretch it out

TBH I don't really care about Tron. Never saw the film either.



Reenie commented on Full-Length Pokémon TV Shows Come to Nintendo...:

This is so unfair! Australia gets nothing
We get less stuff on e-shop too, and our club nintendo isn't as good. Plus, I had to import some games from UK to play on my old DS; we don't even get all the cartridge games here!



Reenie commented on Big 3DS Release Dates Still to Be Determined:

I preordered Paper Mario in June-ish last year....if it does not come out this year, I would have had it preordered for like a minimum of a year and a half! Twisting the knife in my side....



Reenie commented on Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Edition Unveiled:

Bah! I have those. I want the other handheld versions that I do not already own, and are now hard to come by in my neck of the woods.
I would pay pretty decent $$$$$ to get the other ones.
(I also own the PS2 versions. But I would not mind a port of them. In fact, I want a handheld version of them.)



Reenie commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2012:

-Paper Mario-
-Luigi's Mansion 2-
-Kingdom Hearts DDD-
-Prof Layton v Phoenix Wright-
and to a lesser extent,
-Resident Evil-

These are what I am waiting for the most. There is not that much I wouldn't do to have them. The wait is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Reenie commented on 3DS Hits 4 Million Console Sales in United States:

I got the 3DS early, and therefore I am an ambassador. I couldn't care less about the price drop; it is a fact of life! The free games are wonderful, but tbh it wasn't needed to placate this Nintendo gamer
So so so pleased to see this news though; more systems and software being sold means to me that there will be more new software being produced!