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Google Maps 8-bit for NES

Posted by Anthony Dickens


It's that time of year again folks, Google have put something together which should please every single Nintendo Life reader - Google Maps for NES.

Google Maps is now available for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES). Availability in Google Store is TBD but you can try it on your browser by going to and clicking "Quest" in the upper right hand corner of the map.

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Probably the best April fools that Google have ever done, if only it was real.

Thanks to VintageBoy for the tip.


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Moonhillwat said:

Right from the start I figured this was an April Fool joke. But as a retro gamer, this kinda hurts.



Geonjaha said:

@ Shadow100 Probably because the whole concept is from Dragon Quest. The tiles and music are all from Dragon Quest on the NES and the logo is as such as well.
Looking at Tatsuo's desk it's obvious where the Dragon Quest love is coming from :3



jdkipfer said:

It was not released on April 1st, as I used it yesterday. It is very legit. Especially 8-bit streetview.



GamerZack87 said:

@jdkipfer: It was the 1st of April here in Australia when they uploaded it, so technically it was still April Fool's Day. Gotta love living in the future!

I used it this morning after a friend told me about it. It was awesome seeing my street in 8-bit colours! I couldn't figure out how to 'quest' though...



Raylax said:

You're welcome

@Shadow100: If you look in the bottom-right of the map when in Quest view, you'll notice that Square-Enix ismentioned in the copyright. Looks like the two got together to make this; or at least Squenix allowed Google to use their assets.



Denkou said:

Kinda a pitiful April fools prank if you ask me. I still personally think the "gameboy and gameboy advance games coming to DSiware!" prank was the best one.



Hyperstar96 said:

"Quest"? I'm offended.

Apparently Google thinks anyone who owns an NES is a geek who plays D&D. Morons <_<



sykotek said:

Of Google April Fools jokes, I liked this one the best because they actually released an app for it also.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Too cool. Those guys at Google are too cool. I just used it and it is interesting seeing the street view of an area in 8 bit color. Impressive. Very impressive.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

Well done Google! They really put effort into their april fools jokes. It must have taken a few hours to make this.



Kyloctopus said:

I totally saw this one coming. Google would never do such. (However Nintendo has teamed up with Google to make a video game a couple years ago)



Drewroxsox said:

You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me. The same joke can't get me twice in the same day



grumblegrumble said:

HAHA! I was actually thinking about this concept for a minute until I realized. I think I need some more coffee!



Stuffgamer1 said:

The amount of work that had to have been put into this is just amazing, but they obviously had fun with it. As I zoomed in on my area, I actually started to recognize locations. That's not exactly easy to pull off in Dragon Quest graphics.



DrDaisy said:

**Checks out Google Maps.**
Oh my God, it's real!! Not the Famicom disc, but there really is an 8-bit mode on the website when you click on Quest! I know it's meant as a joke but I hope they keep it for at least a while.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Where the heck did all these Missouri mountains come from? The highest point in the state is less than 2,000 feet above sea level.

Also, LOL at I-70 as a dirt path.



shinesprite said:

I really enjoyed 8-Bit street-view.

However, doesn't NL come out with their own every year?



AVahne said:

Would be cool if they made an app for this. Using the 8-bit mode on Google maps was pretty cool.



sc100 said:

Yet another reminder that we need the Dragon Warrior series to come to Virtual Console.



TheRegginator said:

@Hyperstar96 Ignorance much? All of the references are to Dragon Quest. Why you thought it was referring to Dungeons & Dragons, I don't know. Talk about calling the kettle black. You as a gamer are no less of a geek than somebody who plays Dungeons & Dragons.



defrb said:

Did the legend of zelda not make use of google maps? And the castles were definitly made with google maps...

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