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Wed 28th Dec 2011

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Xerxes commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance...:

@ymmas626 You seriously are taking your religion to like, a fanatic level. I suggest heating up a cup of tea, calming down and realizing that KH is just a videogame, a work of art if you will. You won't get demon possesed or sent to hell by playing it. Allow me to enlighten you in a bit of Japanese shinto culture, christians tried to spread their religion in japan a long long time ago and due to the language barrier many of the beliefs where not carried over correctly for example, in shinto we have 'Makai' which is the spirit world, in makai there live Onii, Chirstian evangelist told them that they are wrong, and that Makai is hell and that onii are demons which has since brought the modern translation makai and Onii as such, although it is incorrect. Onii are free spirits in the shinto religion and they can choose to be evil or good. That's why in many japanese games you have demons that are good or bad, travels to the spirit world makai, chats with the king of onii, and many Kami or 'gods'.Shinto and Christianity are wayy to different to should never be compared. their games are heavily inspired by their culture and if you understand you could really appreciate it and respect it. Also your comparisons of dream eaters and demons are totes bat-guano-nuts. The bible is a great book, but youre like one step away from like, westboro baptist church cray cray. If you broaden you mind and begin to understand and try to appreciate other cultures you will be a better person and christian nonetheless, the world needs people like that.



Xerxes commented on Review: The Sword of Hope II (3DS eShop / Game...:

@LazyGamer It is 'difficult' but with save states it's great and still a bundle of fun! It really is a classic action RPG, if ARPG's are your thing youll love it. I think that some people expected Gargoyles quest to be an action platformer and thats why some people here are complaining about it, but it truly is great.