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Kid Icarus's 3DS Stand Coming to North America Too

Posted by James Newton

Take a stand

That 3DS stand we saw the other day for Kid Icarus: Uprising? It's totally leaving Japan.

Nintendo of America confirmed to Shack News that the stand is coming to North America:

Nintendo is including a free stand with all copies of the Kid Icarus: Uprising game for the Nintendo 3DS system.

The stand holds the Nintendo 3DS at an angle above any flat surface and provides players with a comfortable option for playing. The game's control scheme was designed to fit the game's unique blend of flight, shooting and melee combat, and offers tremendous precision. Our product testing demonstrated that players found the stand to be comfortable and enjoyable.

So there you have it. Prepare to find a plastic folding stand enjoyable.


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Wildvine53 said:

I'm hoping I won't need to use the stand, but I'm glad they included it as a precautionary measure.



DarkLloyd said:

so it comes with it? this is not going to fit my apartment mailbox from amazon so it'll probably get sent to my nearest 7/11 store



therick112 said:

You can use the stand for Metroid Prime Hunters as well. That game made me second guess whether I even wanted KI: Uprising.



NintyMan said:

Interesting. I'll have to try it out, but even if I end up not using it much, at least Nintendo took this move just to be save. One thing's for sure, Nintendo seems to be paying attention to any kind of discomfort players of the game might experience. The Circle Pad Pro support and now this stand support that, so kudos to them.



lalalalalalal said:

I am so exited for this!!!!!!!
No, not the stand, KI:U.
I beat OoT3D, PokemonRB, SM3DL, MK7, SF643D, and all of those. Now I get to play another great game, on the circle pad pro.....even though I'm a righty. : /



JohnPhilipSousa said:

I'm not afraid...
But seriously, I'm not sure if I'll use this or not. Depends on if I have discomfort or not. I like the option though, and it's free.



JustAnotherUser said:

People moaned when their hand hurt when playing hunters and now people are moaning that they get a stand.
1. Stop moaning
2. Did it occur to you you could have the stand on your lap?
3. If you don't like it... well... It's free and optional.

But you know... :3



shinesprite said:

Great, more plastic. I wonder if it even works with the Circle Pad Pro expansion. I would have liked it if the stand doubled as another charging cradle.



WingedSnagret said:

I think its nice the it comes with the game, not sure if I'll use it or not though. Probably will if my hand starts cramping. But hey, Nintendo is thinking of us, that's what counts. And stop complaining people! Its a FREE OPTIONAL add on for crying out loud!



Mandoble said:

Is that now they dont know what to do you have their "3D" games playable at all?



tanookisuit said:

JarvanZheitk said it best — STOP whining.

You complain when a game like a FPS causes a hand cramp because how you have to hold it, now you get a stand so you won't strain your hand, and now it's inconvenient or something and time to whine despite it would put an end to the pain. I swear people just love to facelessly whine about everything online like it's a sport.

I for one will use this as MP Hunters, Brothers in Arms DS, the first COD I had, and a few other like games started getting sore after awhile last generation.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Nice im liking all the free accessories we've been getting for this on random games. I still have my Frogger 3D case and it blends in perfectly with the Aqua Blue



SuperLink said:

At least it's free. I'd hate to have to pay extra money for a piece of plastic like that. Plus, you can just move your leg up a bit and prop the 3DS up against that



CosmoXY said:

Free stuff is cool. Doesn't make me want the game any more or less than I already do though, I'm already picking it up day one.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

I just want to hold the damn thing like a that really too much to ask? I want a gameboy with better graphics!!!!! A console controller has never asked us to place it on a stand, yet we've been fine, more than fine. I just a console controller with a damn screen........



Expa0 said:

Wow, a piece of plastic. It's like Nes accessories all over again, only worse.



Marioman64 said:

i was thinking about if i should get this game or not, i think this free thing could be used in other things and it looks comfy. must get now



Drewroxsox said:

You can never satisfy everyone. There are people whining something. This is an optional ""piece of plastic" as some would say and you don't have to use it, and on top of all of that IT'S FREE!!! People should really start going by my moto: " If it's free, it's for me "



joevox316 said:

Of for Pete's sake will everyone stop making the already unoriginal comments about the 3DS and how it's supposed to be portable LOL not to be rude but this is an OPTIONAL peripheral as Andrewroxsox said. It's not necessary. I for one had no trouble with Metroid Prime Hunters. I doubt I'd have any similar trouble with this. It's just if you want to use it.



Nilkad_Naquada said:

@ tysonQ7 alright, if "ALWAYS", howsabout i give you a free sock in the face? :3 trollololol

But seriously it's nice nintendo's doing this. i never had problems with metroid prime hunters' control scheme (i had problems with a lot of aspects about prime: hunters, but not controls) but i'll prolly use this to watch movies n stuff.



latiomany said:

really? this is just plastic that takes up space! seriously i would only use this for movies. oh so my 3ds is now really heavy that i now have to take my stand everywhere! this is like the virtual boy where it was huge that it wasn't portable. adding this thing just makes a perfect portable system into a really tiny console. but its free so whatever.



sinalefa said:

So this stand basically confirms that the game will have an uncomfortable control scheme. Still I cannot talk too much until I give it a try.



Scissors said:

@ People complain that it's not portable
Yes it is, it's foldable

Also are people really complaining about an optional free accessory? It's free and optional, Mario Kart Wii came with a wheel, and I didn't like it. I simply didn't use it, I didn't get angry at it because it was free.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Hm...this could be pretty handy if I'm trying to record gameplay on the system. I wouldn't have to worry too much about shaking for one.

Can one of the Nintendo Life staff members test game recording with the stand and do an article about it?



cyrus_zuo said:

Nintendo understands there is a controls issue with the game.
...but this isn't the right solution.
Great post though .
I understand now that I will enjoy the stand.
This is the stand you've been looking for.



Traxx said:

If they were serious about the circle pad pro, there would be no need to invent this another piece of plastic to make their games playable.

And MPH gave my granny wrists. I won't let KI:U do the same to me.



Karakato said:

A free stand you say? So it is indeed meant to be played ala MPH. Oh well, there goes any hope for a dual analog option thrown out the window. Not that I'm complaining though, I'm still buying it. As for the free stand, hey no more hand cramps online so good for Sakurai I guess, I doubt I'll be using it much though, The 3DS already looks chunky with the Frankenstick already.
Anyway, I'm excited no matter what they add, and still have hope for this release.



LittleIrves said:

Hmm. If the dual camera lenses pop up over the stand's edge, I think I'd buy KI:U for this alone... my new 3D video recorder tripod!



Urbanhispanic said:

Well getting a free accessory is better than paying for it and it is still up in the air whether you need to use while playing the game.



Pogocoop said:

@17, That was the first thing that popped into my head
But I dought I will ever use this for KI:U :/



zenarium said:

When I play for too long my arms become tired... A stand will be useful.

Although I am not going to buy this game. I hope the stand comes with other games or that I can buy it.



Odnetnin said:

Cool, a free Netflix stand (even though the 3DS is the last device I would ever want to use for Netflix).



Mattiator said:

Probably will never use it but it'll give my charge cradle a nice companion in the bottom of a drawer. I myself had no issues with Hunters so I doubt I'll have an issue with this one.



gamecubefan said:

this is a great idea btw. ironic that i just turned on my 3ds, then had to lay it down flat in front of my comp and wished i already had such a device, as i opened this article. also psyched for the right analog 3ds add-on. thing it will make the 3ds more comfortable to hold for long periods. especially for those with bigger hands



gamecubefan said:

last thought: imagine a casual game like animal crossing. or an instant messenger type game. this device would make it much easier to game and use your desktop computer at the same time



shredmeister said:

This stand could be useful for different reasons. My left hand starts to go numb after a half hour or so, but that could be due to posture. But this is a minor problem and can be disregarded. Sitting up instead of in a reclining position helps that problem.

I will use the stand for a much better reason: To keep my 3D viewing angle free from mobility. I tend to re-adjust my viewing angle a lot while I'm playing certain games. KI:U may be a pretty intense game and could be hard to keep the handheld from being still while mashing away on buttons or while using your stylus (if it's required to use on a heavy basis).



Kifa said:

This stand is looking very interesting. If it is available here in Europe I will certainly get the game, partly for the stand itself, because I'm fed up on playing games such as Metroid Prime: Hunters while holding the console with one hand and using the stylus with another. It simply destroys wrists, and it's great that someone finally thought that a little 'help' here would be more than welcome.

Also - looks nice if you ask me.




Hmmm, what about bundling it in with a circle pad pro? This is ok though I guess. Anti-claw cramp intiative



3dbrains said:

All this add-on says to me is this:
"Kid Icarus control is soooo bad that you need this to play it comfortably"
or this:
"Lets really rub in the fact that we developed some of the worst controls on this game with such utter stupidity but by making everyone have this plastic piece of rubbish we can sleep at night"



OldBoy said:

LOL. Man why not just give us dual analogue support with the circle pad pro? Weird decision!
I suppose this could be good for watching those amazing Nintendo videos......./sarcasm

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