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United States

Wed 14th Dec 2011

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latiomany commented on 3DS Web Browser MMORPG in Beta Development:

actualy the guy who is making this, robdeprop, he knows how to make the d-pad functional on the browser, plus, the game doesnt have java the 3ds cant hold that but hey, 3rd partys are backing away so the fans make the games...ITS ALMOST LIKE CHEATING!!!



latiomany commented on Kid Icarus's 3DS Stand Coming to North America...:

really? this is just plastic that takes up space! seriously i would only use this for movies. oh so my 3ds is now really heavy that i now have to take my stand everywhere! this is like the virtual boy where it was huge that it wasn't portable. adding this thing just makes a perfect portable system into a really tiny console. but its free so whatever.