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Capcom Committed to Monster Hunter in the West

Posted by James Newton

Wants it to be big

Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) is the only taste of Monster Hunting action Nintendo fans in Europe and North America have been able to savour, but it's safe to say it's left them wanting more if the interest in Monster Hunter 3 G and Monster Hunter 4 is anything to go by. Capcom USA senior vice president Christian Svensson knows that, recently speaking to Siliconera about the future of the franchise outside Japan.

Pointing to the success of MH3's online play, Svensson acknowledges there's improvements to be made to the online performance of future MH games, as well as making them more beginner-friendly:

I think that looking forward there are ways to greatly improve the accessibility and the online feature set. As an example of improved accessibility, the Japan-only Monster Hunter Tri G on 3DS adds an optional lock-on camera for new players. It doesn’t change the way veteran players will play, but it adds an easier option for newcomers.

While other Capcom series like Street Fighter and Resident Evil have both reached widespread popularity in the West, Svensson things Monster Hunter will get there too with the right push:

All of that said, the Monster Hunter brand will grow. Every subsequent outing of the title has found a larger audience than its predecessors in North America. We know the games are incredibly engaging and generate a passionate audience that while smaller in the West, that audience is more vocal and passionate than just about any other brand we have (including Street Fighter or Resident Evil). I have no doubt that someday, its prominence in the West will rival our other brands.

Here's hoping localisations of Monster Hunter 3 G and 4 are part of Capcom's plans to expand the franchise.


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shoopdawoop70 said:

I don't mind if they don't localize Tri G, but they NEED to localize 4. And It must have online. If not, I'll skip it.



Chrono_Cross said:

I'm glad they're being more and more dedicated with the Monster Hunter franchise. I hope they can make it more popular than Street Fighter.

And they should start that long term goal by releasing MH3G in 2012 with online multiplayer.



Megumi said:

I know I'm dreaming, but imagine if the new trailer tomorrow announces NA's release date just to surprise us, like...March something. xD



GameLord08 said:

Come on... come on... yes, gosh darn it, bring it! Oh, and throw in some Wi-Fi play. Yeah.



Glade said:

yeah yeah.. his words mean absolutely nothing if they don't give a release date in western areas. online or not MH3G would be a great game to have in the NA, EU, and other regions.



shingi_70 said:

If they were serious they would have localized frontier around the sametime as tri.



C-Olimar said:

Monster Hunter 4 HAS to have online. Otherwise is not an option. It is only just acceptable in Tri G since that is a port.



Beechbone said:

Well, I can always just get Tri for the Wii if the 3DS version doesn't come out in Europe. But MH 4 is a must have.



misswliu81 said:

if capcom can localise it to the west, then i reckon many would forgive them after cancelling megaman legends 3.

but if they don't, and yet they keep releasing streetfighter and resident evil games, then yet again capcom will be known to others as crapcom.



Popyman said:

THANK GOD! Feeling more hopeful that we get all the 3DS Monster Hunter games here.



kdognumba1 said:

I'm happy to see them dedicated! Any MH game that comes to my region on a system I own with online, I'll gladly pick up! MH4 and Tri G both look awesome!



JayceJa said:

if monster hunter 4 is developed with a western audience in mind AT ALL it will of course have online

the reason 3g doesnt seem to be going to have online is because it was made with only japan in mind, where every man and his dog play monster hunter, so online really is NOT necessary over there



BenAV said:

If both come out here then I shall buy both.
If 3G doesn't make it here, I'll be a little disappointed but at least I save the money and I still have Tri on Wii.
4 must come out here though.



Traxx said:

It's all nice and so, but capcom japan has the last word. I don't care anymore what western representatives have to say except concrete announcements; they mostly are more ill- or non-informed than most of us gamers.



darkgamer001 said:

Yeah, they're committed all not localizing most of them, and by taking an eternity to release the few that are greenlit for localization.




I don't get why some guys are saying the lack of online is a deal breaker. Don't you want this game localized? Saying ou refuse to buy it is only going to convince Capcom that we're not interested :/



JaxxRaxor said:

Monster Hunter Tri was the most popular Monster Hunter game in the USA/Canada and Europe (substantially more than the previous versions) so I think its a given that Monster Hunter 4 will come out in the west. I'm not sure if Monster Hunter Tri G will because the series isn't popular enough that people would be willing to buy a handheld port. The thing is that western gamers prefer fast paced action so the slow methotical approach that the Monster Hunter Series strives for isn't really appealing. I do hope that Monster Hunter become a decent selling series in the West, but I doubt it will become as popular as Street Fighter or Resident Evil.



zezhyrule said:

@33: Simply because all these noobs started with MHT on the Wii, which has online. Which means they all assume that MH should have online, and if not it's a step down. Even though no portable MH game ever created has ever had online. Oh well.



AuroraKnight said:

Ok, I kept seeing this and it irritaed me so much that I registered just to post this. For all those that "think" monster hunter Tri-G is just a portable port of tri for the wii, it's not. I am personally a GREAT fan of the monster hunter series, and I spent over 400 hours on the PSP titles. Personally, Even with online play, Monster hunter Tri for the wii was the absolute most disappointing one I ever played. Underwater combat added and all, I was disappointed because the amount of content it has doesnt even BEGIN to compare to what's in the portable ones. Now this tri-G is like taking Monster Hunter Tri, and combining it with Portable 3rd for the PSP and then adding EVEN MORE to it. I don't care if it has online play or not, this is what I've been waiting for. It's a step up from the psp games with the same amount of content. Underwater fighting, INFINITELY more monsters and equipment than available on Tri, I'm sold!! Sure it's "NICE" to have online play, but this is a game that's giving you tons of bang for buck. Single player offline mode alone, you're guaranteed at least 60 hours of play, something no other 3DS game offers. And then you'll be able to go into offline mode (online mode, but for single player, monsters are more beefed up and gear you find is more rare) which'll probably offer well over 150 extra hours! How can you complain about that much content?!? You have even more weapons available than on the wii too! Like the gun lance and dual swords. There is no reason this game shouldn't sell if everyone actually understood what it is, and I for one would buy it on release day just because I know for a fact no other 3ds game will ever offer as much gameplay as this will. So cheers to the hope of localization for 3g AND 4

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