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Sun 22nd Jan 2012

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AuroraKnight commented on Capcom Had Resident Evil 5 Running on 3DS:

I think that's pretty cool, but kinda obvious it could be done after seeing the 2 RE titles that came to 3ds >_< I would buy a port of RE5 for it though, jus for 2 player story mode across the 3ds, even though I already played and beat it on PS3. I would much rather see a NA release of monster hunter tri-g though. That's the number one game I'm pushing for on the 3ds!



AuroraKnight commented on Heroes of Ruin Trailer Asks a Lot of Questions:

I'm excited for this. yea the graphics aren't the greatest I've seen on the 3ds but they are impressive and miles ahead of the old DS graphics. Furthermore the gameplay looks thrilling and engaging. Online play, voice chat, difficulty adjjustments based on how many people are playing. I saw at least 3 skill tree's for vindicator on the wiki, so it's safe to say there'll be a good amount of abilities avilable. Random generated dungeons, daily challenges. I'm sold!



AuroraKnight commented on Capcom Committed to Monster Hunter in the West:

Ok, I kept seeing this and it irritaed me so much that I registered just to post this. For all those that "think" monster hunter Tri-G is just a portable port of tri for the wii, it's not. I am personally a GREAT fan of the monster hunter series, and I spent over 400 hours on the PSP titles. Personally, Even with online play, Monster hunter Tri for the wii was the absolute most disappointing one I ever played. Underwater combat added and all, I was disappointed because the amount of content it has doesnt even BEGIN to compare to what's in the portable ones. Now this tri-G is like taking Monster Hunter Tri, and combining it with Portable 3rd for the PSP and then adding EVEN MORE to it. I don't care if it has online play or not, this is what I've been waiting for. It's a step up from the psp games with the same amount of content. Underwater fighting, INFINITELY more monsters and equipment than available on Tri, I'm sold!! Sure it's "NICE" to have online play, but this is a game that's giving you tons of bang for buck. Single player offline mode alone, you're guaranteed at least 60 hours of play, something no other 3DS game offers. And then you'll be able to go into offline mode (online mode, but for single player, monsters are more beefed up and gear you find is more rare) which'll probably offer well over 150 extra hours! How can you complain about that much content?!? You have even more weapons available than on the wii too! Like the gun lance and dual swords. There is no reason this game shouldn't sell if everyone actually understood what it is, and I for one would buy it on release day just because I know for a fact no other 3ds game will ever offer as much gameplay as this will. So cheers to the hope of localization for 3g AND 4